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Letters to the Editor

Removal of bricks a waste of funds

During 12 years in Ashland, I have observed the machinations of Philip Lang, the self-appointed Pain In The Butt of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

At one time, a member's meeting was held, mostly to approve the election of new board members. This was followed by Libby Appel's presentation of the next year's program. The meeting was a formality, and that was all anybody expected except for Mr. Lang who was always present-to-present some cockamamie criticism of OSF.

Now apparently, Mr. Lang has scored big and bullied the city council into ordering the Festival to remove the bricks at a cost of half a million dollars. Since the bricks were installed, about 35 years ago, the Festival has attracted somewhere around 12 million customers. Unless they attended only the Black Swan or the New Theatre, every one of those folks made multiple trips across the bricks &

let's say that comes to 25 or 30 million trips. How many people have fallen? How many people have been injured? How many people have sued anybody? No statistics have been given.

I'm not saying the bricks are perfect, but given the contours of the courtyard no surface is going to be perfectly safe. 30 million people walking across their living rooms will probably result in several falls and injuries. I sure believe OSF has more creative ways to spend a half million.

Walt Marsh


Ashland Schools Foundation assists

Thank you to the Ashland Community for supporting our Ashland Public Schools. Shortly, the Ashland Schools Foundation will be kicking off their campaign to once again ask for your donations and Helman Elementary School would like to share some of the ways that your contribution directly effects our children. This year ASF funded the following:

Our reading specialist, Nancy Daniels

Artist in Residence Program: Mime and Theatre

New Literature books through the "Buy In For Books" Program

Art in Silks

Shade House Nursery

Friday Explorations with Clay

Sid Fleischman Author Visit

In a time when many school districts have had to make drastic cuts in their visual and performing arts programs, the Ashland community has continued to value the Arts as well as the general education program by contributing to the Ashland Schools Foundation. On behalf of Helman School, we say a huge thank you to all who contribute to the Foundation and urge your continued support.

Susan Hollandsworth


Helman Elementary School

Stolen statues a sign of the times

Many Ashlanders have enjoyed looking at the terracotta warriors at the corner of Granite St. and Nutley Way. Our daughter brought them from China, and of course they are copies. The 8-foot statues have been proudly displayed in their yard, and we were pleased that many people stopped by to admire them.

About three weeks ago the heads of three of the warriors were removed and taken away. The theft was reported immediately to the police, but they as yet have not been found. Now the statues are covered with black plastic bags until the heads are hopefully returned! It is hard to imagine anyone would destroy such marvelous creations.

We know, of course, that the statue of Abraham Lincoln had the head removed twice, and the huge American flags &

one in Medford and one in Ashland have recently disappeared also. We hope the criminals are caught.

If any readers have seen the stolen heads, please notify the Ashland police. It's sad to realize that there is individuals in Ashland or nearby who like to destroy or steal cherished art works.

Dick and Mary Mastain