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Letters to the editor

In defense of online comments

I was recently invited to write to you to demand that you stop the "hate speech" that has been directed against Pete Seda in the comments section on your Web site. While I'm one of those people who tend to believe that Seda is probably innocent and an advocate for peace, I'm sorry that some of Seda's supporters are taking this approach against you.

I am also personally sorry to read that some are calling you a racist because of what you have allowed to be posted. I think you have found yourself in a difficult position between two sides, each of which are upset about the violence and who disagree about who is responsible for it.

I've read that some believe you may have broken some law by allowing the posts that you did. I sure hope the loss of free speech hasn't gone that far. But even more than that, I appreciate that you have allowed those posts because it gave me an opportunity to respond to them.

I think if we can learn how to dialogue peacefully, and hopefully respectfully, that will do much more to heal our community than shutting out those who are angry or "full of hate."

Eli Dumitru

Reversal of forethought

On Nov. 28, 2007 the County Board of Commissioners voted 2-1 to follow the recommendation of the County Planning Commission that parcels on lands with so called "poor soils" be a minimum of 20 acres. This vote was welcomed by many, including the city leaders of Ashland, Talent, and Medford who objected to the 10-acre minimums passed on Aug. 2, 2006 against the Planning Commission's recommendation.

The decision to cut in half the Planning Commission's 20-acre recommendation at that August meeting was considered to be a threat to agriculture, and it resulted in an appeal by the City of Ashland which then resulted in the ordinance being remanded back to the County by the Land Use Board of Appeals and the State Court of Appeals for further hearings.

After the remand, Commissioner Dennis C.W. Smith met with community members and growers and decided to be more cautious. The reversal of his vote in favor of 20-acre minimums is important for three reasons.

It increased the probabilities that the expanding grape growing industry can flourish in Jackson County.

It will result in a greater assurance that existing rural property owners will have enough water.

And it will lessen the fiscal burden of all County taxpayers because sprawl costs more to administer and service than compact development.

Jackson County residents are lucky that Smith is proving to be cautious regarding land use. Unfortunately, Commissioner Jack Walker continues to display no such caution.

Brent Thompson


Friends of Jackson County


For the people, not corporations

Network media is corporate media owned by huge conglomerates. The press is also the voice of corporate opinion. Why? Because corporate ownership of public opinion has been sanctioned by our government for decades. When will the government of the people, by the people and for the people finally represent the good of the people and not corporate agenda? Please honor your oath of office and uphold freedom of speech.

Patricia Browning

Paul Huckabeeis the man

I read Chris Honor&

233;'s column, "The Huckabee factor," (Daily Tidings, Dec. 10). There exists only one Republican presidential candidate I'll vote for and support in the Nov. 2008 general election, Congressman Ron Paul. An entire video on Paul can be viewed online via The John Birch Society ().

So what about Mike Huckabee?

Perhaps Chuck Baldwin's commentary, "More Reasons To Be Aware Of Mike Huckabee" (Nov. 27) gives insight. This can be accessed at under "Chuck's Archived Columns."

Civic-minded Christians, gun owners, pro-lifers etc., should be suspicious of the Republican Party and how they have duped voters. The Constitution Party () is certainly an honest third party alternative to consider.

James A. Farmer