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Tidings misses on Gore speech

I wish the Tidings had reported on Al Gore&

s speech &

We the People&

must save our constitution. Gore says America&

s Constitution and American values are at serious risk from a &

truly breathtaking expansion of executive power.&

Instead your AP article &

White House accuses Gore of hypocrisy &


quotes McClellan&

s twisted denial and smears of Al Gore, Hilary Clinton and the Clinton-Gore Administration.

Even conservative David Broder wrote in the Washington Post &


133; Gore has done a service by laying out the case as clearly and copiously as he has done. His overall charge is that Bush has systematically broken the laws and bent the Constitution by his actions in the areas of national security and domestic anti-terrorism.&

Too often, the media obscures the critical issues of the day by passing on pap, spoon-fed by White House flacks, and party line spin from conservative think tanks, rather than reporting on the facts. This blind-siding of public information is the direct result of a handful of mega-corporations owning the media and bringing about what Noam Chomsky called &

Manufacturing Consent.&

The Ashland Daily Tidings fits this pattern, as it is owned by Ottaway Newspapers, Inc., a subsidiary of Dow Jones Co., Inc. I want to believe Ottaway&

s Web site &

the corporation allows autonomy in publishing decisions that ensures a strong local commitment to the communities served.&

I would like the Tidings to serve our community in its choice of national news by reporting the story rather than passing on derivative &


from the White House and conservative think tanks. Please give us the facts.

John Fisher-Smith

Blankets en route to Pakistan needy

It is with a grateful heart that I write this letter of thanks to all of the friends and neighbors that assisted in the &

Blankets to India/Pakistan&

project. We collected more than 400 blankets and $2,100 &

money that will be sent to the relief agencies as all shipping costs have been donated.

The blankets have been shipped to Los Angelos with the help of Mike Gardiner of Oak Harbor Freight Lines where they will continue on to Pakistan with the help of Captain Waheed of the Pakistani Consulate.

Sincerest appreciation to the friends who encouraged this dream: Deb Kalmakov, Steve Armitage, Scott Dalgarno and Allen Engebretsen of Opus Radio. My deepest thanks to the staff of the Ashland Daily Tidings: Duane Wolfe for locating donated boxes; Andrew Scot Bolsinger, Tom Howard, Alla Farrell and Wesley Hassett for their assistance in collecting and storing the blankets. Heartfelt thanks to Jay Preskenis and his Ashland High School students for helping to pack the blankets. Thanks to Bob Rasmussen and Shannon Neill of People&

s Bank of Commerce for setting up the bank account and collecting donations. Grateful thanks to the friends who helped finalize packing: Jeanie, Sue, Bob and Karen, and the Farrell family.

Lastly, to all of those that generously donated to this endeavor, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Karen Amarotico

Filibuster the Alito nomination

Cronyism is bad advertising of our national profile to other countries. I&

m so sick of it. I&

m so fatigued with my representatives not standing up to it. And here is a prime example. Please make sure that Alito does not make a fool of us all.

Michael Mish

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