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Letters To The Editor

I am voting for John Stromberg for Ashland City Council because he strongly supports:

Tighter control of the budget and debt. Between Ashland Fiber Network and the wastewater treatment plant, taxpayers have nearly $40 million in debt, with no real plan to pay for it.

Community policing which he has been working on for over a year. Former Police Chief Mike Bianca endorses him.

Citizens' rights. He will welcome your full participation in decision-making, will listen carefully to what you say and will come to your neighborhood to listen about issues that are important to you. John has already begun listening to city residents by virtue of the 20-plus neighborhood meetings that he has already attended.

A vision to make Ashland a nationwide center for sustainability, even imagining turning the railroad property into a small business sustainability incubator for green research, with a Southern Oregon University satellite campus, workforce housing and even a light rail station. John's environmental ethic has earned the endorsement of Julie Norman, founder of Headwaters.

A new downtown plan. John believes that working on a downtown plan will strengthen the Downtown and Railroad District economy and help bring the community together &

small businesses, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, chamber of commerce and residents &

and that the process will be beneficial to all.

The small businesses that make Ashland unique.

And, he will use his collaborative skills to help make the council more effective and help move worthwhile projects forward.

Vote Stromberg for city council Position 4.

Tom Dimitre

Support for Dave Chapman

Ashland is a community of much diversity &

diversity in income, living standards, business interests, beliefs and spirituality, education, cultural interests, recreation interests. The city council should represent all the citizens of Ashland. To keep a balance on the city council re-elect Kate Jackson and Dave Chapman.

Edith Montgomery

Support for Lisa Greif

In November, you have a chance to make a difference. By casting your vote for Lisa Greif, you will assure the best person for the position of circuit judge.

Lisa is fair, dedicated, experienced and has the temperament to be a judge.

As a judicial assistant for 21 years, I have seen Ms. Greif in the courtroom practicing and out of the courtroom in the presence of judges, attorneys and clerical help. She certainly has convinced me that she is the best person for the job and deserves our vote.

Again, please cast your vote for the candidate that is the best qualified for the position of circuit court judge, Lisa Greif.

Elsie Wehren


Support for Eric Navickas

For those of who know very little about Eric Navickas, I would like you to know more. Eric has spent the last 10 years attending at least 75 percent of the city council meetings. At many of these meetings he has spoken about different issues. I have seen him become more articulate and knowledgeable , as the years have gone by.

One of his many concerns has been working to protect our watershed. He has spent many hours researching the soils and hiking the forests to further understand this fragile ecosystem. Recently he went to federal court and presented his arguments if favor of protecting our watershed. When I listened to Eric speaking, I realized he was the only one unpaid for his long hours of preparation. He was doing it out of pure dedication to his community and his world.

If you want someone who truly cares about our city and is dedicated now and in the future your vote should be cast for Eric Navickas.

Joanne Navickas

Support for Ron Grensky

Ron Grensky Experienced. I practiced law in Jackson County for twenty-three years. Prior to that I practiced in another state for sixteen years and was a trial court judge for five years. I know how complex and difficult civil cases can be and how helpful parental experience can be in juvenile cases. Lisa Grief is young and inexperienced. Her eight years as a member of the Bar have been spent in a small, specialized area, i.e. representing indigent defendants who are accused of committing a crime. Ron Grensky is a parent. He has had twenty-six years experience trying juvenile cases, criminal cases and complex civil cases. He sat as a judge in Josephine County and as an arbitrator in both Jackson and Josephine County. He has earned the respect of judges, lawyers, staff personnel and attorneys. Please vote for Ron Grensky for Circuit Judge.

Sandra Sawyer

Support for Kate Jackson

We need more people on council like Kate Jackson who have extensive private and government experience, have invested countless hours educating themselves on the issues, understand and have experienced our representative government process so issues are not allowed to fester like open wounds, and know the difference between setting policy and micromanaging.

If Mr. Stromberg truly believes, as his voter's pamphlet statement suggests, that there is little policy difference between himself and Ms. Jackson then why is he seeking to displace her from council? Sustainability, affordable housing, downtown plans and financial accountability are all issues Kate Jackson knows about, cares about, and for which she has a voting track record. If Mr. Stromberg seeks to improve council chemistry he should look elsewhere than Position 4. Those who believe that Mr. Stromberg can help us all get along should write him in for Position 2 rather than voting for him for Position 4.

Let's not try to fix our paralyzed council by throwing the baby out with the bath water. We need to reduce the turnover of good people in our city government, not increase it. Please join me and vote to re-elect Kate Jackson.

Richard Barth

Support for Greg Lemhouse

A political activist can have a positive influence in politics by help in shaping a decision made by the elected officials. But in my opinion a political activist does not make a good elected official, especially with small local governments. I believe that our local elected officials should not bring an "ax to grind," but rather should be able to build consensus within the community. We have such a choice with this election, by electing Greg Lemhouse to the city council; we will elect a consensus builder, rather than a wall builder. Greg will work to build bridges, rather than throw stones. He brings an open mind, and willingness to work on the hard issues facing the city. Our current council is bogged down in petty politics, and there has been little positive movement. Greg will strive to break through our current impasse, and help our city with a positive attitude. During my tenure on the city council I was fortunate to work with people who had these qualities, and it is time we go back to people who can work together.

Please join me in supporting Greg Lemhouse for city council.

Greg Williams

Support for Dave Gilmour

I have decided to vote for Dave Gilmour for county commissioner.

Dave is a family medical doctor who donated his early years to helping others by volunteering for the Peace Corps in Samoa, and working on an Indian Reservation in the Southwest. With his top-notch degrees, he could have chosen to practice medicine anywhere, earning a huge income. Instead he chose to serve his fellow men in humble settings working for survival wages. He chose to live the life that many just preach about. That's the kind of man we need to help steer our county into the future.

As commissioner, he led the opposition to weaken our air quality standards. If he hadn't done so, we would have returned to the bad old days of deadly asthma-causing smog and soot in our county's air.

It's a good thing having a family doctor as a commissioner. Let's keep him there by re-electing him.

Bruce Barnes

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