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Letters to the Editor

Why wasn't library building money used for operation?

This is in response to Jana Carole's letter in the March 23 Tidings regarding Don Rist and the Libraries. I have known and worked with Don over many years. He has always been very concerned about property taxes increasing on working people and senior citizens on a fixed income. Some of these people have to decide each month whether they will forgo food or medicine to make ends meet. When I asked Don about Carole's letter, he said, "Isn't it ironic that someone who lives on a 1/2 acre lot in Ashland which has 2 houses on it with over 5100 sq. ft of living space, would expect seniors and the working people to subsidize her 14 year old's CD's." He added, "The county shows the true market value of this property at over

$800,000 (probably low) and Don said if Jana wanted to sell one of her houses and give the proceeds to the Library, he would list it and donate his commission to them to keep 4-5 open but not 15."

The real point in all of this is: we just taxed the working people and seniors for the capital improvements of the libraries to the tune of 39 million; why, in heavens name, did we not set aside some of those funds to actually run these libraries?

Teresa McCants

Tillman tale recalls Vietnam

The Pentagon and the Military AND our President lying about what happens to our service man. I have three sons and many of their friends have gone thru my house and I do know of what I speak.

Brad Tillman is just another example of the man who wrote the book Born on the Fourth of July, and it was one of the men in his group of the military that was shot by friendly fire and his Commander LIED not only to his family but to the Government of the USA, and this set this man off on knowing that the US Government was not perfect and all his belief in Mom, the Church, his Government, and all the good things he has been raised to believe in and respect, was not always SO.

It was just one of the many things that discouraged the men and women who fought and served in the Vietnam War.&

They were lied to, over and over and gave their lives up for&

this. Now we all know there are many honorable men and women who served in this war, and we respect them. But now is the time to remind the people in this country that all is not as it seems.&

Standing up for the truth, and the rights of Service men and women to have that truth told, is what we should be doing.

Penny Beck

Money to fix OSF bricks could be better spent


twelve years in Ashland, I have observed the machinations&

of Philip Lang,&


self-appointed Pain In The Butt of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

At one time, a member's meeting was held, mostly to approve&

the election of new board members.&

This was followed by Libby Appel's presentation of the next year's program.&

The meeting was&

a formality, and that was all anybody expected&

except for Mr. Lang who was always present-to-present some cockamamie criticism of OSF.

Now apparently, Mr. Lang has scored big and bullied the city council into ordering the Festival to remove the bricks at a cost of half a million dollars.&

Since the bricks were installed, about 35 years ago, the Festival has attracted&

somewhere around 12 million customers.&

Unless they attended only the Black Swan or the New Theatre, every one of those folks made multiple trips across the bricks--let's say that must come to 25 or 30 million trips.&

How many people have fallen?&

How many people have been injured?&

How many people have sued anybody?&

No statistics have been given.

I'm not saying the bricks are perfect, but given the contours of the courtyard no surface is going to be perfectly safe.&


30 million people walking across their living rooms will probably result in several falls and injuries.&

I sure believe OSF has more creative ways to spend a half million

Walt Marsh&






Terracotta bandits should return heads

Many Ashlanders have enjoyed looking at the terracotta warriors at the corner of Granite St. and Nutley Way.&

Our daughter brought them from China, and of course they are copies.&

The 8-foot statues have been proudly displayed in their yard, and we were pleased that many people stopped by to admire them.

About three weeks ago the heads of three of the warriors were removed and taken away.&

The theft was reported immediately to the police, but they as yet have not been found.&

Now the statues are covered with black plastic bags until the heads are hopefully returned!&

It is hard to imagine anyone would destroy such marvelous creations.

We know, of course, that the statue of Abraham Lincoln had the head removed twice, and the huge American flags--one in Medford and one in Ashland have recently disappeared also. We hope the criminals are caught.

If any readers have seen the stolen heads, please notify the Ashland police.

It's sad to realize that there is individuals in Ashland or nearby who like to destroy or steal cherished art works.

Dick and Mary Mastain