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Mike Green's Tuesday weekly commentary


To respond to any of Mike's commentaries (From the RIGHT

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Letters from September 7, 2005

Jews are not terrorists

In Mike Green's recent editorial regarding Israel, he writes "According to the May/June 1998 Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, the Jews were the ones considered 'terrorists' prior to the establishment of the state of Israel." Since the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs is an Arab-supported periodical filled with anti-Israel propaganda, this statement comes as no surprise. But what's the real story?

A Jewish militia was established in Palestine during the 1920's called the Haganah ("defense"). It was created because in 1919, the Palestinian Arabs established suicidal terrorist groups called "fedayeen" ("one who sacrifices himself") with the goal of terrorizing the Jews in order to drive them out of Palestine. The Haganah was never a terrorist group nor targeted innocent civilians.

There was, however, a small group of extremist Jews called the Irgun who, fed up with the Haganah's policy of restraint in the face of terrorist attacks by Arabs, did take more radical measures, some of which were terrorist in nature. However, they were always condemned and ultimately dismantled by the Haganah before statehood in 1948. Their existence ceased after a battle with the Haganah, when a ship carrying arms earmarked for the Irgun was sunk. —

Of course, the most notable attack by the Irgun, and a favorite of the Israel-haters, is the bombing of the King David Hotel in 1946. The hotel was the site of the British military command which the Irgun had targeted due to British orders to prevent immigration of Jews fleeing the holocaust. But even here, an effort was made to avoid civilian casualties. The Irgun placed three telephone calls, one directly to the hotel, another to the French Consulate, and a third to the Palestine Post warning of the impending detonation. The British officials, however, refused to evacuate stating "We don't take orders from the Jews."

Jews have never condoned the use of terrorism as Mr. Green's statement tries to imply. This is in stark contrast to the Palestinians Arabs where the use of terrorism is not only commonplace, but actually celebrated, all the while government turns a blind eye. So the question becomes, why do those opposed to the State of Israel go dredging back over a half a century ago to dig up the Irgun? It's simply a ploy to divert attention from the terrorist groups currently operating out of the Palestinian territories such as: Hamas, Al-Aqsa Brigade, Hizballah, Al Saiqa, Tanzim, The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), The Palestine Liberation Front (PLF), Palestine Islamic Jihad (PIJ), The Popular Resistance Committees (PRC), The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), Islamic Jihad for the Liberation of Palestine (IJLP), Movement for the National Liberation of Palestine (Fatah),The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command (PFLP-GC),the Abu Ghunaym Squad of the Hizballah Bayt Al-Maqdi, The Palestine Islamic Jihad-Shaqaqi Faction (PIJ-SF), to name a few.

Green's glaring gaffs

I would like to address a few of the glaring inaccuracies and misconceptions contained in Mike Green's recent editorial of 8/23.

The comparison between the Palestinian Arabs in 1948 and the Jewish settlers removed from Gaza is completely misconceived. In response to the United Nations partition plan on November 1947, Palestine Arab militia attacked dozens of Jewish settlements. Arab villages became armed camps that dominated major road systems resulting in the isolation and strangulation of Jewish cities and towns. In self defense these armed Arab villages were attacked to relieve the pressure. Unfortunately, the civilian residents of these towns were forced to flee the battle zones. After the declaration of Jewish statehood in May of 1948, Israel was attacked simultaneously by Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and a force of Palestinian Arab irregular troops. Again, to avoid being caught in a war zone the overwhelming majority of Arab civilians opted to flee despite appeals by the Israeli government for them to remain. Never was it the aim of the Israelis to deliberately deprive Palestinian Arabs of their homes. The primary responsibility for the Palestinian refugee problem is the decision by the Arabs to invade the new Jewish state. Unlike the Palestinians in 1948, the Israelis in Gaza were deliberately removed in order to further progress toward peace talks as envisioned by the "road map."

Another misconception is the report by Washington Report on Middle East Affairs regarding Jews as "terrorists" before the establishment of the State of Israel. It would have been helpful if Mr. Green had identified these "terrorists" as the Irgun and the Stern Gang which numbered no more than a few hundred and whose target was primarily the British military establishment in the mandated territory. These groups did, in fact, perpetrate acts of terror against Arab civilians in retaliation for Arab attacks against Jewish civilians during the late 1930's. Their activities were a source of embarrassment to the Jewish Agency who denounced their existence, strategy and tactics from the very outset, as did the overwhelming majority of Jews worldwide. In May of 1948 they were eliminated as an independent fighting force.

The origin of terrorism in Palestine follows the promulgation of the Balfour declaration after World War I. Prior to this event, relations between Jews and Arabs in Palestine were relatively cordial. Except for occasional attacks by Arab marauders on outlying settlements there was little politically motivated violence. However, after the implementation of the Balfour declaration by the British Mandate, the Arab authorities, among whom was the notorious Nazi collaborator Haj Amin al-Husseini, fomented unprovoked riots against the Jews resulting in 47 dead and 140 wounded.

From 1922 through 1928 the relationship between Jews and Arabs in Palestine were relatively peaceful. But in 1929 a riot broke out in Jerusalem where an Arab gang murdered 60 and wounded 50 Orthodox Jews because they insisted upon their right to worship at the Western Wall. False rumors implying that the Jews were desecrating Islamic holy sites led to further widespread rioting that resulted in 137 Jewish deaths and more than 300 wounded. In 1936, in response to a growing Jewish population, the Arabs began a revolt to stop further Jewish immigration and to declare all of Palestine an Arab state.

