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U-turns legal with permission

It is my understanding that in Oregon, unlike our neighboring states, it is illegal to make a U-turn at a traffic signal unless otherwise posted. I was making a right turn from Stevens onto Biddle Road. I had the green arrow and was almost hit by a pickup making what I believe was an illegal U-turn. Please clarify this.

' Lori C., Medford

Glad you weren't injured, Lori, because that pickup was, in fact, making an illegal U-turn, according to Medford police Lt. Tim George.

— The law states that a U-turn is never permitted at a lighted intersection unless there's a sign posted that says it's legal. And if you find one of these, make sure you have visibility of at least 500 feet both in front and behind you before making the turn.

Biddle Road seems to give many drivers fits. For the record, there is only one place to make a legal U-turn on Biddle Road: the left-turn lane near Sizzler between McAndrews Road and Jackson Street.

If an officer spots you making an illegal U-turn expect to be hit with a Class C traffic violation. If, however, your ill-advised U-turn causes an accident, you'll be slapped with a Class B violation and a stiffer fine.

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