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Search of shadow

Our experience of life says, "Inner peace is a mirage or philosophical jargon." Most of us agree and make it a point to use it as just one more subject to discuss in social circles — to have a spiritual discussion or to impress a few novices and to give the impression that one has some solid points and has done some serious home-work. But there is a difference between speaking from one's own experience and speaking without it.

In reality, one should not utter such blasphemy to anyone. If it is not one's own experience and one has not tasted it to avoid a mockery of esoteric ego, it is a kind of subtle terrorism of soul.

Are you happy with whatever situations you are in, without an iota of complaint to Creator, Christ or this Krishna? Are you enjoying whatever work you are doing as a worker, shopkeeper, businessman or professional? Are you judgmental about different levels — higher or lower — and categories of work? If it is giving you unhappiness, jealousy, anger or any such negative emotions, these are the unknown seeds of many physical, psychological and mental diseases, as they drain you and rob you of your immune power and places you in the path of unpleasant and unsavory ailments.

Now we know why our life seems always empty, lacking something and drowns us in a sorrowful state, as if we just missed the train to our dream holidays or heaven. The reality is that we really have missed the art of living in the present moment and have forgotten the art to celebrate this very life in this very moment, here and now.

The physical body is always in the here and now, so learn to be with it to start on this inner journey. Our mind is never — or hardly ever — in the present moment, so learn to have distance from it, unless you are in the marketplace. The mind is like a baby monkey, jumping always to new branches, avenues or vistas. So check: where is your pet baby monkey? You will be surprised to find that either it is rolling in the ashes of your past memories or galloping in your future dreams. Why are we in a habit of carrying this garbage or dead luggage all the time? This is our misery and sorry state and we carry this unconsciously, always. It is the key to our success to open the treasure door of destruction, disease and difficult distasteful life ahead. This situation is common to most of us, as we did not have a chance to learn how to live in inner silence, inner peace, inner joy and inner celebration.

These were not the subjects of any teaching in school, society, spiritual sermons or university curriculum. It was not taught by our parents, politicians or priests. If we are so lucky, we get some remote chance to be introduced to it accidently by some wise fellow who is living and experiencing it all the time in this very ordinary life. Nothing is an accident. When one is ready with a real inner thirst for such an experience, one will have such a being at the door.

It is said, "If one is ready to be a true student of spirituality, a master will knock at your heart-door, never at head-door." So be attentive and aware of such a knock, which everyone has many times in life.

Give 30 to 60 minutes daily to yourself. Sit in silence, accepting any surrounding sounds or pulsations around you and just pay attention to your inner world, train of thoughts, emotions and sensations as if you are watching a free direct divine TV show. It will surely lead you one day — if you are not impatient — to your true self, and inner peace is the shadow of knowing Self/God.

Gokul Gokani has been and Ashland resident since 1999. He is a reiki master, teacher, ayurveda counselor, spiritual healer and a specialist in ear, nose and throat surgery. Email dr_gokani@hotmail.com