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Fluoride fear

is — misplaced

Don't be fooled by the fear mongering being pushed by — anti-fluoridation advocates. Having grown up in a large municipal water — district where the water was fluoridated I have nothing but praise for — it. At the age of over a half-century I have only four dental fillings — where as my children and my sibling's children living under a non-fluoridated — water system have a mouthful of cavities.

The scenarios claiming massive increases of heart disease — due to fluoridated water are highly exaggerated and unfounded. Of the — hundreds of people from my parents generation that I know who lived a — lifetime with fluoridated water; few, if any, died from heart problems — attributed to fluoridation. America's dietary, tobacco and sedentary habits — are far more detrimental to health than fluoridation.

I would like to see an increased discussion around the — long term environmental impact of down stream fluoridation on the ecosystem; — there may be something there. However, pollution from logging, manufacturing, — unrestricted development, cattle grazing, power generation, food additives, — pharmaceuticals such as human birth control, agriculture and many other — factors impact the ecosystem at much higher levels than fluoridation ever — will.

I feel that the move to fluoridate large municipal water — systems is an example of responsible government and is the kind of service — we should get from it. Building infrastructure, improving health care, — providing public education, protecting civil liberties and providing civil — protections such as fire, police and so forth is the responsibility of — our government. There are many things that our government does for which — I do not approve, but improving municipal water systems by fluoridating — water is one that I believe is right.

P. Marcus

Willow Wind says thanks

Willow Wind Community Learning Center would like to wholeheartedly — thank the following hair designers and their salons for donating their — time cutting hair, giving facials and brow shaping. These hair designers — participated in "Salon Days," a fundraiser for the Willow Wind "Barn Raising" — project. We so much appreciate their community minded spirits.

Willow Wind is embarking on a capital campaign to raise — funds to renovate the historic yellow barn on the property. The barn will — be transformed into a small, multi use venue, available to rent for a — multitude of educational, music, theater and social activities.

Edith of Sunshine Salon, Irina Tracy of InStyle Salon, — Christina Gabriel of InStyle Salon, Shannon Christopher of "A" Street — Salon, Shirley Remington of "A" Street Salon, Karen Joiner at The French — Quarter, Gina Unruh at Loose Ends, Georgine Crow at Hair City and Renee — White at Tresses. Willow Wind is very grateful.

Judith Anne McBride

Preoccupation suggests bigotry

Isaac Walker's preoccupation with Israel hit the paper — again (Feb. 24).

If there is control of Arab land by Israel, it was necessitated — by Israel's need to defend itself, just as America defended itself in — World War II against German and Japanese aggression, and then occupied — both countries. The Germans and the Japanese made peace and adopted democracy. — The Palestinians, with aid and encouragement from other Arab nations, — the Soviet Union and the United Nations, would neither make peace nor — adopt democracy.

Why don't local Israel bashers complain about the Syrian — occupation of Lebanon, the Turkish occupation of Cyprus or the Chinese — occupation of Tibet? Why are they silent about Muslim extremists murdering — fellow Muslims in Africa or blowing up innocent people in Iraq? Why do — they not complain about Arabs blowing up Israeli civilian men, women and — children?

Bigotry is defined as the demonization of a nation or — a group of people - singling them out and holding them to a higher standard. — Local writers' consistency in singling out Jews and Israel for censure — certainly makes one wonder.

Doyle made Tidings unique

The one thing that made the Daily Tidings unique was Doyle — Hirsh! I subscribe to the Mail Tribune, too. I've noticed that there is — little in the Tidings that isn't in the Trib. Several weeks ago I was — ready to cancel my subscription to the Tidings when I realized that if — I did I'd miss Doyle's comments.

I don't always agree with him. Sometimes I object to what — he says but then he comes up with a gem like "My ol' pappy once toll' — me: Son, if there's something you don't like in the media, instead of — whining about it like most people - don't read it, don't listen to it, — and don't watch it. And above all, don't assume everyone - or anyone else, — for that matter - shares your opinion."

Don't squelch Doyle! Bring him back. Find more like him. — If that's possible.

Dan Fischer