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Letter At Length

Ashland Carshare needs help to survive

We'd like to thank the Daily Tidings for the recent article on Ashland Carshare's current financial concerns. We'd also like to thank the community and acknowledge the outpouring of praise, encouragement and support we have experienced since the article ran.

It looks like we were successful in acquiring a fiscal sponsor to assist us with processing tax-deductible donations until our nonprofit status is resolved. Thank you to Bread for the Journey for coming forward.

We do, however, still seek someone with sufficient tax liability that would be willing to be a pass-through for a state credit known as the Business Energy Tax Credit. This would require someone with a tax liability of at least $10,000 who would utilize the credit on his or her returns, and pass on the amount of the credit (as opposed to paying it to the state) to Ashland Carshare, a fairly common practice under state regulations for energy tax credits.

We will continue to accept donations at www.supportashlandcarshare.chipin.com/ashlandcarshare as we work to get through this precarious time. Anyone able to contribute more than $100 can contact us directly in order to process the contribution as tax-deductible.

We are discussing several possible courses of action to both secure the immediate necessary funding and to ensure the organization's long-term success.

We would also like to reiterate that we are doing everything we can do keep the service operating.

It was decided as soon as this issue came up that we want to be as transparent as possible and make everyone aware of where things stand. As an all volunteer organization, it can sometimes be difficult to keep the wheels turning. We do hope to be able to hire a staff person once we can secure the energy tax credit this summer.

Becky Brown, our interim, unpaid executive director, has poured her heart and soul into Ashland Carshare, and it would be a shame for Ashland to lose this wonderful service.

Ashland Carshare

board of directors:

Holly Christiansen

Pam Lott

Michael Sheats

James Dills

Darren Campbell

Kat Smith

Director: Becky Brown