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From the RIGHT side

May 2, 2006

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Good vs evil&


Rated R for extreme violence, naked aggression and scenes featuring the slaughter of sacrificial lambs

"The only thing necessary for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing." This is the prevailing notion that underlines the message in the new Hollywood film &

United 93,&

which attempts to recreate the heroic actions of a group of ordinary Americans onboard an ill-fated flight on September 11, 2001.


re all aware of the final outcome of flight United 93, which ended up disintegrated in a rural area of Pennsylvania after being knocked off its other destructive cse by brave Americans who felt compelled to act in the face of certain death. Unfortunately, the film does what Hollywood is so often prone to do &

it takes a naïve public on an emotional jney that dismisses pertinent facts and ignores relevant information while weaving a simplistic tale of good versus evil that caters to the gullibility of an audience still reeling from the aftershock of a surprise attack on this nation.

Certainly &

United 93&

displays the cage and heroism of innocent and unassuming people caught in a web of intrigue, deceit, betrayal and international conflict. But it does not direct its focus on the true reason why those Americans, and others that died that day, found themselves innocent victims of what was seemingly an unprovoked attack upon this nation by Muslims with radical, fanatical beliefs. In fact, the film does a disservice to the public because it reinforces long-held wrongheaded thinking that exonerates the true culprit and focuses attention like a laser beam upon the propaganda that claims radical Islam is a force that seeks to arbitrarily annihilate and obliterate &

and so government is justified in whatever actions it takes against such a force in order to protect the American people.

The truth of the matter is that the American people have been so mesmerized by Hollywood and the music and fashion industries for so long that while we&

ve been enjoying life&

s distractions, it was government that aggressively attacked Muslim nations in the Middle East for literally generations. Meanwhile, Islam has been made a scapegoat for fighting back. On the day that the eyes of this nation&

s beguiled public were opened to the fact that a real war was going on &

and the innocent people dying weren&

t just in faraway places &

anger and desperation was conveniently directed by government toward an enemy that had no voice (with which to defend itself against daily propaganda in the U.S.), no motive (to legitimize the claim of an unprovoked attack upon the U.S.) and no ancient history of war against America.

There is no doubt that someone is to blame for the pain and suffering inflicted upon undeserving families. And I, like many other Americans, was incensed after witnessing the destruction of so many lives for apparently no reason whatsoever. Yet, there was a reason.

But, like Hollywood, government has painted us an unbelievable picture that offers the notion that it too, alongside an oblivious public, was a victim of the actions of radical Islamic factions that seemingly seek no other focus in life other than to murder Americans.

In a movie theater, we are asked to suspend disbelief and enjoy the ride, which can be quite entertaining. We often never realize the penalty for suspending disbelief is that minds are wide-open receptacles for Hollywood propaganda.

In real life, when we suspend disbelief, we open a portal through which government dumps truckloads of propaganda each day. Such a deluge of falsehoods and half-truths seek to divert attention, distort reality, entertain us with trivialities, provoke us with pre-conceived and well-massaged messages, and require us to accept information from a sce we instinctively know is untrustworthy. The penalty for suspending disbelief in the theater of society isn&

t entertainment &

it is deceitful manipulation.

Under the manipulations of government propaganda, everything enemy says becomes a lie. Everything government says becomes the truth.

But facts don&

t lie. People do.

There is a reason the U.S. was attacked on 9/11. Let's explore some of the facts:

In 1950, the government of Iran was irate with privately owned British Petroleum (BP) because the company was exploiting control over the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company and offering the Iranians a pittance of the revenues made from the exportation of Iranian oil. Iran&

s elected leader, Mohammed Mossadegh, failed in his attempts to negotiate a fair contract with BP and promptly booted the company from Iranian soil, according to the January 1952 edition of Time Magazine, which named Mossadegh its &

Man of the Year.&

— &

The Anglo-Iranian — Oil Co., most of whose stock is owned by the British government, had been — paying Iran much less than the British government took from the company — in taxes. The U.S. State Department warned Britain that Iran might explode — unless it got a better deal, but the U.S. did not press the issue firmly — enough to make London listen. Mossadegh&

s nationalization bill scared — the company into concessions that came too late.&

While Americans today will flock to see a film that has cut a tiny slice out of the big picture, a half-century ago the public ignored the role government was assuming in the early 1950s and the posture it was taking toward the very nation the U.S. government has targeted for regime change today &

133; Iran.

