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April 19, 2006 Cockburn more of radical left I regard Alexander Cockburn as radical left. The message of his column (April 7) seems to be, surrender to our enemies and love racists and anti-Semites like Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney. May

Cockburn more of radical left

I regard Alexander Cockburn as radical left. The message of his column (April 7) seems to be, surrender to our enemies and love racists and anti-Semites like Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney.

Maynard Telpner

An extension

of Bush agenda

Bush lied and leaked us into war.


Go Along Greg&

Walden went along.

Bush turned a budget surplus into the worst deficit in America&

s history.

Walden went along.

Bush created the foolish Medicare Drug Plan to kick-back billions to the drug companies.

Walden went along.

Bush cut taxes for the rich.

Walden went along.

Bush said &


to higher minimum wage.

Walden went along.

Bush is trying to turn back the clock to give us dirty air to breathe.

Walden is going along.

Delay played the tune for meek Congressmen to follow.

Walden went along.

Yes, Congressman Greg Walden has gone along with all of the arrogant, inept Bush lies, tricks and fumbles that have turned eight years of peace and prosperity into deception, deceit, war, deficit, and dysfunction.


ve had enough of Greg Walden&

s blindly following the Bush-DeLay plan for disaster. This November, let&

s tell &

Go Along Greg&

to just go.

Bruce Barnes

Angry rhetoric hinders solutions

I was appalled by the rhetoric in this month&

s addition of the Sneak Preview put forward by several business owners regarding homelessness in the downtown. Matt Frey is quoted as saying, &

The very life blood of our community is being sucked dry by these parasites.&


m surprised he doesn&

t simply use the German term &

Aus Rotten,&

as the Nazis not only rounded up Jews but also the homeless, gypsies, underprivileged and others they felt were unacceptable to the efficiency of their society.

The problem of disenfranchised youth is a broad social problem and something that needs to be addressed, however, police oppression, presumptuous name-calling, and further marginalization is not the solution.

We live in a broadly unhealthy society involved in unprecedented environmental destruction, human oppression, industrial warfare in the name of resource dominance, and an unquestioning belief that the rule of capital must take precedence over all other human endeavors. We are a compassionless society so caught up in the idea of free market economics and individualism that we fail to realize that not all are born into equal situations. Most youths have nothing more to look forward to other than a lifetime of wage-slavery at underpaid jobs for American corporations. It is no doubt that so many youths are disenfranchised.

As a community we need to look to more outreach and serious investment in providing services, shelters and opportunities for our homeless community. Simultaneously, we need to look at ways to invigorate our downtown as to make it more of an active part of our community rather than simply a place where homeless youth hang out. We need to aggressively check the belief that more police oppression is a valid solution.

Eric Navickas

Watch LTM closely this time

The curb push-outs are a great idea, the choice of LTM as contractor is not. Didn't we learn from the Siskiyou Boulevard fiasco that LTM is very good at putting up cones, blocking traffic, and leaving. Followed by excuses and finger pointing.

Since we are stuck with them for who knows how long in the busiest corridor, at least we can demand they only block traffic when they are actually working. Say no to leaving cones up for days while it rains or they go off to another job.

Let's follow this job more closely.

M. Kelly

Iran war drums should not beat

An attack on Iran would be pure madness. There is no compelling difference between Iran&

s nuclear aspirations and those of other countries to warrant a preemptive attack. It knows full well that to use nuclear weapons on another country would mean its own destruction. Only direct dialogue with the government of Iran will solve this problem.

Ted Susu-Mago

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