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The Wine Whisperer: The wine quiz

Okay, it's time for the six-month wine quiz! If you've been reading the column from time to time, you should do well. Please do your own work, no looking on other's papers! (Answers are at the end of the column.) Here we go:

1) If you were to look at the great growing regions for Pinot Noir, which of the two would be the best?

A. Burgundy and the Willamette Valley, Ore.

B. Bordeaux and Alsace, France

C. Around White City, Ore., near the "Big R" and Astoria, Ore., about five miles west

2) What is about optimal for vineyard yield in wine grapes?

A. From three to four tons per acre

B. Depends on many circumstances including snow

C. 15 tons per acre including rosé wines

D. There is no optimum ton ratio per acre

3) What does pruning a grape vine accomplish?

A. Among other things, vine health

B. Deeper color in the foliage, which promotes iron and copper

C. White wine production, especially in the summer

D. Sparkle and freshness in sparkling wines

4) Who are the two (statewide) acknowledged Southern Oregon "superstars" at RoxyAnn winery in Medford?

A. Ned and Brenda

B. Willie and Sam

C. Waldo and Christie M.

D. Forrest and Whittiker

5) What does it mean when a wine is "dry"?

A. The wine displays little or no sugar

B. The wine is, in fact, wet

C. That the wine is really very fruity

D. The wine cannot be aged well

6) If you were to buy a red French wine from Bordeaux, what grape types might there be in the wine?

A. Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot

B. Syrah and Pinot Noir

C. Tempranillo and Sangiovese

D. Petite Sirah and Syrah

7) Semillon can be either

A. Sweet or dry

B. Only dry

C. Only sweet

D. Mostly is used for the production of sparkling wine

8) Joe DiMaggio, the great Yankee, only drank

A. Rarely

B. Italian red wine with pasta

C. Beer

D. Bordeaux wines

9) What does it mean when a wine is "flat"?

A. That the wine has no sparkle

B. That the wine lacks sugar

C. That the wine is in a flask-shaped bottle

D. That there is no market for the wine in foreign markets

10) What kind of wine was "Blue Nun?"

A. A marginal German import

B. A wine made by nuns from Germany with blue habits

C. It was a wine used only for sacramental purposes

D. This is a wine used at state occasions in Silesia

11) If you were to by a rosé wine from Spain, it would normally be

A. Dry

B. Sweet and fruity

C. Semi sparkling

D. Really very red, not rosé

12) In a case of 12 wines, how many servings could one expect?

A. About 84 glasses, more or less

B. 200 glasses, pretty consistently

C. 40 glasses

D. Depends if my brother in law is there or not!

13) In the old days, one who drank too much wine was called

A. A tippler

B. A mouch

C. A cartizone

D. A fabioke

14) What is a Sauterne?

A. A lovely French dessert wine from Bordeaux

B. A cooking wine

C. A screw cap wine drunk by winos

D. A very well known white Burgundy

Answers: For all questions, the correct response is "A."