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SinceWEAsked: Anonymously Speaking'

There is quite a flap going on over the proposed changes to the Medford School District's health education curriculum, particularly how it deals with sex education. In case you missed it, the Mail Tribune sued to get the names of people who have commented on the proposed changes, and the district has vowed not to release them.

We asked:

Should the Medford School District make public the names and e-mail addresses of people who have commented on the district's proposed health curriculum?

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Yes, they should make it public. If you're brave enough to write, sign it. ' Pat M., Medford Absolutely/emphatically NO. ' R.K., Medford The real question should be, Should we allow them to teach our kids? Homeschooling looks better every day and this is just another reason to homeschool our kids. ' Mark, Medford What are the laws about a private citizen selling baked goods at a craft faire or store front? ' Leslie Durand, Gold Hill What is the deal here? It (the information) is being used by a public body to make a decision that affects the public? Sounds public to me. ' Harold H., Eagle Point Should the Mail Tribune make public the names and e-mail addresses of people who have commented on stupid questions? ' Mark K., MedfordThis week's question

It's that time of year again ' time to debate whether there is or isn't a War on Christmas. Happy holidays! And Merry Christmas!

We asked:

Is it Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas for you this season? Why?Please keep your answers brief and on the issue at hand. Responses received without your name and town can not be considered for publication. All responses will appear on the Web site a week from today.

You may submit your answer by using the form here on the Web site, or you may respond directly to SinceWEAsked: Anonymously Speaking?"weasked@mailtribune.com