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Guard promotes Repp to Medford command

An Oregon Army National Guard officer found not guilty of the 2002 murder of his pregnant wife in their Central Point home has been named commander of a Guard company based in Medford.

Capt. Gary Marvin Repp Jr. will assume command of A Company during a ceremony Dec. 10 at the Medford Armory. Repp takes over the post previously held by Capt. Travis Lee.

The company is part of the Guard's 1st Battalion, 186th Infantry Regiment headquartered in Ashland.

Repp had been charged with murder after his wife Kerry Michele Repp, 29, was found shot to death in their home on May 4, 2002.

He was confined to jail until a jury found him not guilty following a 14-day trial and four days of deliberation early in March 2004.

— Repp did not return a phone call from the on Friday.

JoeAnn Johnson, the mother of Kerry Repp, said she was not surprised at the appointment, given the Guard's support during the trial with several soldiers testifying on the captain's behalf.

A spokesman for the Guard said no negative public relations are anticipated because of the appointment, given the fact Repp had been found innocent in court.

We have no concern about that, said Capt. Jeffrey Copeck, second officer for the 1/186th. Gary's an outstanding officer who just returned from serving in combat missions in Afghanistan where he distinguished himself.

He has constantly worked above the level of his peers, he added, noting Repp is well respected by fellow citizen soldiers.

Repp, who previously served with the 1/186th, is expected to command a Guard contingent from Southern Oregon when it goes to Afghanistan in summer 2006, Copeck said.

That group, which begins training this spring, will include about 100 citizen soldiers, including those from A Company, he added.

Repp had been scheduled to ship out on a peacekeeping mission with the 1/186th to Egypt's Sinai Peninsula just two days after his wife's murder. Although he was not deployed to Sinai, he was sent to Afghanistan with the Guard after the trial.

Repp is a former Oregon State Police recruit and county parole and probation officer. He had been dismissed from the OSP immediately following his arrest.

Both prosecution and defense agreed during the trial that the murdered woman had been found in the bedroom of the home with the murder weapon in her hand, and that the scene had been made to look as if she had taken her own life.

However, there was little physical evidence left by the killer, save for a bloody footprint left on the carpet.

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Reporter Sarah Lemon contributed to this story.