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Taking center stage

Ashland High School sophomore wraps up her first music video

The blonde teen in faded jeans looks at ease center stage. Her song's refrain I wanna like ' you is smoothly sung from smiling ruby red lips.

Tucker Reed is taking her shot.

Looks great!, calls Reed's video director and vocal coach Ken Orsow. Let's try it again.

At 15, most teens with stars in their eyes are still singing into their hair brushes. Reed is filming her first video, I Wanna.

Orsow believes his student has what it takes to be the next big thing.

— She's got a great voice, she's a great songwriter and she's a great performer on stage, says Orsow. She's got it all.

Soon Orsow will take Reed's demo tape containing three of her songs down to Los Angeles. Along with this video, he says.

We have people lined up in the industry, says Orsow. The video will be the tool for the sales.

Reed is thrilled her friends have joined her at the Mobius in Ashland to share in the fun.

That's the best part, says Reed, as she waves to the crowd of extras.

Her pals wave back. After watching from the sidelines munching pizza and drinking soda, it's time for their on-camera scene. Cheering Reed as she performs in front of the band Turned Up Missing.

The crowd chants the song's upbeat rock refrain as Reed sings the lyrics. Her love interest in the video, Medford model Tim McReynolds, swaggers into the scene.

McReynolds is happy to be working in his first video. Some of Reed's girlfriends seem happy he's there too, judging by the giggling, eye-rolling and blushing.

In the scene, I'm supposed to come in and check her out, says McReynolds, 21. She's really pretty.

The video's backstory is close to what Reed had in mind when she wrote her song about a young guy oblivious to a girl's crush.

I wrote about what it's like to have a crush on somebody although they don't even know about it, says Reed. We've all been there.

There are more scenes to be shot at the Mobius, in a nearby meadow and at the high school.

So far the budget has easily topped &

36;2,000, says Reed's mother Kelly Moore.

And the demo is a whole other story, says Moore.

On this particular rainy Sunday afternoon, they've been at it for three hours.

I'm backing her, as they say, says Moore, smiling. I think that's the expression.

Reed resides in Jacksonville with Moore.

But she attends Ashland High School in order to participate in the district's arts programs, says Moore.

Reed has been performing since she was eight ' singing, writing and dancing.

Her bio-sheet depicts the experience of a local but seasoned veteran including musical theater and two televised performances of the national anthem.

If no one picks up the demo, Reed will be joining the school newspaper, says Moore.

She likes to write, says Moore.

Reed is grateful Moore is funding her video. But Reed also thinks her mom harbors ' or at least harbored ' secret aspirations she become a lawyer.

Not so, says Moore. Her daughter is too kind to swim with sharks, she says.

I was an attorney, says Moore, with a grin.

Orsow looks on ' and listens. He is still working with the young singer to fully develop her upper register, he says.

Ashland playwright, actor, singer and videographer Michael Mish encourages Reed's friends to boost their energy. Obviously enthusiastic, the teens and pre-teens are a bit unsure about how far to go.

One boy yells something unintelligible to Reed.

Reed nods, smiles and shouts back, Fantastic! That's great!

Mish calls for yet another take.

Hey guys! yells Mish. Anybody who's really dancing and jumping around is definitely going to be in this video.

Cue the music.

Taking center stage"sspecht@mailtribune.com.