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on — stealing land

The recent rash of letters defending Israel's occupation — of Palestine are wrong on two counts. First, it's immoral to steal your — neighbor's land. Do we realize that Israel has confiscated Palestinian — land to build "Jewish only" settlements with roads for Jewish settlers — only, while Israel military checkpoints prevent Palestinians from traveling — between their own towns in their own land?

Second, land theft is a bad tactic for securing Israeli — security, because when you steal from someone, they'll resent you and — resist you until you return what you've stolen.

Therefore, for both moral and tactical reasons, people — like me who are pro-Israel, should insist that Israel vacate stolen land — and return to the internationally-recognized 1967 borders. In agreement — with this are many Jewish groups such as Jewish Voice for Peace, Not in — My Name, Jews Against the Occupation and Tikkun. Please visit their Web — sites.

Gene Robbins

Girls want to save school

My daughter asked me to send you the letter she dictated — to me that is written below:

Dear Newspaper,

I'm really sad that my school is going to close down. — Would you please find some way to make it be up forever, because I really — like it?

Hesperus di Properzio

Age 5

Kindergartner at Lincoln School

Inspired by her sister, my younger daughter asked me to — send you the following dictated letter:

I'm four and my name is Athena. I go to Lincoln School — once a week with my daddy to volunteer. I really hope it doesn't close — down. My sister does too.

Athena di Properzio

Age 4

Sister to a kindergartner at Lincoln School

Biscuit health in court's hands

Logging 700 acres on Fiddler Mountain, a no-cut SLR in — the Illinois Valley, has broken faith with the NW Forest Plan. The Biscuit — fire is no excuse to usurp that contract. The original timber sale was — for 150 million board feet and would have occurred in 2003. Proposing — a 550 million board feet timber sale caused delays.

As before, protesters are here to uphold the agreements — made in the past and keep the trees upright. They are practicing non-violent — civil disobedience in the manner of Mahatma Gandhi.

Bush's "healthy forest" logging damages us while it does — nothing to protect our communities from catastrophic fire. Log trucks — from this huge project will clog Highway 199 and endanger everyone on — the road. Removing the trees (biomass or humus) removes nutrients and — the water-absorbing ability of the soil. Without human intervention forests — are a topographical, biological map of weather and time, which includes — fire. Once humans intervene, the map is never again accurate. Our future — economy depends on eco-tourism: people come here for this direct link — to creation. Hopefully, the courts will resume legal protection next week. — Mr. West couldn't wait.

Sue Lily

Cave Junction

Project at heart is a big box

I am probably out of step, but I fail to see where the — Copeland property proposal is more suitable than the Bemis project. The — latter is not obtrusive and makes a blighted area attractive without being — as obtrusive as the former, which is, whatever you may call it, a big — box.

Maxine Scott