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Suspect's getaway plan had flaws

Fred Meyer shoplifter flees to the wrong place at the wrong time

A would-be shoplifter fled his pursuers right into the paws of justice Thursday.

At around 2 p.m. Tuesday, a loss prevention worker at south Medford's Fred Meyer saw a man pull a &

36;41.99-bottle of Calvin Klein perfume from a shelf and take off toward the hardware section, Medford police Lt. Mike Moran said.

The suspect, whom police later identified as 33-year-old Phoenix resident John David Glandon, used a knife from the hardware department to slice open the perfume's plastic packaging. He then stuffed the bottle down the front of his pants and tried to leave the store.

When confronted by security outside, the suspect became hostile. He shoved one of the loss-prevention workers and bolted across the parking lot and fled east on Barnett Road, with security close behind, Moran said.

Police responded and set up a perimeter across Barnett Road and Highland Drive. The suspect attempted to evade the police presence by jumping into Bear Creek, Moran said.

— It's a little chilly this time of year, Moran said.

The suspect emerged from Bear Creek and headed toward some baseball fields on Alba Drive.

Those baseball fields are known for two things, Moran said. One is they are home to Medford Little League baseball; two is they are the training ground for the Medford police department's K-9 units.

Police dogs Tiko and Rudy, along with their handlers, were honing their crime-fighting skills during one of their weekly training sessions at the fields when The suspect took refuge in some bushes nearby.

The day's lesson for the dogs was taking down instigators, Moran said.

Unfortunately for him, he ran straight to us, Moran said.

The dogs found Glandon almost immediately. He surrendered and was arrested on charges of theft, harassment and a parole violation. He was lodged in the Jackson County Jail without bail, Moran said.

The perfume was never recovered. Moran believes it may still be in Bear Creek.

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