From 1936 to 1939 Arab attacks were responsible for 413 Jewish deaths and an untold number of injured. It was during this time that the British authorities sanctioned the Haganah for self-defense. The outbreak of World war II stopped the Arab terrorist attacks but they were resumed after the United Nations partition plan was implemented. From 1948 until today Israel has been subjected to thousands of unprovoked terrorist attacks against innocent civilians.

The statement that "Israel was created through conquest of Palestinian land" and that "the political ambitions of Jews (is) conquering Arab lands" is pure rubbish. Until the UN partition of Palestine in 1947 every piece of land occupied by the Jews was purchased. 1947, Jewish holdings in Palestine amounted to about 463,000 acres. Approximately 45,000 were acquired from the Mandatory Government, 30,000 were bought from various churches and 387,500 from large Arab landowners many of whom were absentee.

At least 40% of the land purchased was either uninhabitable malarial swamp or land that had never been cultivated. Prices were exorbitant with arable land going for ten times the amount charged in Iowa for prime farmland.

The 1947 partition plan gave 55% of the former mandate to the Jews most of which was the arid uninhabitable Negev. The successful defense against Arab invasion resulted in truce lines (a.k.a. the Green line) that included 78 percent of the former mandate. The balance of former Palestine was divided between Jordan (the West Bank) and Egypt (Gaza Strip>. The victory over Egypt, Jordan and Syria, when they violated the truce terms and resumed the state of war, gave Israel control of all former Palestine, Gaza and the Golan heights. All these territories are, in accordance with United Nations resolution 242, to be returned subject to negotiated boundaries that assure the security of Israel.

Kenneth Wilson

Letters from September 6, 2005

Lots of reasons to whine

I am writing in response to a recent and lengthy article by one of your editors, Mike Green. The main problem with the article is that it adopts the Palestinian interpretation of the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and is silent on historical facts that would permit another interpretation.

He comments on the withdrawal of Jews from the Gaza Strip and the compensation he says the families will receive and asks the question, "What are those Jews whining about?"

I can think of lots of reasons for whining.

They are whining because 800,000 Jews, many of whose ancestors had lived in Arab lands before there were Arabs, were driven out without compensation. They were resettled in Israel. Most Arabs who left the newly created State of Israel either voluntarily or because of encouragement by Arab countries, were cruelly kept in hovels called refugee camps created by fellow Arabs. Those who chose to remain in Israel have a standard of liviing and liberties unknown to citizens of the Arab world.

They are whining because more than a million Arabs live in Israel, and not one Jew is allowed to live in most Arab countries.

They're whining because they've been yanked from their homes of 35 years where they'd established thriving and successful communities. Instead of trying to emulate their success, the Palestinians wasted their energies preaching and learning hatred of Jews and pledging to make the Middle East free of Jews as Hitler did in Germany.

They are whining because war, inflicted on them for 60 years by Arab nations, forced them, in self-defense, to conquer lands which Arabs used to launch attacks on Israel. The Arabs have only themselves to blame for Jewish settlements in the so-called Palestinian territories. They all flowed from Arab efforts to destroy Israel.

The difference between Arab and Jewish thinking was exemplified by Golda Meier when she said to Arab leaders, "I can forgive you for killing our children, but I can't forgive you for forcing our children to kill yours."

She also said, "There will be no peace in the Middle East until Arabs love their children more than they hate us."

Maynard Telpner

Challenge to Green's contrary conclusions

Tidings staff member, Mike Green, writes the article "To Be or Not to Be." One of his basic premises challenges Israel's actual right to exist. He does so within the context of concern for a Palestinian state. In addition, I challenge his statement " it is striking to think that it was only 57 years ago when Palestinians were being driven off of their land and out of their homes" as if that were the cause of the Palestinian refugee crisis today.

It is on only a rare occasion that I will bother to engage in debate with someone whose mind is already made up on the question of whether Israel has a right to exist. I usually find discussions on that issue most often pointless. My experience is that people who postulate such a question either are simply anti-Semitic or have been overly influenced by Arab propaganda and often times both. Usually neither of these types is open to reason. They typically believe the ultimate solution is to eliminate Israel disregarding the fact she has been a member of the UN since the beginning of her existence over 50 years ago, is the only democracy in the Middle East, and arguably one of the most sophisticated and advanced populations on the planet as evidenced by both her scientific cultural achievements as well as the number per capita number of college graduates. Israel's record on civil rights for all of her citizens including over 1million Arabs and the Israeli judiciary is of the highest among Western nations.

The state of Israel exists as a legal entity, due to moral social and historical reasons. Furthermore Israel has the

capability to defend herself against attack as proven over and over again.

So if you simply wish to eliminate Israel and solve the dispute that way, we have no starting point for debate, compromise and/or solution.

However in this case I choose to respond because it is clear the Tidings paid columnist is attempting to influence the Tidings readership. The Tidings article is filled with unverified falsehoods having relied almost exclusively on the notorious dubious Arab propaganda outlet the Washington-Report whose primary mission is to bash Israel. It is unfortunate that the newspaper sponsored the influence peddling that appeared in the Tidings on line edition.

I wish to emphasize the distinction between those who might criticize an Israeli policy and sincerely seek solution compromise to the disputed territories versus those who deny my people's historical, moral and legal right to the land called Israel.

Mr. Green rhetorically asks the question "Does Israel have the right to exist?" The subsequent false information chosen to answer his own question is clearly designed to lead the reader to a negative answer. Using misleading propaganda spewed out by the above mentioned hate magazine operating with the impressive sounding name 'Washington Report" is devious

and irresponsible.

