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This new day

It has come to me that each new day can be like grazing with the meandering deer, who nibble a bite off each tree they pass. A clearing in the woods gives them the best foraging.

Each day that arises and seems empty is actually pregnant, expecting, and will provide for us.

"I will lead you by a way you have not known."

I'm discovering that when I learn to relax in the Center and behold what unfolds, I get busier than ever before, with no need to worry at it or judge it.

What's been going on today? Picked strawberries in the community garden and plums along the waysides, savored a fat slice of homemade banana bread, then read an e-mail from Sally asking for this fresh essay.

Just now while writing, I received a call from a businessman whose company, thanks to prayer, is out of debt for the first time since the recession hit. He asked what path should he be embarking on now; what would advance his soul as directly as possible? One thing we realized was, the road bends — watch for the signs, don't run ahead of the pointers we're given. Live at the Center. So here's a message in a bottle, bobbing up this new day.

Called a friend yesterday. He exclaimed how we'd passed through two sieves of his lengthy activities to find the exact free moment to connect in love and help. You can see, when we appreciate these synchronies, we're acknowledging that a power beyond human hands is shaping things. Such bravura feats win our attention. Next we can realize that every detail of the day, each particular and repeated raisin in the banana bread, holds hands in the patternings.

Wrote in my journal earlier this week: "Good and bad, not in and of themselves, have their place. And when we spiritually find everything in its place, the 'bad' can be reinterpreted or seen through to its ending."

One footbridge or another — is this branch virtuous and that one evil? Somehow a difficult crisis is secretly equal to the happy wanderings today, as they both can help on our journeys. Journey: the course of the day. No matter what the picture, all is perfect within it. The down days, the difficulties, have just as much of a place and helpful meaning.

Sometimes in a desperate world, I'm rushing back and forth between conditioned responses, furious fears and grand desires. Yet, if a door opens out for the inner splendor to emerge, I can rest and immediately feel the peaceful presence that is always here in the first place, the very source of our life.

This resting in the spirit is the essential start that makes a bedrock for any adventure that is to be our ongoing this day. It isn't the outer scheduled events; it's this inner communion that draws to itself the meaning and mission of our life. Consider the lilies, how they grow. God knoweth our need before we do, so let us simplify; let us too hold hands in contact and dance in time.

We are born to return to the knowledge of the One. So this will happen when we devote ourselves to it, when we use our discernment to see the means at hand which will help us to honestly stop, and surrender, and turn.

We learn to love and forgive ourselves as we love and forgive the ever-widening self we are. When we reach out a little, we fall into a loving embrace. Oceanic Being is this moment now waving, on the other side of the seawall. The tide pours through, it melts the dam. I cannot catch the fish I am.

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