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Letter at Length

Join the angel; sign lighting petition

If you want to see a real life angel, introduce your children and help them to be part of the good works of signing the petition for a lighted bike path. The opportunity is presented by Brittany Hermer (angel) and friends (angel's helpers) who offer one petition at Shop'n Kart and around town.

Show your children that although unspeakable evil exists in the world, we can do something promising and positive about it. The children who will someday use the bike path themselves can make a donation at Umpqua Bank.

Those who are against the lighting can be appeased in some way. This is not a time to grumble, blame, or curse the darkness. Those who refuse to pay out for the greater public good by lighting public places and keeping library doors open have a holiday opportunity.

There is plenty of money to light up all downtown to make a commercial buck, but we can't afford to keep our children safe by lighting a public walkway near schools. What's up with us?

A humble thank you to the Grubbs family for allowing the town to join in their grief. The spirit at Shop'n Kart where David Grubbs worked has become a shot of the real Christmas. The Holy Spirit isn't a "thing" there, it's alive.

These are sacred things we are dealing with here. Christmas is a time of our deepest fears and highest hopes. Somewhere in our primal soul we are terrified that light will not return to life. By lighting the bike path we literally light one small step of our way back to the stars.

And if Fox News shows up, we should run them out of town and circle the Grubbs with protection. When information is known that can help others it will be available. And let's not blame the police department for our own responsibility.

We all allow darkness in our community and culture. We created a victim and victimizer world. It's what life becomes when we don't care or share even in Perfectland. The darkest day teaches that we have to do more for others or suffer the big darkness inside.

But miracles do happen and the best ones are those in which humans participate. We are reminded that there is nothing more important than our children and everyone else's children too. We can show them that Christmas is keeping the light going through any darkness no matter what.

As with all deaths of our best and brightest, we cannot not do without our local heroes. Sometimes the worst in us wins out over the best that's all. So we struggle to find the best again. Our loss also teaches us that creating light is for the sake of light alone.

God, Life, the Universe, whatever you want to call The Big Mystery, has anointed the humans with enough to eat — with choice. Then we go and blame God with "How could God allow this to happen?" God doesn't create war, famine, a holocaust on humans or animals, the 1 percent rich, the money, climate change, injustice, environmental ruin, torture, political terror and murder — we do.

So let's light the bike path as it should always have been lighted for the safety of everyone at every hour. Let's build a memorial the Grubbs family chooses. It will smile at all who pass by every day and night of the year. Everyone can win, that's the whole point.

Leah E.V. Ireland