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April 27, 2006 Drug law causes double jeopardy Im a student that lives in Southern Oregon. In the last year Ive become aware of a group called Students for Sensible Drug Policy. Recently, this group released information about the Aid Eliminat

Drug law causes double jeopardy


m a student that lives in Southern Oregon. In the last year I&

ve become aware of a group called Students for Sensible Drug Policy.

Recently, this group released information about the Aid Elimination Penalty law that affects students in all 50 states of the U.S. due to a drug conviction. This law does not affect murderers, rapist, burglars and arsonists in getting financial aid from the government. This kind of law can only contribute to our nation&

s drug abuse problems as opportunities are taken away from the middle and lower-class students.

The law punishes individuals twice for the same infraction. This does nothing to solve our nation&

s drug and crime problems. The war on drugs costs U.S. taxpayers large sums of money while only making matters worse. Please take the time to help change bad laws and make this country safer for all.

Jardin Breeze

Slow down in neighborhoods

The last hint of gorgeous apricot sunset graces my window here on Laurel Street. I&

m supposed to be writing an assignment due in two days but I couldn&

t concentrate. It&

s spring, the kids next door are playing basketball and you know that ball goes out into the street. Three out of the last four cars to go by were doing at least 35. One had to be doing 40, in the 25 MPH neighborhood.


m too old for this. We have no sidewalks and kids ride bikes and trikes on the side of the street. Cats, dogs, skateboarders and pedestrians are fair game for fast cars too. I&

m so relieved my precious feline son, Diego, is inside.

People, slow down! There are so many kids, so many pets, so many people on bikes, wheel chairs, people walking. We need to take care.

How would you feel if every night when you went to bed, you&

d have to face the fact that you had run over someone&

s beloved pet or worse, someone&

s child. You&

d maimed them, or killed them.

A well-placed expletive would be tasty here but they won&

t print it. We&

re really worried about the speed and lack of common sense. It&

s stupid to drive fast in the hood! Stupid.


s give ourselves a break and relax. Chill out; enjoy the beauty of out hip town. There are some pretty crazy things going on in the world. Let&

s not add to them. Let&

s embrace the blessing we have of living here. Let&

s please slow down in the hood.

Patricia Aulik

Statue head is best kept local

Well, bravo to the couple who&

ve stepped up to donate not one, but two Lincoln heads for the vandalized statue in the park. Their civic-mindedness is to be applauded.

However, I&

m a little perplexed at the choice of going to Asia for the replacements. I&

m sure the replacements can be had much more inexpensively there but that kind of epitomizes the entire issue of outsourcing that has become so pervasive. And, yes, art is a job. Surely, there are untold numbers of qualified sculptors here at home who can do the same job. Yes, it might be more expensive and yes, maybe only one head can be purchased instead of two, but c&

mon! Asia? The home of cheap goods and conveyor-belt art.

I don&

t know the &


that these folks intend to hire. They may be eminently qualified and perhaps even paid a decent amount but I just don&

t get it.

Of course, I don&

t want to look a gift horse in the mouth and the generous offer that has been put forward is very kind and very unnecessary of these folks to have made. But maybe they can reconsider and hire an American sculptor, perhaps even the one who has already given an estimate of the cost, to do the work. In this case, maybe one head would be better than two.

David Bjurstrom


advice worth noting

A recent letter writer (April 21) castigates and ridicules those retired military general officers who have spoken out against a number of the disastrous and self-defeating policies of the Bush administration, particularly in regard to Iraq and the so-called &

War on Terror.&

Why these patriotic Americans awaited retirement or resignation before speaking out should be clear to any American. Unless, of course, they forget that the Constitution enshrines the principle of civilian control over that military and that the Uniform Code of Military Justice severely constrains the free speech rights of a serving military officer. Instead of verbally assaulting the messengers, Americans should carefully think through to what extent their words are accurate and appropriate in these parlous times, as the Bush cult mounts yet another pre-election campaign of fear mongering and mushroom clouds.

Gerald Cavanaugh

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