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SinceWEAsked: I Spy, You Spy

Can you hear me now? There's been some strange politics and intrigue in this country lately, from the leak over Valerie Plame and the CIA to the revelation that the National Security Agency has been snooping on some of us without court approval. But, hey, at least we have the best darn government in the whole wide world! (Remember, they're listening ... )

We asked:

Was it right for President Bush to authorize surveillance of U.S. citizens without a warrant?

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Yes, absolutely. Calls and e-mail to the U.S. by suspected Al-Qaeda members are a valuable (anti-terror) source. Because of the recent diatribe this source has been greatly weakened. ' Gary B., Medford No. We have the right of privacy until a warrant has been issued. The president cannot change that at his whim. ' Robert Soltz, Medford ABSOLUTELY...and I am very leery of those who are in opposition. Homeland Security is key and remember, not all U.S. citizens are good people! ' Dendra L. Haeckler, Jacksonville Yes, I do. He did it with the intent of protecting us Americans from terrorists ' I have nothing to hide. ' Janice Mullins, Medford Bush needs to obey the law. When the government engages in domestic spying, it too often fails to distinguish between terrorism and political dissent. ' Michael Steely, Medford No! We impeached Clinton for a greatly less offense. The president's actions are completely unacceptable. ' Chris B., Jacksonville Bush has abused his power and position. There is a legal process for obtaining warrants for suspected terrorist activities. Once again, this administration has placed itself above the law. ' Janet Ouellette, Central Point Absolutely not! He went around the law, taking privileges that no president should be allowed to take. His actions deserve impeachment! ' J. Barrett, Eagle Point Absolutely not!! King George has threatened the present and future freedoms of every American without regard to legalities or truths. Let impeachment begin!! ' Bev Cox, Central Point We knew Big Brother would be watching all of us. I agree with Bush as long it helps keep our country and its citizens safe. ' Jim Franklin, Central Point, Oregon No. The constitution is the heart of our democracy. If we exchange it for security, we will sell our birthright for a mess of pottage. ' Jeff Cheek, Medford Yes, Bush did what he had to do. And anybody who disagrees has not seen or been in a war-ridden country and occupied by foreign troops; let's keep the wars abroad or anywhere else, and out of America. ' Phil Gonzales, Medford Bush has done it again! How many times are the American people going to let this guy keep overstepping his authority? It is time that he was impeached. He is not a dictator, but he thinks he is. ' Bob Schmidt, Eagle Point How can W. talk about Iraq's constitution when he so willingly violates the one he's sworn to uphold and defend? ' Bill Voss, TalentThis week's question

Traffic. Crime. Sprawl. These are issues associated with most large communities. Welcome to the Rogue Valley, everyone!

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How good of a job has Jackson County done managing the balance between growth and livability?Please keep your answers brief and on the issue at hand. Responses received without your name and town can not be considered for publication. All responses will appear on the Web site a week from today.

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