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April 4, 2006 MIKE GREEN Available now! Click here for a 37% discount Secular is insuf

April 4, 2006

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Secular is insufficient

Unfortunately, it is insufficient as an overall model protocol, doctrine or philosophy. In fact, the world of secularism, while promoting a lifelong search for knowledge, seems to fall short of placing value on what has been found and learned to be true &

133; as absolutely true for all. There can be no absolutes within this philosophical realm, which means this statement itself isn&

t absolutely true. The secular world is filled with similar conundrums.

Such a world exists within the inner urban areas of our nation. And it is within this microcosm of America as a whole where we find the results of a secularist experiment gone terribly wrong. These abandoned cesspools of poverty, where lawlessness and ignorance prevail, are quickly traversed by those passing through &

133; hoping only to reach the safety of the nearest suburban shores before the next gang conflict catches them in the crossfire of senseless violent clashes over control of a few feet of concrete. It is within this world that I grew up watching, learning, engaging in, and eventually detaching from the hypocrisy that governs daily life. That world continues unabated today.

Meanwhile, for much of America it is easier to ignore it or exploit it.


ve seen decades of Hollywood exploitation (known as &


in some circles of influence) that depict black men and women as stereotypical derogatory images. We witnessed the crowning achievement in the film industry when, in one night a few years ago, the coveted Oscar for best actor was awarded to Denzel Washington for his portrayal of a dirty strung out murderous cop and Halle Berry received best actress for her role as an immoral, out-of-control, alcoholic floozy. Both actors have had superb performances in far more respectable roles without even so much as a nod of courtesy from the revered Academy.

Corporate exploitation of black America is evident as well. The music industry recruits, produces, and distributes mental destruction in the form of CDs and videos. It rewards those who create some of the most insidious and degrading of tone-deaf messages and video imagery to foist upon innocent children and ignorant teens and adults. Videos featuring wannabe gangbangers living it up like pimps cause the bank accounts of numerous media giants like MTV and BET to soar. Featured artists taunt black youth with messages of self aggrandizement while surrounded by half-dressed, sultry, sensual seductresses that harken back to the historical imagery of the Negro woman that was viewed as a mere sexual object and raped ad nauseam by her white masters. Ignorant and naïve youth and lost adults tune in and imitate the fashions and attitudes of bought-and-sold slaves who have exchanged their souls for a short ride on the roller coaster of fame and glory.

For these hapless heroes of pop culture (i.e. secular idealism), there is no right or wrong direction except that which makes one happy &

133; presumably without imposing one&

s will upon another. Such is the secular world governed by a secular government that looks upon the religious world with disdain. It endeavors to undermine the faith of the religious with voices of &



133; and has largely succeeded in much of black America. But the results of such success are noteworthy and not to be ignored.

Consider the people who live in an environment where the educated are ridiculed and ostracized, the innocent become prey, virginity is scorned, marriage is compared to prison and felons are revered. I&

ve lived in that environment. I am one of them.

Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, wrote of &

government plantations&

where every conceivable miscreant and the &


of society would be contained. In her Negro Project, she offered ideas of how to undermine the population growth in black America, which included sterilization efforts. Today, Sanger would point to the 13 percent that represents black population and juxtapose it against the stats of 1850, which showed a robust 15 percent. This icon of modern-day feminism and author of &

No Gods, No Masters,&

who advocated &

sex without consequences&

for women and ushered in a movement that has continually sought to promote abortion to poor women, would be proud of the ideals she espoused that are prominent long after she returned from her studies under the Nazi German Chancellor. Her government plantations have evolved into modern ghettos that act like economic prisons from within most will never escape. Who are these desperate souls living in a self-imposed quarantine, away from which some will never venture farther than an adjacent county?

Who cares? The naysayers among us have discounted the religious morals they claim do not and should not apply to everyone. The family unit has eroded within black America while the advocates of marriage-isn&

t-necessary have encouraged youth to explore their sexual freedom to the max. No one cares about finding answers to a debilitating problem because it takes up far too much time to promote sex with condoms, responsible drinking, and the benefits of casual drug use. Secularists don&

t actually know the effects such philosophies have caused.

