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Seeking truth in ongoing Bianca saga

The Bianca wars have reached absurdity with the accusation that Bianca ordered that a suspect in a police standoff be &

taken out.&

Like all big battles of important ideas, one incident comes to represent the whole. But no, according to police reports, Bianca did not order that a suspect be shot.

Sorry, but anyone who believes that Bianca would chose to have a suspect &

taken out&

rather than disarmed without violence doesn&

t have a clue who Chief Bianca is. In these past weeks citizens have shown that they trust Bianca&

s judgment, right or wrong.

It would also be helpful if the Police Association and any anti-Bianca individuals would consider that it is not Bianca that makes them crazy, but what he stands for. There has been a lot of name calling, but this is not a personal or personality thing. It is about creating a state of peace rather than a police state here in Ashland.

As our last national election proved, we are equally divided as a nation, which means that liberals get power half the time. Ashland is 80 percent liberal, which means that it should get peaceful policing if it so chooses. Police have the guns, but we own them.


s stick to the real issues that are public knowledge: The &

Police Association&

that is against Bianca needs to disclose its members and how it voted to keep or get rid of Bianca. The excuse that this cannot be made public because Bianca will use retribution is silly; they don&

t believe it any more than we do.

The weak charges against Bianca by the association show they are desperate for something to use against him. If officers are offended by the wild, wild ways of liberals, what are they doing working here? Do we try and convert Medford? Live and let live.

It is also public knowledge that there is a patrol officer who lives in Ashland, has worked in Ashland, has a fine record of service, and Chief Bianca wants to hire him. But the Police Association demanded an expensive, unprecedented investigation of this officer to block Bianca, while simultaneously complaining they need more help. That is dirty pool.

Is this the same group that demanded a costly national search for police chief when we had Bianca here all along? Is it the Police Association that is costing us so much money with all the investigations of Bianca and hiring of experts to oversee him and the department? So what are they finding?

Does the chain of command apply only if you like who is at the top? Aren&

t we allowed a dollar amount all this harassment of Bianca and disruption to the police department has cost? Liberals believe in protecting to the death everyone&

s right to disagree, so let&

s practice democracy and speak up, but also let the chosen boss do his job. Power plays are very petty politics.

Most important, who are the members of this &

middle management team&

that Bianca inherited from the last police chief that side with the Police Association? They are supposed to offer Bianca counsel and support, not undermine him. Shouldn&

t Bianca decide who is on his team anyway? What&

s the deal here?

Liberty and justice for all means fair play. The First Amendment is about protecting the minority against the tyranny of the majority, but it is also protecting the majority against the tyranny of the minority. All the Police Association has succeeded in doing was showing the town that Bianca needs more power and authority to do his job and keep us as safe and secure as possible.