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Alba Village dirt turns; Northgate starts in '10

What is happening with the Northgate property? Is there a halt on that project? And what about the other project adjacent to Northgate (the name escapes me)? It would be nice to have other shopping choices.

— Cindy J., Medford

Northgate and the adjacent Alba Village have been planned for six years, and their developers say the project still is in the making.

The name you're thinking of is Alba Village, and that's actually the shopping section of the development planned for the former Medco timber mill at the junction of highways 62 and 238. Alba Village, a 418,000-square-foot retail center with at least 50 storefronts, is scheduled to open in late 2009 or early 2010, said developer Steve Morgan.

Northgate, a 220,000-square-foot office park and 180,000-square-foot business park, likely will go into construction in early to mid 2010.

Zoning and transportation issues, along with the faltering economy, played a role in delaying the project, the developers said.