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Atkinson, Westlund fined for filing late reports

The Associated Press

SALEM ' A pair of gubernatorial candidates will be fined for not submitting their campaign-finance reports on time, state officials said.

Republican Jason Atkinson's report was filed Monday at 6:39 p.m., well after the 5 p.m. deadline. Independent candidate Ben Westlund came closer to getting his report in on time, but failed by five minutes, said Jennifer Hertel, a compliance specialist for the state Elections Division.

The candidates will be fined — percent of the money they have raised. For Atkinson, a state senator from Central Point, that's &

36;2,695. Westlund, a state senator from the Bend area, will be fined &


Both campaign-finance reports are now available for inspection.

Atkinson, who has raised &

36;269,511, got much of his money from out-of-state donors. Westlund, who's been tailoring his message to moderate Republicans and disaffacted Democrats, raised a lot of his cash from friends and the health-care industry.

— Atkinson's biggest donor was James Leininger, a San Antonio hospital-bed manufacturer who contributed &

36;50,000. Leininger, an influential social conservative who has spent millions shaping Texas politics, is known for backing causes such as school vouchers.

Other top Atkinson donors were Rodney Schaeffer of Jacksonville, &

36;25,000; SJ Strategic Investment of Bristol, Tenn., &

36;15,000; and Nancy Smith, a Merlin retiree, &


Westlund has raised &

36;228,929. His largest donors are the Oregon Health Care Association, &

36;17,500 in cash and in-kind aid; R. Mike Shirtcliff, a Redmond dentist, &

36;16,000; Northwest Dental Services in Redmond, &

36;11,000; John Pewther, a Redmond real-estate investor, &

36;10,500; and Willamette Dental in Beaverton, &

36;10,000. Westlund also raised &

36;10,000 apiece from two of his friends from high school, John Flowerree and Dan Driscoll.

Information from: Statesman Journal, GOVERNOR

Jason Atkinson,

a Republican from Jacksonville:

Atkinson's filing reported contributions of &

36;269,511 and expenditures of &

36;215,438. Atkinson reported having an ending cash balance of &


Atkinson's top 10 cash contributors as of April 11: James Leininger of San Antonio, Texas, a hospital bed manufacturer, &

36;50,000; Rodney Schaefer of Jacksonville, &

36;25,000; Strategic Investment of Bristol, Tenn., &

36;15,000; Nancy Smith of Merlin, retired, &

36;10,100; Idelle Collins of Shady Cove, investor, &

36;7,000; Bridgeview Vineyards, Cave Junction winery, &

36;6,000; John Duke, investor and private air charter owner, &

36;5,625; Addelia Coffman of Central Point, a rancher, &

36;5,000; Volunteer Pac/Dr. Bill First of Nashville, &

36;5,000; James Kramer of Clackamas, owner of Cell Phone Communications, &

36;5,000. Karl Miller of Wilsonville, CEO of Avamere Health, and Brian Stevens of Bend, a CPA, also contributed &

36;5,000 each.

Miscellaneous cash donations of &

36;100 and under totaled &


Kevin Mannix,

a Republican from Salem, reported contributions of &

36;879,199 and expenditures of &

36;597,530 with an ending cash balance of &

36;333,431. Factoring in accounts receivable and an outstanding &

36;350,000 loan, primarily from Mannix's law practice, Mannix reported a positive campaign balance of &


Mannix's top 10 cash contributors: Loren E. Parks, president of Parks Medical Electronics Inc., Aloha, &

36;381,000; Neil Nedelisky Investments, and investor Neil Nedelisky of West Linn combined for &

36;75,000; Kevin Mannix, contributions to self, &

36;45,600; Dale R. Stockamp, investor, Lake Oswego, &

36;25,000; D.R. Johnson Lumber Co., Riddle, &

36;20,000; Lanphere Enterprises Inc., Beaverton, &

36;20,000; Buena Vista Custom Homes, Lake Oswego, &

36;15,000; George E. Glass, Pacific Crest Securities president, Portland, &

36;12,500; Glenn W. Pelikan, Portland consultant, &

36;11,400; Karl Dang, Lake Oswego real estate consultant, &

36;11,000. Mannix reported miscellaneous cash contributions of &

36;100 or less totaling &


Ron Saxton,

a Republican from Portland: Saxton's filing listed cash contributions of &

36;1,199,687 and expenditures of &

36;564,158. Saxton reported an ending cash balance of &


Saxton's top 10 cash contributors as of April 11: Jeld-Wen Co. of Klamath Falls, &

36;100,000; Norman Brenden of Silverton, CEO Holiday Retirement Group, &

36;100,000; Robert Miller of Portland, CEO of Rite Aid, &

36;35,000; Roseburg Forest Products of Roseburg, &

36;35,000; Sid DeBoer of Ashland, CEO of Lithia Motors, &

36;29,000; Don Morissette Homes of Lake Oswego, &

36;25,000; Nancy Wendt of Klamath Falls, homemaker, &

36;25,000; Shirley Kuse of Atlanta, Ga., retired, &

36;25,000; Platt Electrical Supply of Portland, &

36;25,000; Swanson Group of Glendale, &

36;25,000. Miscellaneous cash contributions of &

36;100 or less: &


Incumbent Democrat Gov. Ted Kulongoski

reported &

36;845,143 in contributions and &

36;295,543 in expenses with an ending cash balance of &

36;811,256. Factoring in various outstanding expenses, Kulongoski reported a positive campaign balance of &


