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Since WE Asked: The $340 million to 1 Shot

How the heck did we know that, when we asked about your jackpot spending fantasies last week, that someone in the Rogue Valley would actually be the winner?

next time, we'll be more specific ... and ask that the jackpot be split by the two of us. How's that?

We asked:

Aside from acts of great generosity, what would you do with the &

36;340 Powerball jackpot?

After you read through the answers from our Web readers, check out our new question, which is the sequel to the Powerball suspense.

I would buy an island off the coast of Jamaica for my family and I to live for the rest of our lives. ' Tonya H., Medford

I'd buy an ad to thank the losers. Without a lot of people wasting their money, the big jackpots are impossible. ' Matt, Medford The first thing I would do is try and purchase the mobile home park I live in so that all the residents would have a secure living environment for the remainder of their lives. The second thing I would do is GO TROPICAL!!!! ' Pat H., Medford Well, I would go back to cattle ranching and farming till it was all gone. ... again! ' J.W., Tenmile I would buy a financial interest in the Mail Tribune so I could have more than 200 words and an E-vent published each month! ' Margaret B., Shady Cove Retire in my early 30s. ' Travis, Medford I would buy Land and build a Southern plantation style home with a secret garden in the back that would link to my parents new summer home. The rest of the land would become a camp ground, corn field, pumpkin patch, swimming pool, and petting zoo where my family and I could hold community events and outreach to minister to the needs of those around us while providing fun entertainment. ' Tina F., Medford I'd set up a foundation and give &

36;1,000,000 each year to the United Way of Jackson County. They help — in — of us in our community in one way or another! ' Diane B., Medford Start a non-profit business and employ people to help with helping the poverty and homeless people here. ' Cynthia S., Medford If I were to win the Powerball lottery I would start a newspaper in the valley. Fair and balanced. We print, you decide. ' Don O., Central Point Buy a house, a few cars I've always desired and take a really long vacation traveling the U.S., Canada, and Mexico in my new luxury motorhome. ' Kevin, Medford I'd use a portion of the money to build a state-of-the-art baseball park, purchase a minor league franchise, and move a team to the Rogue Valley. Admission for kids to the games would always be free. ' Bernard H., Medford Quit my job and travel, travel, travel! ' Kay H., Medford

This week's question

Okay, you didn't win. But someone did, right here in the Rogue Valley. We heard what YOU would do with the money. Now, here's your chance to tell them what THEY should do with it.

We ask:

If you could give Medford's new lottery winners advice on how to use their money, what would you say?Please keep your answers brief and on the issue at hand. Responses received without your name and town can not be considered for publication. All responses will appear on the Web site a week from today.

You may submit your answer by using the form here on the Web site, or you may respond directly to Since WE Asked: The $340 million to — Shot"weasked@mailtribune.com