Suffice it to say, Israel exists because the world body of governments in the mid 20th century deemed it right for the Jews to have their own homeland.

Without going into all the gory details (that in fact maybe are necessary for the Tidings writer) of Jewish persecution at the hands of both Christians and Moslems culminating of course in the 20th century and the Nazi holocaust of WWII.

Readers come to the conclusion there was an historic opportunity to allow the Jews to re-establish their ancient homeland. Critical for the readers and writer to know regarding Israel's birth are two things:

1. A partition plan was designed allowing for both the national aspirations of the Jews and the Palestinians.

2. The portion originally carved out for the Jewish homeland was already primarily in Jewish ownership and had been acquired legally through land purchase.

Mike Green falsely states otherwise. "Given that the state of Israel was created through conquest of Palestinian land."

On the book jacket of the best seller "The Case for Israel" it states that author "Alan Dershowitz is a Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law At Harvard Law School, one of the nation's foremost appellate lawyers, and a distinguished defender of individual liberties." His book obviously is designed to make the 'case,' however please note Dershowitz's style and substance has been commended by both sides of the debate. In order to be fair he references primary source historians many of whom are not known to be Zionist in their orientation and in many cases just the opposite.

In this book starting on page 6, the author convincingly makes the following case. "The Jews of the First Alijah did not displace local residents by conquest or fear as the Americans and Australians did. They lawfully and openly bought land - much of it thought to be non-arable - from absentee landlords. No one who accepts the legitimacy of Australia being an English-speaking Christian nation, or of Western America being part of the U.S., can question the legitimacy of the Jewish presence in what is now Israel from the 1880s to the present. Even before the U.N Partition of 1947, international treaties and law recognized that the Jewish community in Palestine was there, as a matter "of right."

"Furthermore, absentee landowners owned much of the land that was eventually partitioned into Israel. According to land purchase records, many lived in Beirut or Damascus, and some were tax collectors and merchants living elsewhere. These landlords were real estate speculators from foreign countries who had no connection to the land, much of it nonarable.

Palestinian propagandists have wildly exaggerated the number of Arab families displaced by Jewish land purchases."

Regarding this issue of legal Jewish land acquisition are several direct quotes such as one from the historian Benny Morris highly regarded by anti- Zionists on page 25. "Historians have concluded that only 'several thousand&

families were displaced following land sales to Jews between the 1880s and the late 1930s."

Further evidence sited. "An 1857 communiqué from the British consul in Jerusalem reported that the country is in a considerable degree empty of inhabitants and therefore its greatest need is that of a body of population."

From Reverend Samuel Manning in 1874 as "a land without inhabitants that might support an immense population."

"A quote from King Abdullah of Jordan, My Memoirs Completed by Harold W. Gidden also recognized that the story of Jewish displacement of local Palestinians was a fictional one, acknowledging that 'the Arabs are as prodigal in selling their land as they are in weeping about it" is sited on page 28. "David Ben-Gurion, former prime minister of Israel, instructed the Jewish refugees never to buy land belonging to local fellahs or worked by them."

Dershowitz states on p.25 - A professional analysis of land purchases between 1880 and 1948 established that three-quarters of the plots purchased by Jews were from mega-landowners rather than those who worked the soil.

Even as pro-Palestinian a writer as Professor Rached Khalidi acknowledges that there were considerable land sales by 'absentee landlords' (both Palestinian and non-Palestinian).

Dershowitz finally states on this issue "I challenge anyone making the case against Israel to produce any objective data from census reports, land transfer records, or demographic reports-that contradict this historical reality. No one will be able to do so. Yet the false claim continues to be ade that the Jews stole the land from local Arab fellahin."

So prior to the Partition Plan one learns that the Jews purchased lands that made up most all of the new state of Israel drawn up in the partition plan, the land was not stolen. Well then what about the land acquired as a result of war?

It is another irrefutable historical fact that immediately after the UN vote and Israel declared its independence, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon attacked it with help from Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Libya. Arab armies, with the help of Palestinian terrorists, determined to destroy the new Jewish state and exterminate its population. In other words, Israel accepted the plan as drafted including the plan's ridiculous indefensible borders.

The Arabs were not interested in compromise and did not accept any portion of the plan. The British regime had concluded after decades of conflict that there was no other way to deal with the aspirations of the two peoples living in the area.

England was determined to give up its hold on the area and the 'plan' was deemed fair based on the percentages of Jews versus Arabs living in the area at that time and based on those percentages split the territory between the two competing groups.

"The Israeli War of Independence was started by the Arabs, whose express aim was genocidal. "Murder the Jews" and Drive the Jews into the sea" were the battle cries of the invading armies. The Arab Liberation was commanded by Faze al-Qawuqii, who had sat out the war years in Germany, broadcasting the Nazi message to the Arab world."

Israel defeated the Arab armies - a phenomenal feat defying tremendous odds. Consequently they captured more land than that allocated to it by the UN partition. Much of this land had significant Jewish population on this purchased land such as in western Galilee. (During this same period readers must realize over 800,00 Jews were being expelled and murdered from Arab countries.) The land had to be captured in order to assure the safety of its Jewish civilian residents.

The Egyptians and Jordanians also captured land, in order to increase their own territory and to control their Palestinian residents. According to historian Morris "by the end of the war the Arab War Plan changed into a multinational land grab focusing on the Arab areas of the country. The evolving Arab 'plans' failed to assign any of these lands whatsoever to

the Palestinians or to consider their political aspirations. A key part of the Arab plan was the complete "marginalization" of the Palestinians.

