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Love is a part of our very DNA

Can you imagine a world without love?

"Love cannot be far behind a grateful heart and thankful mind," says the spiritual psychological book "A Course In Miracles." When we are grateful, we are in love. When we are appreciative, we hold love in our mind.

When we look deeply at anyone or anything with thankfulness, we are in love.

When we hold the concept of love in our mind, many doctors and scientists tell us our cells respond.

In his book "Ageless Body, Timeless Mind," Dr. Deepak Chopra says that beneath even the most ridged conditioning there is an awareness that accepts the words "I am love."

The reason we can love and be loved is that in the deepest layers of our consciousness, there is a knowing that this love is where our deepest values are known and where truth is.

Love is part of our essential human nature. Chopra goes on to say that such words as beauty, compassion, trust, strength and truth would be meaningless unless we understood the concept "I am love" that lies beneath them.

We do not need to be taught how to exist because being comes naturally.

The you, the spirit that comes from love, knows intuitively and does not need lessons in how to love or what to love or why.

This being comes naturally with the nervous system and awareness. Love is considered the most basic emotion that human awareness can feel. Knowledge from primordial feelings in the beginning made us respond to love, trust and compassion. Love is in our DNA and genetic code and what we seek in life.

As we grow up, we learn the game of social behavior. We forget we are love. We are trained from our earliest years to be nice, polite and engage in the game of social behavior.

We go along and play the game of pretending to be nice because society (parents) expects it, and we want to be liked. We have to be domesticated and go through this learning process, it seems. We play the nice-girl or nice-boy roles expected of us. But finally after all this socialization, we come to the point where we want to find out just who or what we are. Are we the roles we play or is there an authentic self to be found?

When we begin the search for truth and look inward for the higher self, we uncover the "me" that knows "I am love." As we seek to remove the blocks that hide love from our consciousness, we discover what we really are. We start to live from a level of being that remembers "I am love." We are no longer confused about whether we are lovable, trusting or valuable, because we know we are.

Doubts may come and go, but we still know our reality. We no longer have to search for love, knowing that it is what we are. We love because we can do nothing else but be the authentic self: love, compassion and beauty radiating from our true nature. I am love and it does not matter what I look like or how much money or education I have. I am love, whether I am homeless or a zillionaire. I am love, whether I am a prisoner or the warden. I am love, but I do not cling to anyone or anything, not even myself.

Love is freedom, the freedom to choose my path and to love others as they choose theirs. From "A Course in Miracles": "Love which created me is what I am. In peace was I created and in peace do I remain. Now I ask but to be what I am. And can this be denied me when it is forever true?"

Be thankful for the love that we all have within.

Ashland resident Sally McKirgan facilitates "A Course In Miracles" study group and the Inner Peace column for the Tidings. Please note the e-mail address for inner peace column has changed. Send 600- to 700-word Inner Peace articles to mckirgan1239@msn.com.