Apparently, there was no intense radical hatred of America when government was flocking to the shores of the Persian Gulf seeking to fill the vacancy left by the not-so-great British. Time continues:


Since Mossadegh&

s rise, U.S. correspondents — have been swarming over the Near and Middle East. Their general consensus — is that:

1) The British position in the whole area is hopeless. — They are hated and distrusted almost everywhere. The old colonial power — is finished and no other power can replace Britain.

2) If left to &

work out&

their problems — without help, the countries of the Middle East will disintegrate. The — living standard will drop and political life will become even more chaotic. —

3) Left to themselves, these countries will reach — the point where they will welcome communism.

4) The U.S., which will have to make the West&

s — policy in the Middle East, whether it wants to or not, as yet has no policy — there.

5) Americans and Britons in the Near and Middle — East spend a large part of their energies fighting each other. No effective — Western policy is possible without Western unity. The word American no — longer has a good sound in that part of the world.

To catch the Jewish vote in the U.S., president — Truman in 1946 demanded that the British admit 100,000 Jewish refugees — to Palestine, in violation of British promises to the Arabs. Since then, — the Arab nations surrounding Israel have regarded that state as a U.S. — creation, and the U.S. therefore, as an enemy.

The Israeli-Arab war created nearly a million Arab — refugees who have been huddled for three years in wretched camps. These — refugees, for whom neither the U.S. nor Israel will take the slightest — responsibility, keep alive the hatred of U.S. perfidy.

No enmity for the Arabs, no selfish national design — motivated the clumsy U.S. support for Israel. The American crime was not — to help the Jews, but to help them at the expense of the Arabs.

Today, the Arab world fears and expects a further — Israeli expansion. The Arabs are well aware that Alben Barkley, Vice President — of the U.S., ts his country making speeches for the half-billion-dollar — Israeli bond issue, the largest ever offered to the U.S. public. Nobody, — they note bitterly, is raising that kind of money for them.

When viewed in a different context, the picture of America&

s role in the Middle East changes dramatically. The American public doesn&

t appear to be merely an innocent bystander watching the events unfold in the Middle East. Instead, we see a very busy American government operating deep within the Middle East in an effort to manipulate the cse of political events, while the American public blindly supported such activities.

Meanwhile, the U.S. government was creating the enemy we see today.

That would be quite a simple story if it stopped there. But the documentary is just beginning. There is more to see and know that will obliterate the current paradigm, offer epiphany after epiphany, and open the eyes of a very sleepy American public that was awakened briefly on 9/11 to see buildings fall and innocent people die &

with only a few noticing the meticulously planned and coordinated execution of military attacks upon the economic headquarters, defense headquarters and political headquarters of government.

Between the time the British were expelled from Iran for cheating the Iranians out of their own resce, a lot of aggression was exchanged between the West and the Middle East.

After losing a lawsuit against Iran in an international ct, the British tried twice to get Truman to join them in going to war against Iran. Great Britain amassed the largest naval armada off the coast of Iran since WWII and refused to allow the Iranians to sell a drop of oil, thereby succeeding in plunging that nation into economic ruin.

In 1953, Eisenhower succeeded Truman and authorized the first-ever CIA covert operation on foreign soil designed to conduct &

regime change&

in the Middle East. The operation was called Project Ajax, led by Kermit Roosevelt (grandson of Teddy, cousin of FDR).

The target nation &

133; Iran.

The operation was a success.

And in 1953 the notion that "democratic nations don&

t wage war against other democratic nations" became a complete fallacy.

The U.S. and Great Britain enjoyed control over 80 percent of Iran&

s exports for 26 years under the reign of the Shah of Iran, who was catapulted to power by the U.S. and acted as a puppet for a plethora of U.S. presidents. Meanwhile, the U.S. helped to build the Iranian military, its secret police (SAVAK) and its nuclear energy program. All of this occurred while the wide-awake Iranian people were continually revolting, rebelling and seeking ways to oust the brutal dictator placed into power by the U.S. &

a man described by human rights organizations as one of the world&

s worst offenders.

But the people aboard flight United 93 had no concept of the involvement of government in the Middle East, nor of the growing hatred throughout the Middle East toward the U.S. &

born not out of some ill-informed radical sect of Islam, but rather from the disrespect, deceit and death toll that was endured by the Iranian people for a quarter-century.

In 1979, the Iranian people succeeded in overthrowing a man whose father was an ally of Adolph Hitler, and who received his anointing from the government of the United States &

not the people of Iran, nor the leadership of Islam.