The Jordanians wanted the West Bank and the Egyptians wanted the Gaza Strip. Neither wanted an independent Palestinian state. Nobody can blame Israel for the Egyptian and Jordanian decision to occupy the lands allocated to the

Palestinians for a state and for denying the incontrovertible historical facts not subject to reasonable dispute but omitted from pro-Palestinians pseudo histories of the period." Now one must realize as stated earlier Arabs who chose to remain inside the newly established democratic country of Israel obtained full Israeli rights of voting etc. and until today have

more basic freedoms and opportunities than Arabs under almost any other Arab regime.

So what about the Palestinian refugees? Is Israel solely to blame?

No! When wars occur in populated areas civilians flee. Unique to this particular conflict an Arab who lived in what became Israel for as little as two years achieved the status of 'refugee.&

Thousands upon thousands of Arabs and their descendants have been kept in refugee camps for more than half a century to be used as political pawns in an effort to demonize and destroy Israel. What is known as the 'occupied territories' became occupied by Israel after the 67&

war! Most all agree the refugees for the most part were a result of the activities of the previous 1948 war. Consequently for 19 years the territories were occupied by Egypt and Jordan whose policy was to leave them in the camps rather than integrate them into their society.

How interesting Between 1948 and 1967, tens of millions of other refugees became productive members of their new societies in other regions of the world such as India/Pakistan and Greece and Turkey. It should be additionally noted during this exact time Israel was absorbing hundreds of thousands of Jewish refugees escaping the horrors of Arab regimes. Yet for the nearly twenty years that Egypt and Jordan controlled Gaza and the West Bank the Palestinian's fellow Arab brothers kept their population in camps, growing in size and desperation.

The initial cause of the refugees is multi-faceted and both sides level charges. In refuting the propaganda that the Israelis purposely caused a Palestinian refugee problem let me offer a few quotations.

In an associated Press interview January 1960 King Hussein of Jordan, (who could have helped solve the refugee problem, acknowledged that the Arab nations have used the Palestinian refugees as pawns since the beginning of the conflict.) "Since 1948 Arab leaders.... have used the Palestine people for selfish political purposes. This is ...criminal."

In his 1972 memoirs, the former prime minister of Syria, Khalid al-Azm, place the entire blame for the refugee problem on the Arabs: "Since 1948 it is we who demanded the return of the refugees...while it is we who made them leave...We brought diaster upon...Arab refugees, by inviting them and bringing pressure to bear upon them to leave...We have rendered them dispossessed...We have accustomed them to begging...We have participated in lowering their moral and social level...Then we exploited them in executing crimes of murder, arson, and throwing bombs upon...men, women and children---all this in the service of political purposes.

According to the Arab National Committee of Haifa the following memo was published in 1980. "The removal of the Arab inhabitants ...was voluntary and was carried out a our request. The Arab delegation proudly asked for the evacuation of the Arabs and their removal to the neighboring Arab countries...

According to Joan Peters, From Time Immemorial JKAP publications, 1984, she quotes a research report by the Arab-sponsored Institute for Palestine Studies which concluded that the majority of the Arab refugees were not expelled and 68 percent of them &

left without seeing an Israeli soldier.&

According to the Wall Street Journal article June 5, 2003 titled &

Abu Mazen Charges that the Arab States are the Cause of the Palestinian Refugee Problem,&

Mahmoud Abbas ((Abu Mazen), the prime minister of the Palestinian Authority, &

has accused the Arab armies of having abandoned the Palestinians after they &

forced them to emigrate and to leave their homeland and threw them into prisons similar to the ghettos in which the Jews used to live.&

Today over — million Arabs enjoy full rights as Israeli citizens. They are the descendents of Arabs who chose not to leave their homes and join the Arab militias or who those who chose to leave prior to the fighting thinking they would return after the Jews were driven into the sea. Were some innocent civilians hurt during the fighting and consequently other Arabs fled in fear?

Yes no doubt.

However it is incorrect to blame today&

s Palestinian refugee problem solely at the feet of the Israeli government. There would have been no Arab refugee problem had the Arab states accepted the U.N. partition plan. The Arab world rejected the plan and attacked Israel in 1948 in an effort to destroy the new Jewish state, exterminate its Jewish population. Then in 1967 while the Palestinians languished in camps in land that was held by Jordan and Egypt, front line Arab states again threatened Israel with destruction and annihilation. They also lost that war too and Israelis wisely captured the disputed territories until a peace could be established. (I personally have disagreed with the settlement policies believing military bases securing the peace would have sufficed.)

Although a religious minority in Israel would like to keep this land, there is no practical value to this area other than to keep an important security buffer between Israel and her once extremely hostile neighbors.

It is ironic that in recent years both Egypt and Jordan made peace with Israel. This leaves the Palestinians and Syrians to do so. Once this happens Israel will give up the land won in defensive wars in order to protect herself against terror and anticipated future wars. Sincere acceptance by Palestinians of a democratic state of Israel to exist within secure borders will give the Israelis the comfort of returning the occupied territory. Then Palestinians will be able to govern themselves; something their own Arab brothers and sisters never permitted.

Gary Acheatel

Letters from August 30, 2005

How much free speech should we have?

I believe in free speech, but I am really surprised your paper chooses to be a conduit of Zionist hatred, lies, and propaganda. We already have to wade through a sea of such lies, which even Israeli historians have debunked. Why turn your letters to the editor section into a forum for them?