Kulongoski's top 10 contributors: Michael Keiser, Recycled Paper Greetings Inc., Chicago, Ill., &

36;50,000; R.B. Pamplin Corp., Portland, &

36;30,000; Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians, Roseburg, &

36;25,000; I.B.E.W.-C.O.P.E. (trade union), Washington, D.C., &

36;25,000; Democratic Governor's Association, Washington, D.C., &

36;17,500; Stan Amy, investor/developer New Village Group Ltd., Portland, &

36;13,000; Harsch Investment Corp., Portland, &

36;12,500; Michael Williams, Portland attorney with Williams & Troutwine, &

36;11,000; Schnitzer Investment Corp., Portland, &

36;10,000; and ORE-PAC Qwest Oregon Employees, Portland, &

36;10,000. Kulongoski reported &

36;35,877 in contributions of &

36;100 or less.

Jim Hill,

a Democrat from Portland, reported &

36;110,987 in contributions and &

36;33,039 in expenditures with an ending cash balance of &

36;77,947. Factoring in outstanding loans and other expenses, he reported a positive campaign balance of &


Hill's top contributors: Citizen Action for Political Education, Salem, &

36;14,587; Anne Taft, Binghamton, N.Y., &

36;10,000; Patrick Johnson, Steelers NFL football player, Pittsburgh, Penn., &

36;5,000; Suzanne Booth, homemaker, Los Angeles, &

36;5,000; James Davies, retired, Atlanta, Ga., &

36;2,500; Mary Demarest, community organizer, Corvallis, &

36;2,500; Peter Bechen, CEO Pacific Realty Assoc., Lake Oswego, &

36;2,000, VP and COO Pacific Realty Assoc., Portland; David Ramus, &

36;2,000; Oregon School Employees Association, Salem, &

36;2,000; Lucille Hill, retired, Atlanta, Ga., &

36;1,500; Peter Buttenwieser, Philadelphia political consultant, &

36;1,500. Hill reported &

36;3,535 in contributions of &

36;100 or less.

Peter Sorenson,

a Democrat from Eugene: Sorenson's filing listed &

36;48,366 in cash contributions and &

36;41,373 in expenditures. Sorenson reported an ending cash balance of &


Sorenson's top 10 cash contributors as of April 11: Sorenson, &

36;6,050; Elect Sorenson, &

36;2,771; miscellaneous political action committee (name did not appear on report), Dundee, &

36;2,636; a business (name did not appear) listed at 814 Martin, Eugene, &

36;2,136; a law firm (name did not appear) listed at 2128 N.E. 23rd, Portland, &

36;2,066; a catering business (name did not appear) in Eugene, &

36;1,561; a business (name did not appear) listed at 407 Blair, Eugene, &

36;1,986; Elaine Weiss of Cottage Grove, educator, &

36;1,550; a PAC (name did not appear) listed in Lebanon, &

36;1,370; Deborah Noble of Eugene, broker, &




Incumbent U.S. Rep. Greg Walden, R-Hood River:

Walden's filing reported contributions of &

36;761,018 and expenditures of &

36;285,490. The figures are totals for this election. Walden reported having &

36;890,407 in cash on hand as of March 31.

Walden's top 10 contributors through March 31:

Union Pacific Corp. railroad PAC, Washington, D.C., gave &

36;10,000; Columbia Helicopters Inc. executives Wes Lematta, Michael Fahey, Peter Lance, John Lazzaretti and Max Merlich donated a combined &

36;9,250; National Association of Broadcasters/Television and Radio PAC, Washington, D.C., donated &

36;9,200; Mount Hood Meadows President Franklin Drake and Manager David Riley donated a combined &

36;8,390; Carpenters Legislative Improvement Committee (United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners) PAC, Washington, D.C., gave &

36;7,500; Karnopp Petersen Noteboom etc. LLP, a Bend law firm, and principals Dennis Karnopp and Jim Noteboom together donated &

36;6,110; Rickey and Carrie Dice, timber management, Redmond, combined for &

36;6,050; SMAC PAC (Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors), Washington, D.C., &

36;6,000; AFLAC (insurance) PAC, Washington, D.C., &

36;5,500; and American Bankers Association BANKPAC, Washington, D.C., &


GOP primary challenger Paul A. Daghlian

did not file a campaign contributions and expenditures report.


Scott Silver, Bend:

Silver, the only Democrat to file a campaign finance report in the reported contributions of &

36;8,548 and expenditures of &

36;5,120. Silver reported having &

36;3,429 in cash on hand as of March 31.

Silver's contributors through March 31:

Lee Cole, self-employed vending machine service, Oceanside, Calif., &

36;1,000; David McCargo, business owner, Anchorage, Alaska, &

36;1,000; Kari Enge, self-employed physician, Running Springs, Calif., &

36;750; John Karevoll, self-employed consultant, Running Springs, Calif., &

36;750; Dale Neubauer, Air Methods aircraft mechanic, Bend, &

36;500; Scott Silver, (candidate), &

36;388; Harlow Fischman, retired, Sandpoint, Idaho, &


Democratic challengers Charles H. Butcher, Dan Davis, Carol Voisin

did not file campaign finance reports.