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Letters To The Editor

I made a half recipe of the Graham Cracker Pralines with a few changes. I toasted the pecans and reserved them for later. After the Pralines were baked, I broke up a giant-sized Dark Chocolate Hershey bar and placed the pieces on the top until they melted. Then I spread them around and sprinkled the pecans on top. The result was a delicious sort of English Toffee. I say was because it's all gone.

Maxine Scott

How progressive is Ashland?

So much talk of late about "progressive Ashland." How many of us know what is transported on those loud trains that go right through our town every night as we sleep? What is moved in one direction? What is moved in the other direction? Have we ever noticed that it travels in different directions, or have we questioned why? All while our eyes are closed but right before our very presence, all perhaps while we are sleeping? Or are we awake? We speak of not being able to walk in the fenced off railroad area, but what is happening all around us, Oregon's very beauty and essence? Can we see the forest through the trees? Shall we wake up for real or shall we continue sleepwalking? And if we think purchasing compact fluorescents will save our soul, have we wondered about their toxicity long after we've used their brightness? Eyes awake, one step at a time.

We in Ashland may recycle, but have any of us ever seen the size of garbage piles in our big cities the first trash pick-up day after x-mas? Ah, alas, is that where our trains are going? Transporting trendy wrapping paper and fancy gift boxes?

Question my friends, continue to question, eyes wide open and hearts and minds working to create a brighter and more optimistic tomorrow. With much appreciation for our children and our children's children. I thank-you now for appreciating our being asleep and "progressive."

Jonnie Dale Lieberman

U.N. is seperate from the U.S.

There have been letters and articles objecting to officials from other nations criticizing the United States of America on our home ground in the United Nations General Assembly in New York City.

With no assessment of the content of such critics' messages, I feel compelled to note that the 18 acres bordered by First Avenue on the west, East 42nd Street on the south, East 48th Street on the north and the East River on the east are International Territory. Although obviously surrounded by territory of the United States, the United Nations complex is not in our country.

If this is confusing remember that Vatican City is a 0.17 square mile separate nation wholly surrounded by Rome.

Fredric M. Latty

Support for John Stromberg

Planning Commissioner John Stromberg. City Councilor Kate Jackson. Both candidates for Ashland City Council. Similar concerns, similar values, hard working Ashland citizens.

What's the difference?

Stromberg has spent the last 27 years working with organizations that have problems, bringing people together so they can get the job done. Businesses, local governments and community non-profits have hired him to figure out what's not working, and getting it to work. He's got the job done, over and over again. And he enjoys it.

Jackson, on the other hand, has clearly been unable, in spite of her best efforts, to bring this council together. If you've watched our present council at work, it's painful. The tension is palpable. The chemistry is not there.

When the smoke clears on Nov. 8, it's very likely that Dave Chapman, Alice Hardesty, Cate Hartzell and Russ Silbiger will still be on the Council. If you want to see more of the same, re-elect Kate Jackson. If you think we can do better, vote for John Stromberg.

Bill Street

Support for Kate Jackson

Voting for the re-election of Kate Jackson to the Ashland City Council is one of the most important things any Ashland resident can do. She is a person of high integrity and genuine caring for our city. Her careful reasoning in making decisions that affect the future of Ashland and its residents are admirable.

I don&

185;t always agree with every decision she makes (nor would I expect to), but when she explains why she has made that choice, I respect her thoughtful approach. It is never a "party line" decision. Each are independently thought out and carefully reasoned with what&

185;s truly right for Ashland always kept in mind.

Kate gives so much of her time not only to council meetings but also to various other city and regional commissions, community service organizations as well as Ashland schools. When I&

185;ve mentioned her name to friends who work within governments of other towns in the Rogue Valley, the response is invariably positive and respectful.

Most of all, Kate Jackson has the experience that is so necessary on Ashland&

185;s City Council. With four positions being filled in this election, it is imperative that she remains on the job to provide much needed continuity. Now is not the time for Ashland to have inexperienced people running our town.

Kate Jackson has my vote for Ashland City Council position number 4.

David Bjurstrom

Support for Mike Winters

I read recently that the majority of the employees of the Jackson County Sheriff's Office voted to support Sheriff Winter's opponent in the upcoming election. It didn't surprise me at all. I went through the same battle when I ran for re-election in Josephine County four years ago. The public needs to remember that the sheriff works for you, not the employees. As a sheriff you make decisions every day as to how best to serve and protect your citizens based on the amount of money you receive from the commissioners. It's not an easy job. Making changes in your own office to better serve the public is not always welcomed news from your employees.

Sheriff Mike Winters is a cop's cop. He works along side his deputies to serve and protect his residents. We have worked together on many large criminal operations that affected both of our counties. He has done a great job for the residents of Jackson County and I urge you to re-elect him this November.

D.H. Daniel

Grants Pass

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