As just one example, Ellee Celler suggests Arabs always hated Jews. This is nonsense. Even in Palestine, before the Zionist conquest, Jews, Christians and Muslims shared a fairly harmonious existence.

In Islamic lands, Jews were not always treated as equals, but we must consider the time period. Minority status across the globe was not as it is today, and Jews certainly fared better in Muslim countries than in Christian Europe.

In fact, the West "gave" Palestine to the Jews to atone for their own sins, which culminated in the Holocaust. This massive injustice is the "original sin" in the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Also, while Jews constantly complain about Arab hatred toward them, they rarely address their own hatred of Arabs. They ignore the fact that — million Palestinian live in the land they claim with NO RIGHTS at all, as "stateless persons." They ignore their "Jews only" by-pass roads, their fanatical, gun toting settlers, and their extremist calls for "Death the Arabs."

Whatever animosity there is between Arabs and Jews certainly cuts both ways. But let's not forget it was the Zionists who declared a racist, colonial settler state on someone else's land. The Arab reaction is a natural consequence of the massive injustice.

PJ Lewis

Letters from August 29, 2005

Addressing Green's points on the Palestinian problem

Mr. Mike Green&

s 8/23/05 editorial concerning Israel, Gaza, and the Palestinians draws several conclusions which are based on faulty assumptions and information:

(1) He asks: &

Does Israel have the right to exist?&

(2) He states that the Arabs are against Israel because of &

the political ambitions of Jews conquering Arab lands&

(3) He states: &

Given that the state of Israel was created through conquest of Palestinian land ...&

(4) With reference to the Gaza withdrawal he asks: &

What are those Jewish settlers whining about?&

The comments which follow address each of the above points by focusing on these three issue areas:


s right to exist

The Gaza situation

The &

Palestinian state&


In his editorial, Mr. Green apparently is not aware of the real truth behind these three issues. I can only assume from the tenor of his writing that he does not believe in God&

s inspired Bible; otherwise, he would not have commented and concluded as he has. Fortunately, the facts and truth, from both secular and biblical standpoints, can show the main fallacies in his thinking. way of background, I am a gentile who is reacting to his editorial because there are a number of inaccurate and untrue statements about Israel. They require a response.



After World War I, Great Britain was assigned the British Mandate (see following map) by the League of Nations. In 1946 the British separated the Mandate into Palestine, the Jewish Homeland, and Transjordan (present-day Jordan). So, the truth is that Palestine in 1946 was really Israel, the Jewish Homeland! This land, called Palestine in secular media, is none other than God&

s Promised Land (Israel) of the Bible &

150; but more on this later. The present state of Jordan was designated as the Arab, or &


, state. The Jordanian Flag and the Palestinian Flag are identical, except for a star on the Jordanian Flag.

On November 29, 1947, the General Assembly of the United Nations voted with a 2/3 majority to partition western Palestine ( the Jewish Homeland) into a Jewish and an Arab state, thus reducing Israel into a much smaller territory than shown on the map in blue. Over 75% of the land allocated to the Jews was desert. Desperate to find a haven for the remnants of European Jewry after the Holocaust, the Jewish population accepted the plan which accorded them a diminished state. The Arabs, intent on preventing any Jewish entity in Palestine, rejected it, leading to the wars and problems since then.

So, the Palestinian state is, in reality, none other than Jordan! The world, along with Mr. Green, has been skillfully deluded into believing the myth that Israel &

stole the land&

from the Palestinians. The reasons why this is a complete fabrication will be discussed in the final section of these comments.

After World War I, it was agreed that "Palestine" was to become a League of Nations Mandate, entrusted to Great Britain.

Under the terms of the Mandate, Britain's principal obligation was to facilitate the implementation of the Balfour Declaration of November 2, 1917, which pledged "the establishment of a national home for the Jewish people." The British Palestinian Mandate in 1922 consisted of Palestine and Transjordan. Nevertheless, in July 1922, the British divided Palestine into two administrative districts, reducing the area available for the Jewish National Home to only 22% of the entire area of Palestine.

In 1946, Britain unilaterally granted Transjordan its independence, thus creating. an independent Palestine-Arab state east of the Jordan River.

In conclusion, from a secular standpoint, the U.N. established Israel&

s right to exist! If the mythical &


want their own state, they need only go to Jordan.

However, even far more important than the above, the final answer as to whether the Jews or Arabs are entitled to the land of Israel is found in the Word of God. He states in many biblical passages that the descendants of Abraham-Isaac-Jacob(later named Israel) have been promised the land. He even predicted that the nation of Israel would be reborn (Isaiah 66:8). To some, this may sound dogmatic or too absolutist, but that&

s too bad &

150; the Bible is the absolute Word of God.

The Unconditional Abrahamic Covenant

The &

land of Israel&

to which Israel will be restored in the future includes much more land than the present boundaries contain. Genesis 15:18 states:

18 On the same day the LORD made a covenant with Abram, saying:


To your descendants I have given this land, from the river of Egypt to the great river, the River Euphrates

This passage is part of God&

s unconditional covenant with Abraham. He promises Abraham&

s descendants that Israel&

s final boundaries will include even more land than she presently has. This &

land grant&

from God is absolutely binding, and there are no nations or powers that can prevent His will from being accomplished. All the &

land for peace&

proposals being bandied about by the United States, United Nations, the Arabs, or even Israel will not stand &

150; if they are contrary to His Word.

