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Journey from here to here

The most difficult journey is from here to here, as it requires you to be absolutely still and in total silence. It only happens if you are aware and interested in finding out how to meditate without being a part of any particular religion or group In short, be brave enough to travel on an uncharted path. It may require a lot of patience, practice and perseverance to reach your inner paradise and it requires a perfect paradigm shift. For some overly conditioned people, it can be difficult to take the step on this path of real spiritual search. It is a search of absolute truth and nothing but truth.

If you have done the search of this path earlier in this life or even before, then it will be lot easier — like a cakewalk. Otherwise, it takes time according to the one's thirst for a real spiritual journey and one's own authentic intelligence and indefinite inner peace with total action in inaction.

I remember a story: There are three types of horses, like men. The first type will need a slight to hard touch of the whip to the body to run fast. The second type will run fast with only the sound of the whip. The third type will get the message with the shadow of the whip only.

In the same way, one can get the result of this spiritual journey according to one's type and karma — if not during this life, than anytime in innumerable lives in eternity. There's no hurry — slow and steady wins the race. But I am speaking here about the third type of man, who completes the job in this life. Why not have your cake and eat it too, and then have it to taste forever?

So if you are in that third category, then read further. Otherwise, just read from all literature or scriptures how to make a good pie or cake or continue running around from here to there.

When we become aware, we realize our stupidity and we drop out from the competition. Then we come to know the real art of inner peaceful retreat which is found by stopping the search, the running and traveling to a hypothetical goal. So my beloved friend, just take a deep breath and rest a while and with open heart. Look around with your unopened third eye of wisdom and have a sincere, silent look with questions in mind: What am I searching? Why am I searching? Where did I lose it in the first place and how did I come to the conclusion that I have lost it?

For the answer, here is a story from the life of enlightened woman Al-Rabiya: One dark night she was searching for something in the lighted street. She was very old, so neighbors also started searching, just to help her as good Samaritans. After a little while, someone with common sense asked her where she lost the item and what it looks like. She coolly replied that she lost it in her nearby dilapidated hut while stitching her torn dress and it is her sewing needle. That man asked her, "Are you mad to search for it in the street, when you lost it in your hut? We all are fools to join you in search without even knowing these facts." She replied, "My friend, don't get angry at me, but I have a reason for that, as I don't have any light in the hut and there is light here in the street!"

So, in requesting that we direct the light of awareness within, we see there is no need to travel elsewhere, but from here to here.

Gokul R. Gokani lives in Ashland and is a reiki master, ayurveda counselor, healer and spiritual counselor. Email dr_gokani@hotmail.com. Register for a free meditation class starting in November at 541-488-0575.

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