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Writers Guild reaches settlement with 4 New York film companies

NEW YORK — Striking writers have reached interim contract agreements with four New York-based independent filmmakers, ending their 12-week walkout, the two sides said Sunday in a joint announcement.

The settlement appeared to be another step toward ending the national work stoppage by the Writers Guild of America that has brought film and television production on both coasts to a virtual standstill.

The announcement did not offer details of the agreements but said they were "similar" to agreements reached earlier between the WGA and 13 other film and TV production companies.

The latest agreements with the Writers Guild's east and west units enables the four indie producers, GreeneStreet Films, Killer Films, Open City Films and This is that corporation to "resume business immediately," the statement said.

WGA East president Michael Winship called the pacts "a reaffirmation of their dedication to great writing, bold innovation and good old-fashioned, New York City street smarts" by companies that he said had helped to revitalize the motion picture industry.

Jason Kliot and Joana Vicente, speaking for GreeneStreet, Open City and Killer films, credited the union with "thoughtfulness during the discussions." This is that co-founders Ted Hope and Anne Carey said the united action by the companies to settle "clarifies our support for and solidarity with the WGA's position."

The announcement follows weekend reports in Los Angeles of a possible breakthrough in union talks with Hollywood studios.