Genesis 15:18 is further amplified by Exodus 23:30-31, where &


is the Euphrates River:

30 Little by little I will drive them out from before you, until you have increased, and you inherit the land. 31 And I will set your bounds from the Red Sea to the sea, Philistia, and from the desert to the River. For I will deliver the inhabitants of the land into your hand, and you shall drive them out before you.

Many other passages in the Bible also confirm that Israel&

s final boundaries will greatly exceed her present ones. While He has elected to keep it somewhat cloudy as to what the exact boundaries will be, it is for certain that they will encompass much more than Israel&

s present land.

Finally, to conclude, note what God says about the future restoration of Israel.

In Jeremiah Chapter 31:

35 Thus says the LORD, Who gives the sun for a light by day, The ordinances of the moon and the stars for a light by night, Who disturbs the sea, And its waves roar (The LORD of hosts is His name): 36 &

If those ordinances depart From before Me, says the LORD, Then the seed of Israel shall also cease From being a nation before Me forever.&

Thus, only if this planet ceased to exist because the sun, moon, stars and sea disappeared, then would Israel cease to exist. Like it or not &

150; Israel&

s existence is guaranteed by God to be &




Secular history shows that in 61 AD Jewish people lived in Gaza when they were expelled by the Romans. They were there during the Crusades, during the Ottoman Empire, during the Egyptian occupation of Gaza in 1948. When driven out by these invaders, they always returned to reconstruct a Jewish presence.

But, they were even there in ancient times. Joshua 13:3,6-7 make it absolutely clear that Gaza is &

an inheritance to the nine tribes and half tribe of Manasseh&

, and He commanded the Israelites to drive out the Philistines occupying the area. Samson died in Gaza (Judges 16:21-31) and God punished the Philistines in Gaza (Amos 1:6-7). In New Testament times, God sent Philip to witness in Gaza (Acts 8:26).

Is Gaza part of Israel? Yes &

secular and biblical history demonstrate this. Gaza is now temporarily separated from Israel through the misguided actions of world politicians, but at some near future time God will expand Israel&

s borders, and once again Gaza will be returned to he rightful place.


After the 1948 war, several hundred thousand Jewish immigrants who were kicked out of the surrounding Arab nations were absorbed by Israel. However, the Arab nations did not allow their refugees in Israel to be absorbed. Instead, they were used as political pawns to show the world how bad the Israeli &


were. These Arabs and their descendants, now numbering in the millions, were confined to squalid camps under the sponsorship of the United Nations. Billions of dollars have been spent on these camps to keep them going, even in their poor condition, and to always keep before the world&

s eyes the myth that Israeli invaders had caused this situation.

Yassir Arafat in the 1960s shrewdly perpetuated the myth of the Arab &

Palestinian people&

by claiming repeatedly that their land had been taken away by the Jews. As shown above, the reality is that there had never been an Arab &


homeland located on Israel&

s land, either mandated by the United Nations or the previous League of Nations. The lie that the Jews were &


Arab land came to be accepted by the world as truth, much as the lies of Hitler came to be accepted by the German people as valid reasons for eliminating the Jews.

The &


are a fabrication &

they have never had a people with their own language and culture. The &


in reality are Arabs and they already have an independent state &

Jordan. Their strategy is obvious: cause world opinion to be so anti-Semitic and anti-Israel that gradually Israel will be forced to dismember itself piece by piece. Gaza is one piece given away by Israel in the name of the &

peace process&

. The Palestinians don&

t want an independent Palestinian state &

they want the total destruction of Israel. In their own media, they pronounce this repeatedly ... and yet the world sleeps.

Consider the following statements coming from the Palestinians within days of the Gaza withdrawal:

Hamas &

called the withdrawal &

... a surrender ...&

Islamic Jihad &

called it &

... a victory ...&

Palestinian Authority &

it is &

... the first victory in the ongoing struggle for Jerusalem ...&

President Abbas &


This process of national struggle will continue until we reach Jerusalem and celebrate there and in the West Bank.&

Hamas &


... we will seek to liberate Jerusalem and the West Bank just as Gaza was liberated&

Thousands of T-shirts and banners (bankrolled by the U.N.) were given away, and have the following slogan: &

Today Gaza and Tomorrow the West Bank and Jerusalem&

Are these expressions that the Gaza withdrawal is leading to &


?? No &

the Arabs are simply saying &

now we want another piece ... and then another ...&

Terrorism against Israel will continue. The U.N.&

s anti-Semitism is illustrated once again by paying for the Palestinian T-shirts and banners.


s look a little further at this false peace process. Our own State Department, in its official documents concerning the 2003 &

Roadmap to Peace&

, states that &



150; is the ending of violence. Palestinians reiterate Israel&

s right to exist; immediate ceasing of acts of violence against Israelis anywhere; terror must stop


150; is the transition, and the first part of this is withdrawal from Gaza

So, two years ago violence by the Palestinians was to stop and Israel&

s right to exist was to be affirmed. THESE CONDITIONS HAVE NOT BEEN MET, YET PHASE II PROCEEDED ANYWAY! Some 650 Israelis have died at the hands of Palestinian terror between 2003 and 2005, and the Palestinians have never affirmed Israel&

s right to exist. This is further evidence that the &

peace process&

is a hoax.Mr. Green, you have things backwards. Israel is not the villain in all this! Israel is not the aggressor or occupier. The land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people. Both God in the Bible and the U.N., by more than a two-thirds vote, said so. She REALLY DOES want peace and to be left alone. The Arabs want Israel destroyed and out of their sight. This is the simple truth.

