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Balance and centering

Our earth moved to near perfect balance, or equinox, of 12 hours of daylight and darkness at 9:04 a.m. on Sept. 23. Essentially, this means that the earth's axis was neither pointing away from nor toward the sunlight.

This event can be viewed metaphysically. We all are seeking to be in that oneness, or the light, each and every moment. We seek to be in balance but often find ourselves halfway to the light (consciousness) and halfway to darkness (ego, fear or unconsciousness).

A helpful analogy is a pendulum. This always-present pendulum swings in our daily lives and points to one side (the light-sun), and then a full swing back to (darkness-ego or repetitive thought). Of course, we seek or search to be in the light, but find ourselves too often snared, snagged or sucked down or controlled by this darkness of ego, fear or unconsciousness.

The million-dollar question is, and has always been, how is it possible to be in this balance, or center, and stay in it? To stay in this balance or perfect center, equal distance from the light-love and darkness (ego or unconsciousness), is what the course of miracles calls the holy instant. This holy instant is always present in this center of the dualistic pendulum swings.

It is the extreme swings of any dis-ease, whether that is physical illness, dysfunctional relationships or appearing lack of abundance that makes this balance or center very evident. For example, too much or too little exercise, or being too possessive or not caring enough in relationships, or being overly identified with material possessions results in vibrant health, true relationships and true prosperity becoming crystal clear.

In actuality, the true center is when one lets go of all identifications with any forms (extreme swings) of the pendulum.

In summary, the equinox, or the perfect balance between light (consciousness) and darkness (ego, fear or unconsciousness), is a powerful metaphysical pointer to this always present vibrant health, abundance and true relationships.

For example, vibrant health is a balance where there is neither an overidentification or preoccupation with the body or the other extreme of no exercise of the body. The lesson here is balance or to be reasonable. The key is to make a commitment or promise to yourself that you are going to move or exert your body in a fun and very attentive relaxed way. To get the body into a habit of moving, which, by the way, is its innate nature. Be consistent and do your exercises each and every day. Remember, those aches and pains and illnesses that pop up are gentle reminders or pointers to this innate vibrant health.

Likewise, one is always being in abundance each and every moment. You limit yourself by becoming preoccupied with how much money you have or do not have. Remember, if you focus or identify with these extremes of either opulence or lack, you will be unhappy thinking that you always need more material possessions.

And when and where are true relationships? Again, when you find yourself and your loved one or partner in the pendulum extreme of constant ping-pong egoistic confrontations, the most fundamental solution is to become very attentive. As you practice this focused watchfulness you will begin to catch yourself reacting to your partner's ego. At first, you will retrospectively (after you react) discover that you had reacted. It might be days at first, and then you will become aware only hours after your ego reaction. Be patient, and stay with this practice; because you will get to the point of being so alert that you will both catch yourself before you react.

Jim Hawes is a retired teacher who has just published "Ageless Child." It is available on Amazon.com under mind, body and spirit or Balboa Press, a Division of Hay House, 1663 Liberty Drive, Bloomington, IN 47403

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