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Week #13

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The Ashland Daily Tidings is introducing a new segment that we call the "O-Zone." On this page readers will get an opportunity to hang with the "O dog." This page will become the home of Tidings' photo editor, Orville Hector.

In the O-Zone, Orville (or "O," as he is affectionately known) will share with Tidings readers the photos he shot that were particularly interesting. Each shot will be accompanied by a short story that provides some background to the photo. Additionally, in order to share some of his expertise, he will provide a tiny bit of tech talk regarding shutter speed, aperture settings, etc.

Within the O-Zone will be another feature called "In The Zone."

In The Zone (ITZ) will feature shots submitted to the Tidings from you, the readers. It's an opportunity for all of you amateur shutterbugs to strut your stuff and try to impress the professionals.

O will select a photo or two that stands out each week and provide his comments. The Tidings welcomes your submissions that can be emailed directly to O in jpeg format only. His email address is ohector@dailytidings.com. All submissions should have "ITZ submission" in the subject line of the email. Each photo should contain first and last name of the photographer, age, date and location of shot, a short description of the shot, and a contact phone number. Additionally, if you wish to ask O a question regarding the shot, be sure to include information about the type of camera used and the settings when the shot was taken. Also include the time of day. If we publish the photo, we will credit the photographer.

Note: O's critique and comments are his own opinion and do not represent the official opinion of the Tidings or Ottaway newspapers. O reserves the option to make comments (good or bad) regarding the photos submitted in this section.

This page will soon become its own section of the Tidings web site. Pardon our mess as we begin construction of this area in order to provide you a more appealing place to visit. For now, enjoy the shots from O and welcome to ... the O-Zone.

— —

My son Devon's 30 seconds of fame.

— —

Here is a child that will hide his face if you tell him he has a nice smile or if you compliment him in virtually any other way. I was filled with joy as I watched him compete at the All Comers track meet on June 26. I have to thank my wife Danya (background, right) and her parents for their role in raising Devon. I hope and pray that he continues to enjoy sports because Danya and I, along with his grandparents, are his biggest fans. —

Nikon D2Hs ISO 200 f 10 and f 4.5 1/250

See you next week —



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