Finally -- let&

s assume that you have lived in Oregon for your entire life. Let&

s further assume that one day out of the blue the U.S. government tells you to pack up within 6 months, because you are being relocated to southern California, like it or not. The reason given is that the U.S. must give a &

piece of the country&

to Russia in order to maintain &


, and Oregon has been chosen as the sacrificial piece. Put yourself and family emotionally in this picture. This is exactly what two generations of Jewish people living in Gaza had faced.

Tell us honestly &

150; how much &


(your word for the Jewish settlers) would you be doing?? I expect every bit as much as those settlers.

Russ Miner

Anti-semitism is foundation of Arab hatred of Jews

In Michael Greens&

s recent editorial on the Mideast conflict, he states: &

the Arab movement against Zionism isn&

t railing against the Jewish religion, but rather against the political ambitions of Jews conquering Arab lands.&

Unfortunately, this is not the case today nor was it the case historically. The Arab nations who have fomented violence against the Jews of the Mideast have always been and continue to be anti-Semitic. The Palestinian Arab nationalism movement was founded by the infamous Mohammad Amin al-Husseini aka "Grand Mufti of Jerusalem".

A virulent racist and anti-Semite, he incited the Palestinian Arab masses to murder Jews and loot their homes through the creation of fedayeen terrorist groups in the 1920's. The result was riots and massacres against Jews throughout Palestine lasting decades. But he is best known for his collaboration with the Nazis. He regularly met with the likes of SS officers Adolph Eichmann and Heinrich Himmler, as well as Adolph Hitler himself, as an advisor and consultant. The Mufti was one of the initiators of the systematic extermination of European Jewry, constantly inciting the acceleration of the extermination measures. He was instrumental in the formation of the Muslim Waffen SS divisions and ultimately became known as the "Furher of the Arabic World".

In 1967, the movement was taken over by one of the Mufti's most devoted disciples, Yasser Arafat. Known as the "Father of Modern Terrorism", he continued the Mufti's work with the creation of the PLO terrorist group. Arafat referred to the Mufti as his mentor and personal "hero." This is the dark history of Palestinian Arab nationalism and its ties to Nazism. Unfortunately, much of the philosophy has become endemic and continues today - Palestinian Imams openly preach intolerance and hatred, Israeli Jews are systematically murdered by Palestinian terrorists, Gaza has been made Judenfrei (free of Jews), and Hitler's Mein Kampf remains a best seller in the Palestinian territories.

Ellee Celler

Green's editorial filled with propaganda

In reference to the editorial by Michael Green on Aug 23rd, Mr. Green assumes the unquestioned existence of the "Palestinian People". He would gain much insight by understanding the Koran, Islam, it's violent and aggressive history for over 1,000 years, and its very clearly stated goals of world domination.

Talk about genocide and racism; it is the "Palestinians" who cannot tolerate even one dead Jew on "their" land. Is ever a sympathetic word heard about the 800,000 Jews ripped out of 20 Arab lands? The Koran says that Allah will give mouths to the stones and trees and they will proclaim to the Islamic warrior that there is an infidel (Jew and Christian) behind them who needs to be killed.

There has never in history existed a country of Palestine ruled by Arabs, and the idea of an Arab "Palestinian" is a very recent propaganda and political construct. So often has that been repeated, it now rings of truth. Thank you Herr Goebbles.

Zahir Muhsein, PLO executive member, admitted far back in 1977 in an interview with Trud that "The Palestinian People does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against . . . Israel. Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a Palestinian people . . ..we posit the existence of a distinct "Palestinian people" to oppose Zionism.

Without understanding the history and context of yesterday it is not possible to honestly and fairly evaluate the words and events of today.

Stan Shulster

Green used biased source

The Daily Tidings' Content Editor, Michael Green uses as his source "The

Washington Report on Middle Eastern Affairs" (WRMEA) for a recent analysis of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

The WRMEA is a magazine published 10 times a year in Washington DC by a pro-Palestinian propaganda organization called the American Educational Trust. It promotes a virulently anti-Israel position calling American supporters of Israel a "cancer," a "perversion" and an "alien intrusion."

It has referred to the State Department and Congress as "Israeli-occupied territory", alleged that Israel's "friends in the US government are working secretly for Israeli interests ... against the interests of the US," and that some "governmental and congressional personalities (are) so obsessed with helping Israel that they are ready to betray their colleagues, their employers and even their country."

No one contests WRMEA's right to criticize Israel, even when that criticism is virulent and not based on facts. But, as you will see, the Washington Report frequently crosses the line from criticism of Israel to outright bigotry against Jews. Its publishers have in the past associated themselves with the Liberty Lobby, one of most notorious Holocaust deniers in the country, and editorial comparisons between the State of Israel and Nazi Germany are commonplace in the magazine.

The WRMEA has carried ads for Roger Garaudy's notorious book, The Founding Myths of Israeli Policy, which denies the Holocaust. In 1998, a French court convicted Garaudy of "challenging crimes against humanity," of "racial libel," and of questioning "the Nazi policy of exterminating the Jews," concluding that, in the book, Garaudy "embarked on a virulent and systematic questioning of crimes against humanity against the Jewish community."

(Agence France Presse, November 4, 1998)

The WRMEA doesn't only carry ads for books questioning the Holocaust, it also publishes articles questioning the Holocaust. The May/June 1998 issue, for example, featured an article claiming that "new evidence, if true, would cut in half the Zionists original claim that six million died under the Nazi regime and raised the question "Why did the Zionists grossly exaggerate the original numbers of Jewish victims?" (Sources include "Only in Israel" and "CAMERA")

Other statements that have appeared in the Washington Report include:

"Most senior U.S. government officials are Jews."

