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SinceWEAsked: Assisted suicide ruling

The U.S. Supreme Court, with new Chief Justice John Robers dissenting, recently voted to uphold Oregon's law enabling assited suicide.

We asked:

What's your reaction to the Supreme Court's decision to uphold Oregon's assisted suicide law?

— After you read through the answers from our Web readers, check out our new question, which pertains to the upcoming Winter Olympics. Outstanding! I am a true believer in this process. I am very please with the Court's positive decision to support this law. ' Gary B., Medford

Great!! We the people of Oregon want the law. ' Benjamin Craig, Medford I am thrilled it was passed! I want to go the way of my beloved pet when she was terminally ill. A simple injection and peace at last! Why should humans not have same humane rights as our beloved pets?! ' Colleen Kennedy, Rogue River

As Oregonians who supported this law both times it was put to a vote, we were heartened by the Supreme Copurt decision. We strongly believe in this course of action at the end of life. ' Paul and Melly Wright, Medford

I am pleased that the court continued to uphold the individuals right to choose. ' Genetta Hughes, Central Point

Societies which permit the hastening of death to avoid suffering, rob citizens of understanding fully the sacred process of life to death. ' Danielle S. (age 13), Ashland

that's messed up. ' anon, Eagle Point

Great! But tell me, Why do we even bother to Vote? ' Judy Smith, Eagle Point

To give my opinion to the headline of yesterday on closing the how many millions of dollar Libraries we just built? due to not having enough money now to keep them open you say? Please close them down. The majority of under paid in our city can't nor have the time to go to the Libraries. Please close them. Donate books to Schools who can't afford them and open them to Public in the evenings. And how about those profits on Oil Companies. lol on us. ' M Whelan, White City John Ashcroft and George Bush tried to impose their religious views on the people of Oregon. The U.S. Supreme Court voted 6 to — against them. Hooray for the Court. ' Charlie Callan, Eagle Point

Of course?why not?choices are what get in every moment. Conscious, loving, surrounded by others or not; happy, healthy good-bye. 'Jesse Hodgdon, Talent I agree with the ruling. Assisted suicide, like Roe v. Wade, is an option, to be used if so desired. ' D. Rider, Medford Below is the result of your feedback form. It Answer: Hooray!! They finally got one right! ' Frank M., Medford

I think no one should have to live in suffering from terminal illnesses if doctors can provide a solution, peace be with them. ' Understanding, Medford Positive! We all deserve the right to dignity, quality of life and the right to choose in the face of terminal illness. ' C.E., Medford

Great decision for those that have been diagnosed with a terminal illiness. Should be in all states!

' Gay McDaniel, Medford

The Federal Government ought to restrain itself from meddling in the affairs of individual states' rights. ' Ehren M., Rogue River We the people of Oregon have passed this LAW not once but Twice!!!

Thank god the Supreme court has realized We the people of Oregon have the right to decide for Ourselves.

It's about time our laws are seen as just that OUR LAWS ' Michelle B. Medford I don't have an opinion about it, I feel it is a personal choice. ' Machala Jones, Everett, Washington

Less government is better government. Odd decision for the one nation with the most laws. 'Glenn Charles, Medford

HOORAY. I think it is great that those of us who suffer from dreaded diseases now have a way to end our suffering...legally. Now I have peace of mind in knowing that if/ when my own illness gets beyond a decent quality of life that I can choose to end it.Who would have ever thought that in life we would be faced with the government deciding when we can die. Now they can NOT.I wish they had suicide assisting when my mom suffered for a long time before dieing from, lung, liver and brain cancer.I think this is such a wonderful step for humanity. ' R.B. of HermistonThis week's question

The Winter Olympics start Feb. 10 in Turin, Italy, with well-known U.S. athletes such as figure-skater Michelle Kwan and skier Bode Miller, as well as many lesser-known athletes, all hoping to medal.

We asked:

What part of the Winter Olympics most interest you?Please keep your answers brief and on the issue at hand. Responses received without your name and town can not be considered for publication. All responses will appear on the Web site a week from today.

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