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Two sides of coverage coin

We were so disappointed in the insensitive way the Ashland — Daily Tidings reported on our beloved community member Joanie McGowan. — She has done so many wonderful things in her life; we feel so angry that — you corrupted our memory with your gory details. It felt disrespectful. — A little sensitivity and care from our local small town newspaper would — have been better.

Vida Pedersen, Kathy Scott


Like many people, I have been anguishing over Joanie McGowan's — suicide. Thank you, Rabbi David Zaslow, for your sweet words about forgiveness — and resurrection. And thank you, my community, for sharing your sorrow — and your pain at the recent celebration of Joanie's life.

Given the darkness prevalent in her final days and weeks, — she would have been astonished to see the outpouring of love and high — regard so many of us felt for her.

Much was said that day about our "broken" mental health — system. I agree, but no "system" will save souls like Joanie's or mine — or yours.

Our culture's mental health is broken, and it will take — far more than governmental programs to fix it.

Meanwhile, let me add that I empathize with the Tidings — reporters and editors who have taken so much criticism for doing their — jobs in covering Joanie's ugly death. This community is full of Sunday-morning — journalistic quarterbacks who've never covered a news story or obituary, — or been responsible for the editorial policies of a monthly shopper, much — less a daily community newspaper.

That some would criticize this newspaper so harshly for — reporting such an important story in a detailed and compassionate manner — just doesn't cut it with me. Save your powder, folks, for when it's deserved. — I, for one, was reassured to learn how Joanie's body was when she was — found. I knew immediately from those details that she had not been in — pain when she died. That was important to me.

John Enders

Letters —

Cross the street with great care

Recently, while driving east on Siskiyou Boulevard at — about 8:30 p.m., I almost hit a pedestrian in front of Southern Oregon — University. Yes, they were in a crosswalk and no, I was not speeding. — And yes, there was no streetlight; and no, I am not elderly. It was simply — dark, and the pedestrian was wearing black shoes, black pants, black jacket, — and a black ski-type hat.

It was very unnerving for both of us.

So this is a request to future pedestrians. Until the — city puts lights in at crosswalks, please help out the drivers and help — to keep yourselves safe by wearing light clothes at night and reflectors. — Carry a flashlight or wait until the cars have passed when crossing under — conditions such as these.

Shama Stewart

Conyers, Boxer are true patriots

These are dark and troubling times.

When Warren County, Ohio, Republicans plan ahead to close — the courthouse to count votes, excluding local media and citizen observers, — based on an FBI terror alert that the FBI denies issuing; when the co-chair — of the Ohio Bush campaign can deny access to poll books during an official — recount; when more votes are counted than there are registered voters, — one would think the media would let us know.

But the national press has been strangely silent. No one — can read the long list of cheats identified by Congressman John Conyers — Jr. and honestly argue that the "election" in Ohio was fair.

In America, when you have proof that an election was unfair, — you contest the vote. That's just the right thing to do.

Congressman Conyers, Sen. Boxer and those that voted with — them are modern patriots. We owe them a deep debt of gratitude for standing — up and shedding light on the unfair vote in Ohio. The crimes in Ohio have — gone largely unreported by the mainstream media. Conyers and Boxer give — us hope that that the republic can be saved and democracy restored, but — the fight is just beginning. Please take a stand and demand fair elections. — There can be no legitimacy for any party until we restore faith in our — electoral system.

Please visit www.aefwg.com

Joe Dully

Boxer a hero for voters

Barbara Boxer is a modern-day heroine. She came forward — and spoke the truth; others had the opportunity and awareness, but only — she had the guts to stand up and say that she couldn't be certain that — the electoral vote accurately reflected the voters, the American people. — Other senators said that they will work on the cause in "other ways," — however, the platform of the confirmation of the electoral vote puts an — immediate spotlight on the state of democratic voting in these days in — a way that could not be done in any other way or at any other time. As — well, perhaps mainstream media will now take notice and do their job correctly.

Marla Estes

Tsunami victims need our help

Take a few minutes and contemplate the death of a single — child from the tsunami. Now multiply that span of time by the thousands — of other children whose lives were lost. Can you spare the time? Can you — spare a dime? A dollar? More? How can you not?

Now take a few minutes and contemplate the death of a — single Iraqi child. Now multiply. Do that.

Judith Stevens


Defend wildlife from senators

I believe that the amendment Sec. 142 "Sale of Wild Free — Roaming Horses and Burros" was added illegally. Sen. Conrad Burns of Montana, — Sens. Byron Dorgan of North Dakoka, and Harry Reid of Nevada added this — amendment without congressional approval.

This would initiate the largest wholesale slaughter of — horses and burros in North America. This amendment must come before Congress — and absolutely be eliminated from Sec. — of Public Law 92-195 (16 U.S.C. — 1333).

The murder of all of our wildlife must stop. Nature is — completely out of balance and humans must wake up and see what we are — doing to this planet by destroying wildlife and environments. Then, of — course there is the issue of over-population, which is partly to blame — for the coming death of our planet. Education is the key, as well as planned — and limited births.

Nina Council