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Letters to the Editor

Bush's formula doesn't add up

Rendition + Secret Hearing + Redaction = full disclosure &

only in "Bush-land,"

that is!

Dee Decker

Vote 'yes' on Measure 15-75

There is something totally un-American about it. How can a community allow its libraries to close? By now, many are familiar with the story, but it bears repeating. Every branch library in the county will close its doors on April 26 because of a lack of funding. It's a disgrace and an embarrassment and a huge loss to the thousands of children and adults who actively use our libraries every day. The good news is that we have one opportunity to change all this.

If you care about this issue, there are two things to do and both are vital. (1) Vote "yes" on Measure 15-75 in the upcoming election (voting closes on May 15) and (2) Get all your friends out to vote. This is a double "yes" vote, which means that we must get over 50 percent of the eligible voters to the polls and get over 50 percent of those who vote to say "yes." We have our work cut out for us. The good news is that with your help on these two actions, we can do it. Please, tell your friends to vote, vote yourself, and vote yes on 15-75.

Peter Gibb

Anger for an idle government

To Senator Gordon Smith, Senator Ron Wyden, Representative Greg Walden and Representative Peter DeFazio:

Laws broken! Violation of civil liberties! The Patriot Act! What a misnomer!

Fire Gonzales!

Fire Mueller!

If Libby is guilty, so is Cheney!

"Support our troops" but don't give them decent medical aid!

Investigate the dismissal of the U.S. attorneys.

When is Congress going to stand up and take action? Why aren't you outraged? Where is a leader? When are you going to represent me?

Give me back my country!

If Peter Pace, as the Pentagon's top general, is indicative of the ethics of our top officers, what must the morals and standards of his underlings be like?

I love my country, but fear my government.

We are waiting and watching.

Mrs. M. Stober

Mt. Ashland is no 'monolith'

It's interesting that the Sierra Club's Tom Dimitre (Letters, March 16) is now saying the delay in Mt. Ashland's ski expansion is due to the fact that the Mt. Ashland Association doesn't yet have all the needed permits.

Some of us who favor expansion are also a bit impatient with the lack of progress on getting the nuts and bolts in order. But we realize that the association is a bunch of volunteers who have day jobs and permitting is a complex process.

After all, MAA doesn't have the resources of a national organization like the Sierra Club, with its $100 million budget. Not coincidentally, MAA board members have had their hands full fighting that huge organization's legal muscle.

Opponents of the expansion have &

until now &

tried to tar Mt. Ashland Association as a huge faceless business running roughshod over the community. Now Mr. Dimitre is turning around and saying MAA isn't so monolithic after all.

He's probably right, finally.

Non-profit organizations, like our democratic institutions, aren't nearly as efficient as a lean dictatorship. They're messy and slow.

Still, in the long run, we're all probably better off with the inefficiencies of democracy, and those of our local non-profit. MAA may not have the regional coordinators and national reach of the Sierra Club or a big corporation, but they care about our mountain and our kids.

I'll take that combination any day.

See you on the mountain.

Allen Baker


Ashlanders for Mount Ashland

Patty Perrin is leaving

For 17 years, Ashland has been a magic town for me, but now it is time for Al and I to move nearer our children in California. I feel a real loss at the idea of leaving, but it must be done.

My thanks to all of you for making me feel that I belonged and for all the good years I have enjoyed here.

Patty Perrin