The story would be done at that point, if it were not for the fact that the U.S. ventured next door to Iraq and befriended yet another brutal dictator.

Evil can often be perpetrated by the most unlikely individuals. In less than a year after losing control over the oil from Iran, president Jimmy Carter stood before the American people on and proposed that the entire Middle East region was of &

vital interest&

to the United States. And so vital were interests there that we would protect those interests &

by any means necessary.&

Carter stated:

— &

Any attempt by an outside force to gain control — of the Persian Gulf region will be regarded as an assault on the vital interests — of the United States of America, and such an assault will be repelled by — any means necessary, including military force.&

It seemed surreal to a largely ignorant populace that its government would be so engrossed in controlling a region of the world about which most Americans are clueless, that it would sacrifice American lives fighting over it. But government did not hide its determined posture. It stood on the world stage and declared the Middle East as U.S. property &

vital land over which it would kill those who sought to claim it ... including the rightful owners. The U.S. had no legitimate rationale for Carter&

s blunt statement, outside of its pursuit of controlling Iran&

s oil. Yet again, we see Iran as a target &

133; and the American public as unwitting dupes.

Would government sacrifice the lives of innocent Americans to advance its all-out pursuit of oil resces in the Middle East? Just ask Jimmy Carter. The men and women aboard flight United 93 and those that died in the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were mere pawns to be offered up in like manner to the men and women of military whose lives Carter pledged would be risked in protection of "vital interests" that did not and do not belong to us.

Within months of the Nobel Peace Prize laureate&

s monumental declaration (which is known as the &

Carter Doctrine&

) the U.S. assisted Saddam Hussein in an invasion of Iran that was condemned by the member nations of the UN Security Council &

133; with the exception of the United States.

Hussein, who the U.S. has held up as a horrific monster, enjoyed enormous military and economic assistance totaling in the billions of dollars from the U.S. in a war against his neighbor that lasted eight years and cost more than 1,000,000 Muslim lives.

Every major power in the world played a part in that war.

The U.S. government, which a U.S. Senate investigation found guilty of providing chemical weapons of mass destruction to Iraq, was also indicted as a player on both sides of the war &

133; alongside Israel.

When so-called enemies bring to attention the "Zionist-Crusader alliance" there is historic precedence for such an accusation. Time Magazine brought it to attention in 1953. And yet another leading voice offered credence to Islam's finger pointing during the infamous Iran-Contra Affair scandal under president Ronald Reagan in the mid-80s.

It was none other than Ariel Sharon himself who would reveal the fact that the U.S. and Israel were supplying weapons to Iran, even as the U.S. was supposedly in full support of Iraq, in what was viewed as an effort to prolong the war and weaken both sides. That war finally came to an end in 1988 ... and a weakened Iraq had strained relations with the U.S. government.

But it wasn&

t until George Herbert Walker Bush enticed Saddam with platitudes of friendship on July 25, 1990 that another U.S. strategy was born. Eight days later, Saddam would invade Kuwait and Bush would declare the bumbling dictator an enemy of the world.

Bush would authorize an invasion of Iraq three months later. Three months after that authorization, the U.S. would send more than 500,000 American troops into the deserts of Saudi Arabia with the intent of using Kuwait as a headquarters for invading and then controlling three-quarters of Iraq militarily. The American public was watching the &

Liberation of Kuwait&

in the theaters of societal propaganda while the reality was that Kuwait was also offered up as a sacrifice in order to have an excuse to invade Iraq.

And that is exactly what occurred.

The U.S. set up and maintained military control over Iraq for 12 years, until government could tolerate Saddam&

s resistance and insolence no more. The excuses used for invading Iraq a second time came as yet another surprise to an American public that had once again fallen asleep during the movie.

But underneath all of the aggression perpetrated upon the nations of the Middle East, and in particular, Iran, there was a subplot. The U.S. had not anticipated the backlash of a formidable enemy after it had desecrated the lands of Mecca and Medina that are held sacred by a militant arm of Islam known as the Muslim Brotherhood. It was this massive organization, comprised of more than 70 smaller groups worldwide (including Hamas) that was offended when U.S. troops arrived in Saudi Arabia in 1991.

It is the Muslim Brotherhood that appealed to Muslim world to form the Mujahideen (holy warriors) in protection of Afghanistan from an invasion by the Soviet Union (1979-89). Osama bin Laden left a wealthy family and a life of luxury to answer that call and fight alongside other Muslim brothers who had no relationship outside of their faith and desire to protect Islam from invaders.

