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Letters To The Editor

I'm supporting Eric Navickas for Ashland City Council. Navickas has a long history as an active participant in city government. He has been a regular at city council and planning commission meetings for years. He does his homework and is consistently prepared and informed.

Navickas advocated for changes to the "big box" ordinance protecting the character of our downtown. He has become an expert in local land use laws and planning regulations. Navickas also has a strong environmental record and has worked for environmentally sensitive fuel reduction programs in the watershed.

Navickas' leadership and vision will encourage the cultural and economic diversity Ashland needs to be a healthy community. The record is clear that Eric Navickas has the courage of his convictions and is committed to his principles. Eric Navickas has earned a seat at the table as an elected city council member.

Margaret Copeland

Support for Joe Charter

Join me in voting for Joe Charter to fill the seat of Ashland municipal judge. His experience as justice of the peace, circuit court judge pro tem, and his great part in "Judgment At Nuremberg" give him the broad range of experience and compassion to serve us well.

Will Statter

Support for Kate Jackson

The Tidings did Ashlanders a favor to alert us that the Pacific Green Party is running a slate again for city council. In this town, where the city, parks and school elected boards are non-partisan, it is unusual for candidates to seek the endorsement of political parties.

That is not to say that politically engaged Ashlanders do not know what party any particular councilor might be; most candidates are open about that when asked. But the whole point of non-partisan offices is to choose the people who have a track record of knowing how to formulate policy that will benefit all the various interests in the town.

It is a little disingenuous of the Green Party co-chairs to declare they are not running slates when they are active in these campaigns themselves, but it is good that they are forthright about their interest in finding ideologically friendly candidates.

On the other hand, no one is better qualified or informed on environmental issues that affect the town than incumbent Councilor Kate Jackson, and yet the Green endorsement went to someone who is a Green. John Stromberg is on the planning commission, and is working to persuade his colleagues to rationalize the procedures under which they work. I hope he will continue there and finish the job he has so ably started.

And I urge Ashlanders to endorse Kate as one of the most efficient, hard-working and effective councilors we have.

Nan Trout

Support for John Stromberg

Let's face it. It's been a rough time for Ashland. We've seen dissension among and between citizens and elected and appointed officials. We've witnessed staff turnover, and waited as vacancies went unfilled. We've lived through disagreement on key issues. And we've watched budgets and debt levels escalate.

I suggest we all take a deep breath, and give our attention to an ethical, experienced and committed candidate for city council &

John Stromberg.

Here's what John has to say about where we're headed: "The key issue is community. Who is going to pull this town together? I think the mayor and city council should lead the way, by example, and I want to be part of the process. Government must earn citizens' trust to function effectively, and that starts with a city council that is fair in applying the law, open in its decision-making and inclusive of our entire community."

John's vision is backed by the kind of experience that can only help. He has more than 25 years as a management/organizational consultant. He's worked with community non-profits, local government and small business start-ups. Currently, John is a City of Ashland Planning Commissioner and on the Downtown Plan Committee. He co-sponsored the 'infill' citizen forums.

For more on the issues, visit John's website at . Also email John with your questions and concerns at campaign@johnstromberg.com.

Imagine John Stromberg serving on Ashland's City Council. Sounds like a plan to me.

Susan DuMond

Support for Greg Lemhouse

I am the treasurer for committee to elect Greg Lemhouse for city council. He does not bring an agenda or narrow political view to the race. Greg is putting Ashland first. He is not interested in building voting blocks, but rather he wants to work with all city councilors. He only wants to build consensus and a sustainable community with a shared vision and attainable goals.

Greg is not a partisan but is passionate about what's best for Ashland. He is a reasoned thinker and careful planner, quick to learn and quick to listen. Special, narrow interests do not fuel the fire in his belly. He is intent on fostering and nurturing all that's good about our community and has no interest in blame or focusing on the negative.

Greg Lemhouse is exactly what's needed for Ashland. The time for his careful, hopeful and mature leadership is now. Join me in voting for Ashland by voting for Greg Lemhouse.

Valri Williams

Support for Lisa Greif

Lisa Greif is the best candidate for Jackson County Circuit Court judge. I have known Lisa as a colleague and friend for over five years. She always acts with integrity and goes above and beyond the call of duty in both her personal and professional life.

The person elected to the open judicial position will handle primarily criminal cases and Lisa has eight years of experience practicing criminal law. As a testament to her integrity and professionalism, Lisa is not only endorsed by fellow criminal defense attorneys, but she is also supported by 11 Jackson County prosecutors and four Jackson County Circuit Court judges.

In addition to being an excellent attorney, Lisa is also actively involved in improving her community. For example, Lisa is a member of the Medford Rogue Rotary Club and she serves on the State Criminal Justice Advisory Committee. For a full description of Lisa's experience and accomplishments please go to . Lisa will be a fair judge and she will make the judicial system in Jackson County more efficient and effective.

Glenda R. Sloan


'Anybody but Jack Walker'

Measure 37 gave us great unpredictability in rural areas. Yet County Commissioner Jack Walker added to that unpredictability by voting to create up to 2,590 new 10-acre parcels thus adding potentially 26,000 additional daily vehicle trips to traffic counts. His action also served to encourage the destruction of wildlife habitat, farmland, forestland and open space while greatly increasing county service costs.

County Commissioners need to represent the interests of all who live in the county, not just those who clamor to hack up the countryside. Yet Mr. Walker doesn't see things that way.

Partisanship at the county level is immaterial because the primary issues are livability and government fiscal responsibility. Yet we gain in neither area with Jack Walker. Fortunately, he has two opponents, Independent and Republican leaning, Diane Davidson, and Democrat Tom Winmill. Thus, the recommendation for this particular Commissioner race for the good of all County residents has to be "Anybody But Jack."

Brent Thompson

— Southern Oregon Media Group: