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Letters To The Editor

Walden nice, but

wrong for Oregon

Greg Walden's a nice guy. Elections should hold even nice guys accountable when policies they unquestioningly support result in utter failure &

like Iraq &

or don't serve needs of we who elect them.

Greg has nicely given George Bush everything he's asked ...

He's nicely accepted big money from big pharmaceuticals, HMOs, and agri-business, while nicely allowing them to write their own legislation.

Greg nicely permitted energy and forestry interests to mine public lands without paying you royalties.

Greg has nicely provided massive taxcuts to our wealthiest during wartime, while not so nicely adding to our children's $9 Trillion debt.

Greg is very nice to oil companies, voting additional $1.5 billion to go with $4 billion he voted them in the energy bill. Greg's not so nice to rural hospitals, supporting veteran's families, education, or health care.

Actually, Greg's not too nice to us! In November send Carol Voisin to Congress.

Rob Hirschboeck

City dropped the

ball on MAA

I am shocked and dismayed that the Ashland City Council voted not to support the resolution advising against logging on Mount Ashland for a ski expansion while it is being challenged in court. Such short-sightedness in favor of business at the expense of our watershed is disappointing to say the least and certainly irresponsible.

Where do the supporters of this expansion think our water would come from if/when the watershed is contaminated by development, clearcutting and inevitable erosion? Would we then not be beholden to the city of Medford for our water, and therefore lose our civic independence? Is the pristine water we drink not a precious resource to be protected for generations to come? Is business expansion and limited "fun" more valuable than clean water?

The trees on Mount Ashland are natural stewards of our watershed. As citizens of Ashland and grateful recipients of the mountain's gifts, we should be morally obligated to match this stewardship with foresight and common sense.

Liz Vesecky

Response to

Harrop column

Hurray for Harrop for writing about "Execs War Against Serfs" (Aug. 15).

Left unchampioned in this administration, American workers are succumbing to lower wages, fewer jobs and declining standards of living. It doesn't have to be that way. In the past 150 years of American history, workers' conditions were improved law by law, not by the good will of employers but by a government that listened to its voters, its workers.

That long, steady improvement has been deliberately and drastically weakened, first by President Reagan, and is now undermined by a president who blatantly boasts his constituency is the rich. It doesn't have to be this way.

While globalization is a reality which is changing our way of life and our way of work, our government should be helping its citizens stand strong. Why should we taxpayers help corporate America lower our standards? Why should we elect officials who support these practices?

To those thousands out there who think your vote doesn't count, why don't you do what workers in the past did? Register and vote. You can make changes.

Myrl Bishop

Response to


233; column

Chris Honor&

233;'s "Case In Point" (Aug. 14) is a heartfelt cry for a solution to the ongoing catastrophes in the Middle East. But a prism disperses light, and Honore strays in his depiction of what has been going on there for 50 years.

The first step toward a workable solution of the fundamental issues is a withdrawal by Israel from the West Bank and (in fact) from Gaza, followed by the establishment of a viable independent Palestinian state and a compromise over the status of Jerusalem. The Palestinian "right of return" must also be adjudicated. Of course, recalling that Israel has invaded Lebanon many times, the territorial integrity of all the states, including that of Israel, let me emphasize, in the area must be guaranteed by international powers once the boundary disputes have been resolved.

None of this will happen unless and until we Americans throw out the imperialistic wackos in charge of the American government, with their grandiose notions and clearly bankrupt and self-defeating plans of attacking Iran and Syria. If not, a kaleidoscope of blood and destruction will become the necessary visual metaphor.

Gerald Cavanaugh