"In the State Department, the occupant of every position designated for assistant secretaries of state for regional affairs is Jewish or soon will be...[A] large percentage of other top-echelon State Department political appointees and ambassadors are Jewish...So are a lot of other White House policymakers...[In Health and Human Services] most...second echelon officials are Jewish. So are a remarkably high percentage of top officials in the National Institutes of Health...At the Pentagon and CIA, at political appointee levels...things are not that different." (January-February 1998).

"Most major newspapers are owned by Jews."

A study by AIPAC (Near East Report, July 27, 1998) noted the Washington Report's references to Jews controlling the media: "[E]very New York daily newspaper...is Jewish owned...Technically speaking, the Washington Post...is not Jewish-owned. But it is owned by the descendants of the late Eugene Meyer, who was Jewish...The newspaper's executive editor and its editorial page editor and her deputy are all Jewish...The Newhouse publications are Jewish-owned...Only one national daily newspaper, The Christian Science Monitor,...[is] not answerable to Jewish owners and is not dependent upon Jewish-owned businesses" (December 1997).

"Zionists in the U.S. media and Hollywood."

After the Holocaust, "Americans, who had no role in the persecution of Europe's Jews, also were so remote from the Middle East that they didn't know who or where the Palestinians were. So the Americans could be manipulated by dedicated Zionists in the U.S. media and Hollywood to identify with the Jewish aggressors rather than the dispossessed Muslim and Christian victims."

(Richard H. Curtiss, executive editor of the Washington Report, in the June-July 1997 issue.)

"Israel controls Congress, the media, the White House and the State Department."

"The mainstream media and Congress always were Israeli-occupied territory. Now so are the White House and the State Department."

("Publishers' Page," June-July 1997 issue.)

"Israel is planning a Nazi-style 'Final Solution.'"

"Israel's Likud government almost certainly will begin looking for a chance, during the chaos it is orchestrating, to begin on a mass scale what the Likud Party calls the 'transfer' of the Palestinians. The Serbs called it 'ethnic cleansing,' Hitler called it 'the final solution,' the world calls it genocide. They're all synonyms for the deadly program Binyamin Netanyahu seems to be setting in motion, while the Clinton administration says not a word." ("Publishers' Page," January -February 1997 issue)

"Racist, Bigoted, Genocidal Zionazis."

"Pro-Israel PACs heedlessly put Americans on the side of Racist, Bigoted, Genocidal Zionazis [sic] in the

Middle East, and thus ensure that American tourists, businesspeople, and servicemembers continue to be killed there." (From the "Publishers' Page," June 1995 issue)

"Supporters of Israel are a monstrous cancer."

The Detroit Jewish News published an investigative report on the Washington Report on . It noted that an Anti-Defamation League study of the Washington Report found that "it has referred to American Jewish supporters of Israel as a 'monstrous cancer in the American body politic' and accused 'Israel's supporters' of 'occupying influential positions throughout U.S. society &

not just in the media...' (Sources include the Zionist Organization of America)

This is all standard, classical anti-Semitic rhetoric.

Now let's take a look at the people who are on staff at the Washington Report.

* Andrew Killgore, co-founder, is a former US ambassador to Qatar. The other thing he's famous for is for being on Saudi payroll and yet denying it.

* Richard H. Curtiss. Executive Editor writes for ArabNews including articles like "The Nexus of the Neocon Network in Washington" and "Iraq: What Saddam Did and What Neocons Want to Do". ArabNews is a Saudi government publication. It's reporters are government paid, and so is Mr. Curtiss.

* Delinda C. Hanley, News Editor. She is Richard H. Curtiss' daughter. She's also a reporter for the Saudi governments' mouthpiece, ArabNews, and writes regularly on the site. Her contributions include accusing Jewish scientists of poisoning Arab colleagues with anthrax as well as obsessing over the lies and conspiracy theories on the USS Liberty and other conspiracy theories in which Jews are supposedly responsible.

* Laila Al-Arian, Editorial Assistant: Her father, Sami Al-Arian is currently on trial in federal court, accused of using Islamic charities as fronts in a conspiracy to finance terrorist attacks by Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

* Asma Yousef, Advertising Director &

broadcast for Islamic Broadcast Network and also responsible for including an ad to the holocaust denial book by Roger Garaudy.

* Sara R. Powell, Administrative Director wrote an encouraging book review for a Lenni Brenner book suggesting links between Zionis and Nazism and other conspiracy theories.

Also worth looking at is WRMEA's "Charitable organisations list".

KinderUSA &

An organization built on the ruins of the Holy Land Foundation, which was shut down after 9/11 for funneling funds to terrorists. One of the founding members of KinderUSA, was arrested for doing

the same with KinderUSA's funds.

PCRF (Palestine Children's Relief Fund) "charity" It is just another front for the Islamic Jihad in the US.

PCWF, Palestine Children's Welfare Fund, which along with PCRF has been tied to palestine4ever.net an anti-Semitic site (now defunct fortunately) which glorified Jihad. WRMEA's Directing Coordinator authored the site. The PCWF was noted on palestine4ever.net with a huge graphic, complete with an image of a lit bomb fuse.

If the Daily Tidings is now basing editorials on sources such as these, there is little credibility left for this newpaper's editorial page. And, it may even beg the question of what kind of news coverage we are getting as well.

Susan Wilson