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Not all housing sales appear in MT's real estate charts

I receive a sales list for homes in Jackson County. In this list are sales from owners to banks at the end of foreclosures. Does last Saturday's Mail Tribune article and sales list include those sales?

— Sean M., Central Point

You must be referring to those extensive charts we run every month from the Southern Oregon Multiple Listing Service, Sean.

The charts give median prices and how they've changed, days on the market, number of homes sold and other details by city and county. The charts that ran Saturday compared all of 2008 to all of 2007.

While sales figures compiled by the SOMLS account for all but a few of the property transactions in Jackson County, there are indeed deals not reflected in the local or any other multiple listing service reports.

Although many houses returned to lenders go through the SOMLS process, not all of them do.

Steve Blanton, the chief executive at SOMLS, says there are three kinds of transactions that can escape entry into the charts: for-sale-by-owner property, deed in lieu of foreclosure returns to lender, and interfamily transfers from one generation to another.

"I wouldn't hazard a guess as to the percentage," Blanton says. "But my guess is that it's not a huge number."

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