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Letters to the Editor

Ski permit agreement not in public interest

The City Council has written, read and spoken the phrase "in the public interest" regarding decisions affecting the watershed of the city of Ashland. I cannot see how the "agreement" between the city of Ashland and the Mt. Ashland Association is actually in the interest of water-drinking citizens.

Public interest is a common concern among citizens in the management and affairs of local, state and national government. It does not mean mere curiosity, but is a broad term that refers to the body politic and the public weal.

A public utility is regulated in the public interest because private individuals rely on such a company for vital services. According to Webster's New World Dictionary, "the people's general welfare and well being; something in which the populace as a whole has a stake."

Simply, my concern is that the majority of the MAA build-out is on soil that is landslide-sensitive. This new information is not being looked at. A watershed, by its nature, should be governed by precautionary principles due to its necessity for life. All life. And nothing proposed to be done in a watershed should ever be considered in a cavalier fashion.

The wolves are in the henhouse — at home and abroad.

Suzia Aufderheide


Leash laws are there for a reason

Would the woman who owns the unleashed, white, 70-plus-pound, bandana-clad, mixed-breed dog that badly mauled a large fawn in my backyard last Thursday please contact Jamie at the Ashland Police Department? He would like to talk to you.

I know you said you were sorry, that the dog had "never run away before," and that the dog had "never interacted with deer" before, but I was the one who had to respond to the anguished cries of the fawn being attacked, and who was fortunate to be able to "convince" a very reluctant blood-red-muzzled dog to leave his intended victim. I am the one who observed the mother of the fawn helplessly watching from a safe distance the eventual killing of one of her young twins. I am the one who had to wait for more than two hours for the busy Ashland police to come and "dispatch" the bleeding, fatally injured fawn.

For all of you who own dogs, please remember that failure to observe the dog leash laws can have serious and lasting consequences. It is not an experience that I will cherish. At least my younger grandchildren were not present to have to share that experience.

Ron Bailey


Merrill Potato Festival recalls rural America

The 74th annual Merrill Potato Festival kicks off this coming Saturday, Oct. 15. A community parade through downtown Merrill along Front Street is scheduled for 11 a.m. Following the parade, a free lunch is served by the Merrill Lions Club: baked potato, barbecue beef on a bun, usually coleslaw, and coffee or milk.

Despite the 2001 Klamath Basin water crisis a decade ago, potato or spud growing in the Klamath Basin alone generated sales of $23.5 million for Klamath County in 2008. This despite the past water crisis forcing many potato growers in Merrill, Malin and Tulelake to plant in Poe Valley and Dairy (rural communities east of Klamath Falls).

"The Klamath Basin Potato Festival" in the Oct. 5, 2009, Daily Tidings written by myself, remains archived at www.dailytidings.com. On a related topic, another recent letter of mine, titled "Letter deserves commendation" in last Thursday's Klamath Falls Herald and News, addresses an almost bygone rural America. I'm sure many lament the diminishing of rural America.

James Farmer