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Letters to the editor

Anti-gun agenda is class warfare

Counter rebutting Scott Dixon's anti-gun commentary (see Dec. 19 Tidings "A gun tax would reduce the number of firearms and deaths") isn't difficult. The distorted myths blaming firearms for huge economic losses, medical costs, homicides, suicides and considerably more evil has already been debunked by Jews For The Preservation of Firearms Ownership, Inc. (www.jpfo.org). JPFO, Inc. isn't affiliated with the National Rifle Association. Any free-thinking honest reader can access, research, and study JPFO's articles and learn quickly the socialist/collectivist anti-gun agenda is not only people control, but likewise class warfare of a political elite against honest working-class Americans, many of whom are innocent gun owners!

Perhaps Jeffrey R. Snyder's "A Nation of Cowards" (Public Interest Quarterly: Fall 1993) via "The Tyranny of The Elite" says it best: "Gun control is a moral crusade" (actually a self-righteous nanny state crusade) against a so-called "benighted, barbaric citizenry." Thus defined as "class warfare!" The National Review for April 17, 2000 likewise exposes the bogus fabricated propaganda of anti-gun civilian disarmament and victimization and correctly labels it as "The Low, Dishonest Campaign Against Firearms." Including the attack on innocent honest gun owners!

Front page of this same April 2000 National Review depicts a Smith and Wesson Model 15 (K-Frame) .38 Special Combat Masterpiece revolver. A .38-caliber revolver or other handgun provides cheap, economical and affordable "life insurance/homeland security" protection to honest peaceful autonomous citizens who are producers and who rightly "mind their own business." The anti-gunners need to heed the latter! Most people can't afford armed bodyguards 24/7 like the anti-gun crooks and socialists who control the metro jungles, state houses, judiciary and Washington, D.C. via gangster mob-like corruption! I'll keep my guns, dignity and freedom. I refuse to sell my birthright to totalitarian socialism!

James A. Farmer