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Davis' new ideas needed in D.C.

We have known Dan Davis over two years and he's our choice as the Democrats' strongest opponent for Greg Walden's "safe" Second Congressional District seat this November. We appreciate Dan's support of our troops fighting in an ill-conceived and stagnant war in Iraq. We share his concern for their welfare ?particularly those with Oregon's Guard and reserve units whose sacrifices far exceed original concepts of how they would participate in "a war on terror."

An Army Captain in Vietnam, Dan opposed the war in Iraq and will work for soldiers' health care (including PTSD) when they return from active duty. Dan is an outspoken defender of America's environment and will work for true energy independence from corporate and foreign interests. He will use his management background in the energy business to help develop a national energy plan. We need Dan in Congress ?new face, new ideas!

Bill Joy Stewart

Support our local sports teams

As a senior citizen and former high school football coach, most of my contact with Ashland High consists of attending games, and the Ashland football stadium is an abysmal place to watch a game.

Nevertheless, the decision not to include a new stadium in the bond issue is entirely correct. Just a few blocks away is a wonderful and under utilized stadium at SOU. High school officials should start negotiations to use that stadium and use it now — meaning 2006.

A few years ago when this was floated some people said "It just wouldn't be a home game."


One of the premier high schools in Missouri, Liberty, has used the stadium at William Jewell College for at least 45 years. I coached against them there a couple of times, and I guarantee they felt at home.

On the other hand, a new or renovated gymnasium is a must. The present one is a relic, and has very poor sight lines from many of the balcony seats. And the gym is used many more times per year than the football stadium. The solution is obvious &

new gym, football at SOU.

Walt Marsh

Worden's playing games in politics

Carl Worden, who was once national salesman for Circus Vargas, seems to think politics is a circus. He's declared himself a Democrat at candidate forums for County Commissioner. He is also on the Democratic primary ballot. But he's admitted online that he's a lifelong conservative Republican who changed his registration last August to first run against Congressman Greg Walden, and now against Commissioner Jack Walker.

Worden might be clowning around, but don't be fooled. There really is only one Democratic candidate for county commission seat No. 1, Ashlander Tom Winmill.

Nan Trout

Take care to

prevent illness

I have something to say to the mothers of young children. I hear that some of you don't want to give them shots, to prevent illness.

If only they had shots for polio 71 years ago, my life would have been a lot easier. I'm sure my mother would have made sure I had mine. I was only three years old, and I can remember the pain, and the nights I spent at the Shriner's Hospital in Portland, away from my family for months at a time.

I was one of the lucky ones, at least I could breath. I just couldn't walk without braces and crutches. I had surgery on my right leg, when I was 16, and was able to walk on it some.

I prayed that they would find a cure, so that no other child would have to go through that.

I hear that you think that the shots will hurt your babies. But that pain is nothing, compared to what they will have, if they get some of these illnesses.

Polio isn't the only thing I know about, as my Grandma died of measles, when my Dad was small.

I gave my children shots as soon as I could, and now I have five healthy grandkids, and three great grandkids.

So, do it for your little ones, and they will thank you for it later.

Lois Beeson

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