So folks in white lab coats have been hired on a fairly consistent basis over the past 50+ years to survey society and tell us what&

s happening. They&

ve looked at what we produced in supposed objective studies and have come back with data for us to review.


ve read the reports social scientists have written regarding the &


heritage that manipulates the minds of inner-city blacks and undermines generations of children seeking to escape the dust of the past. We&

ve mourned the loss of millions of children the data reveals were born to single mothers who struggle to care for several offspring, each abandoned by a different father.

Sociologists reveal that they have no answers to stem the continual tide of young girls repeating the mistakes of their mothers and young boys following in the footsteps of their would-be fathers. Yet, despite the overwhelming amount of bad news received over the past 50 years, we rejoice when the statisticians offer us a glimmer of hope with tiny reductions in teen pregnancies, a single-digit drop in violent crime, an up-tick in SAT scores and any other promising number that points to an unexplained move in a positive direction.

But the truth is that such secular approaches to studying the cause and effect upon this shameful mass of humanity are worthless, and have done nothing outside of the usual &

observe and report&


And the reports are devastating:

The number one death threat to black men ages 15 to 25 is homicide

The number one death threat to black men and women ages 18 to 25 is AIDS

Approximately — of every 4 black children are born to single unwed mothers

More than 60 percent of black fourth-graders cannot read at grade level

Black women, while representing approximately 5 percent of the population, account for nearly 40 percent of the more than one million abortions each year

Black America&

s population growth has stunted

Even to the most casual of onlookers, the catastrophic destruction that continues in black America today is conducted amid the prayers of primarily a religious populace. Churches serve not only as houses of worship but also as central points in neighborhoods that seek to serve the needs of the community. The angelic sounds of songs of praise to a God that cannot be seen outside of the church doors can hardly be heard over the thump, thump, thump of the concert-level speakers installed on an SUV outfitted with $40,000 worth of accessories driven by a guy whose net worth is 50 cents. The call of the world is strong and the urge to dull the pain with pleasure, however temporary, takes form in a variety of ways.

Today, the evidence of the ongoing conflict between secularism and religion is difficult to escape, as it bombards virtually every aspect of American society while ironically remaining undetectable by many &

133; even to some of the most scholarly among us. Black America is unfortunately, the experiment that provides us a clear understanding of how a devoutly religious, spiritual population of people that survived the worst manner of slavery in human history and found positive footing within less than 100 years out of bondage (in spite of every conceivable measure used to thwart success), could be placed on a path of self destruction with the abandonment of religious ideals and adoption of the ever-evolving philosophies of the secular world.

Despite the egregious errors in judgment by the genuinely concerned and the sadistic attempts by government to manipulate the masses of poor with political pandering, today America as a whole is witness to the impact of the very same issues that ravaged roughly half of the black American populace and built a captive wall over which millions have successfully scaled to escape the constraints of contentment &

133; while leaving millions of others trapped within a spiritual wasteland of economic despair, loveless relationships, and an overall hopelessness.

The secular world has no answers. It reasons that individuals will find their own way. It rationalizes that some will inevitably fail and be left behind. It is the Darwinian model that the weak will become extinct.

But America is being called to wake up by a compassionate and caring religious population that sees clearly beyond the haze of gray through which many secularists and social scientists view society. Black America has endured atrocities that wiped out other races. And even with 70 percent illegitimacy rate, high illiteracy rates, abandonment of families, rampant drug use, alcohol abuse, domestic violence, extreme rates of abortion, sexually transmitted disease rates of epidemic proportions, abnormally high rates of extreme violence and high rates of incarceration due to adoption of secular ideologies &

133; blacks will continue to overcome.

Yet without a moral code to hold the rest of society together, can it also survive the plagues that secular living invites? How much longer can America afford to ignore the cries of those persistent proselytizing religious folks who have quietly and patiently offered a solution that continues to be rejected?

Perhaps what we need is more data.

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