The U.S. government is quite familiar with the Muslim Brotherhood, as CIA funded and assisted the Mujahideen (and Osama bin Laden) through Pakistani Intelligence for a number of years during Afghanistan&

s repelling of the Soviets. And it should have come as no surprise to the U.S. government that the Muslim Brotherhood would not take kindly to a U.S. invasion of Muslim lands either. Nevertheless, government, being no respecter of religions, used its power of economic arm-twisting to convince the Saudi government to risk civil war in allowing the U.S. to use the headquarters of Islam (as Saudi Arabia is regarded) to invade another Muslim nation.

We didn&

t have to wait long for the Muslim Brotherhood to respond.

1993 &

Bombing of World Trade Center in New York City

1995 &

Bombing of U.S. air base in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

1996 &

Bombing of U.S. air base in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

1998 &

Bombing of U.S. Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania

2000 &

Bombing of USS Cole in Yemen

2001 &

Coordinated attacks of U.S. economic, defense and political headquarters

And here we are in 2006 with Hollywood&

s &

United 93&

underscoring the false notion that the U.S. was a victim of an unprovoked attack. Perhaps the severe lack of knowledge of the American people regarding the activities of government has placed us in a precarious predicament. And today we willingly offer up cageous men and women as sacrifices upon an altar of political ignorance, claiming that we must support the troops when, in fact, we are merely supporting the political decisions that lead to their senseless sacrifice.

Today, government promotes propaganda to encage support for remaining in Iraq. It isn't al-Qaida who military faces in Iraq. It is the Muslim Brotherhood. And that organization has mobilized and strengthened over the past 15 years it has been defending Iraq, just as it defended Afghanistan for a decade.

But, even as government places its puppets in leadership positions inside Iraq in hopes of securing that nation and freeing up American forces to be directed elsewhere, it has already determined that Iran is the next target. History reveals that Iran has always been the target. Iraq is merely a means to an end, not the end itself.

The ridiculous idea of establishing a democratic government in Iraq by force is further evidence that the U.S. government has declared war on Islam and is determined to firmly plant its footprint right between two of the most fundamental Islamic nations in the Middle East ... Saudi Arabia and Iran. This notion is not lost on the Muslim Brotherhood, which has responded to U.S. aggression with aggression of its own.

We cannot continue to sit idly by while this war wages. The Muslim Brotherhood is determined to do whatever is necessary to call this fight to the attention of the American public. That likely means another attack similar to 9/11 ... or worse.

They have repeatedly called for a complete withdrawal of U.S. troops out of their lands ... since 1991.

We have repeatedly ignored their fatwas and warnings.

Our government will not pay the heavy price of remaining in the Middle East. Innocent Americans, like the ones on United 93 will suffer the severe penalties. You and I will also pay, economically, emotionally and perhaps, like those in the World Trade Center ... with lives. Our military personnel will continue to risk their lives for the decisions made in Washington D.C. to maintain the cse in the Middle East. Their families will suffer as well. Meanwhile, we will hear platitudes from the White House. Many of leaders in Congress will lay the blame for their lack of leadership on the president ... whoever that may be at the time.

It is time that the American people directed the outrage and anger stemming from 9/11 where it rightfully belongs: toward those in government who have sacrificed brave men and women of the military and the lives of innocent civilians lost on 9/11, in a game of global domination that currently targets Iran (yet again) for &

regime change.&

Today is 1953 all over again. And if we elect to allow government to conduct more covert and overt operations in the Middle East in an effort to enforce its will and protect its &

vital interests,&

then we, as a public, will someday be viewed by historians in the same perplexed manner as they study the German population of the Nazi era.

Unless we, as a public, conduct a massive electoral regime change in the halls of congress and the White House (on both sides of the aisle), we will continue to find selves unwitting victims of enemies government creates while recklessly flaunting its power around the globe.

Although it appears surreal (and ironic) that we are the ones telling the world its okay to arbitrarily disregard laws, spy, kidnap, detain indefinitely without cause, torture, maintain secret prisons, interfere in the politics of sovereign nations, and overthrow any leader around the world with whom we disagree, the reality is that once we walk out of a movie theater under the influence of Hollywood propaganda, we will renew blind support of the very same untrustworthy institution that willingly offered up the passengers of United 93 as sacrifices in the game of global dominance.

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