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Inner Peace: Global service — different approaches

Many of us do whatever we can on the human plane, in the name of "service" and/or to effect "peace." One avenue below utilized a crystal, but could have been accomplished without it. The other avenue used a form of meditation.

Using the ocean

The intent of this trip was to experiment with using the ocean as an antennae for the global pink-light energy work I had been doing (for details, see lprww.org). My late wife's guides had introduced this concept many years ago and I was doing this trip on an "inner prompting."

  • Nov 26, 2008 in Bandon — I used a "Lemurian" crystal and palm chakras from the balcony of the ocean view suite, using the ocean as a conduit and projecting pink energy to reach all coastal areas around the globe, along with an indefinable distance inland. I experienced quite a bit of body jerking and shaking with the energy flow. Whether this physical reaction is "necessary" or not is hard to tell, but it can be a method of "clearing" or my own method of telling myself that "something" is happening.
  • Thanksgiving morning: There was a repeat of the previous evening. In the early afternoon, I walked out to a sand dune above the beach, itself. In a deeper meditative state while using the crystal and being "directed" which way to point it, I could "see" the energized pink energy going up each coastal area all over the Earth. Then, using the Kennelly-Heavyside Layer (OK, so it's not supposed to work with these frequencies, but it did), I then "saw" this same energy "bouncing" over all continents and reaching the interiors, far inland from the coastal areas reached previously. Throughout, my physical reactions to the energy flow was more pronounced than the previous evening or this morning. I was startled when I thought someone had touched me, but found it was simply my camera bag slipping. That evening, I again used the crystal and palm chakras from the suite balcony. Worked both the ocean and Heavyside Layer with similar physical reactions.

Next morning, before leaving, I repeated the "balcony scene," but with the crystal only. Still had physical reactions, but a bit more "tame."

Interestingly, I tried the same thing in Brookings that evening and the next morning, where I had a room right on the beach, within 50 feet of the surf, but there was very little energy flow. It was simply "not there." I had no idea, then or now, as to why.

Tunneling in

Sept. 19, 2009 — After having been "directed" and working with white light, followed by effervescent pink light, on the mass consciousness around Earth for a couple months (this took the appearance of clearing out "tunnels"), I found myself in meditation, observing another "tunnel" leading off to my right and descending. As I went deeper, the "medium" to which I was applying the white light became extremely dense, of a consistency almost like a thick oil spill. This descending tunnel came to a "T" so I started off to my right, "received" a correction, then turned around to take the other branch.

I soon came to what I sensed was a large room or cavern, which was confirmed when the white light began clearing the "gunk" from it. Although I hadn't expected it, I also immediately experienced a whole-body confirmation of protection (kind of a tingling sensation all over). After the cavern was cleared, I then "coated' the room walls with the pink light. I then started to follow through to address an assumed entrance on the other side of the cavern, but "received" the information that this was enough for now, so turned around and left the cavern.

Getting a "message" to re-check the large cavern, I found it was again filling with "gunk" from the entrance on the other side. However, when I then used the white light to re-clear it, I found that the "gunk" couldn't adhere to the cavern walls as it had originally!

Very interesting!

A retiree from the Air Force and aerospace engineering, Don's main Web site is www.lprww.us. He supports the local Veterans for Peace chapter (www.rv-vfp156.org). His e-mail is donchapin38@yahoo.com.

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