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Fourth suspect sentenced in robbery, kidnapping

A Medford man must spend five years in prison for luring an Applegate gun collector out of his home to be robbed, kidnapped and left to wander along a rural road.

Thomas Eddie Larson, 36, of the 2200 block of College Way, pleaded guilty Monday in Jackson County Circuit Court to a charge of conspiracy to commit first-degree robbery. Posing as a Pacific Power employee on April 9, 2002, Larson lured David Majors out of his home in a plot with three other men to steal dozens of firearms, knives and military equipment that Majors had stored in sheds around his rural property.

Found guilty in March of robbery and kidnapping, 30-year-old Matthew Steven Phillips and 26-year-old Jeffrey Truman Shepherd had claimed to be federal agents when they tied up Majors and prodded him with shotguns around his property.

Phillips, Shepherd and 46-year-old Kirby Lee Barker are serving mandatory prison sentences of 7 &

189; years for the crime. Barker pleaded guilty in May 2004 and testified against Phillips and Shepherd, both of Medford.

Barker and Shepherd also are serving federal prison stints for delivering methamphetamine. Stolen firearms found during a July 2002 narcotics search at Barker's home on Medford's Ford Drive matched those taken in the raid on Majors' property. Barker, Phillips and Shepherd were arrested in April 2003.

Initially identified only as a person of interest in the robbery, Larson was charged after jurors heard testimony implicating him during the four-day trial of Phillips and Shepherd. Arrested on April 1, Larson spent 12 days in jail before posting bail. In exchange for his plea, the Jackson County District Attorney's Office dropped charges of first- and second-degree kidnapping and first-degree theft.

Larson also must help Barker, Phillips and Shepherd pay Majors &

36;70,000 in restitution. The robbers left Majors to stumble along a remote road with his hands still bound and a bag tied over his head. U.S. Forest Service workers found him and called authorities.