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July 13, 2006 Call to see Al Gore’s 'Truth’ Please see “An Inconvenient Truth” if you question the reality or the crisis of global warming. If mainstream reading has convinced you that pesky liberals are just rekindling

Call to see

Al Gore’s ‘Truth’

Please see “An Inconvenient Truth” if you question the reality or the crisis of global warming. If mainstream reading has convinced you that pesky liberals are just rekindling their 60s’ eco-paranoia, and you doubt the validity of their Chicken Little cries, then please see this movie or read scientific journals, and re-examine your popular media influenced ideas.If you don’t like Al Gore, forget that he’s the messenger — just listen to the facts. “An Inconvenient Truth” contains fact-filled research and beautiful photos depicting: how Earth looks from space, the craggy grandeur of glaciers (and the visible horror of their disappearance), what global warming means for weather patterns, trees, oceans, and populations. Global warming confronts us with huge moral dilemmas; our world is at grave risk, changing profoundly with catastrophic impacts. Simple lifestyle changes can reverse devastating warming trends. Checkout this personal audit impact checklist shows what you can do to facilitate needed change:


Susan Roudebush

Props for Measure 40 support

The signatures for Measure 40, the health care is a fundamental right initiative, are now in the office of the secretary of state and we don’t yet know if this measure will qualify for the November ballot. However, there is one thing that we, the volunteer signature gatherers of Oregon Action, do know and it is that we are very appreciative of the people of the Rogue Valley for their support. It is no fun to be interrupted in your busy day by people asking you to stop and sign a petition but many of you did stop and didsign and were unfailingly courteous and encouraging . Many of you also took petition sheets and helped us by gathering your own signatures. We assure you that we will continue to press our legislators to provideaffordable qualityhealth care for everyone.

Oregon Action achieved its own goal of 5,000 signatures for Measure 40, only because of your goodwill and responsiveness. For this we thank you, and thank you and thank you.

Sarah Paul

Open letter to

Bill Little

Correct me if I am wrong, but I conclude from a June 6 Daily Tidings article on the Mt. Ashland expansion project that if the Forest Service wins the court case scheduled for an August 7 hearing, your organization intends to promptly begin logging operations without waiting for the results of an eventual appeal on the part of the plaintiffs.

Most likely you are familiar with the logging industry’s tactic of cutting timber during an appeal process, leading judges to the drop the case because the envirionmental damage has already taken place. Please assure the Ashland community that this is not your intention by refraining from expansion until the current lawsuit takes its full course. My understanding is that in this particular situation only one appeal is allowed and the procedure would be expedient. The MAA is a non-profit entity leasing the ski area from the City of Ashland. It would therefore only seem correct to honor the community’s right to a definitive legal decision before undertaking the irreversible disturbance of our watershed.

I look forward to your response.

Darwin Thusius

Response to Honore

Chris Honore (Case in Point, July 10) is quite correct in placing the North Korean government right up there with the most repressive regimes in the world. But in regard to nuclear proliferation and its threats to world peace, so what? It is true that the citizens of North Korea have suffered mightily; now we seem to believe they should suffer more, by the imposition of a trade embargo. How constructive. The Bush administration has demonized the North Koreans and refused to undertake serious negotiations to halt the North Korean push toward arming itself with nuclear missiles. Such a push is rational from the North Korean point of view. After all, the United States is an aggressive, preemptive militarily-strike power and has refused to commit to a nonaggression pact with the North Koreans. At the same time the United

States is publicly committed to enlarging its already insanely destructive nuclear capabilities while turning a blind eye to other nations like Israel, India, and Pakistan who also have nuclear capabilities. During the Korean “police action” American airpower flattened every above-ground structure in North Korea; after the armistice, America set up a military dictatorship in South Korea that lasted more than thirty years. What rational North Korean government could trust American motives and promises?

Gerald Cavanaugh

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