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Levels of awareness

Meditation is an integral part of our spiritual life. The awakeness that opens to us weaves throughout our day, while it's the natural way of things that our level of awareness fluctuates.

The same consciousness within me perceives whatever happens whether I'm angry or serene. There is only one consciousness. And, indeed, there is only one life in this entire universe. There are also perfuse layers of awareness within each individual human, animal or plant. Each of these levels is doing its part; many functions are performed by each of our thoughts, emotions and experiences. Beneath the surface, the execution, soulfulness, theme, purpose, intentions and integrity of everything that happens in this universe is divine.

The divine level of our awareness doesn't try to control the other levels, it cooperates with them. We have our conscious mind and our unconscious mind that merge into a much vaster level — the collective unconscious of humanity. This collective resembles an enormous entity, which melds with other species, too. We're inlets of the ocean.

All these levels of awareness are contained within the divine level, divine consciousness. This level knows that we are always one. If we yearn to know this, we could take into meditation the principle: "We are one." What does "one" mean? And then let the wisdom bubble up, unforced, from within us.

When I struggle in life, what does it mean to realize "one?" If things are really all of a oneness, then my problems really have no power. This wisdom of God is foolishness to man. It seems that we must have warfare between ourselves and the weeds in the yard; between one group and another; between our body and a germ; between life and death. Now if things are one, do I need to struggle?

So, meditatively we go into a place where we experience our own infinite self, which is the self of the entire universe, and is infinitely greater than this great universe. It's life which is unified, elaborating itself, creating sacred relationships endlessly interlinking within this actual oneness, thereby creating greater and greater Love.

I am like schools of fish which spontaneously swim together in perfect patterns. I am like a town, where without an omnipotent or omniscient ruler, all the needed people come and go to the town, and things are taken care of and organized and we help each other. Paradoxically, God is omnipotent and omniscient, yet it is necessary in our journey to be surprised, amazed at the undiscovered country of our beloved, and we don't need to try to inveigle our beloved or manipulate or coerce. Abounding, never binding. No chains of command.

Meditating is sensing this divine everpresence. It's easy. When we have our door closed, we still hear sounds of life on the other side. We're never cut off, the door has no lock, it was ever an open archway. We're being prepared to find we never have lost our own self. The process seems volitional — we make every effort we can — yet it's an action already rolling.

We can let this divine contact in for 10 minutes or for 10 seconds and it uplifts the day so we meet problems without contention, rooted, satisfied in our one Life.

Let's go within right now: I in the midst of me am mighty. I am life, ever-living, eternal. From before beginning, and ever onwards. God within Me, me within God, the one world embraced in Great Peace.

We let go, sink in, trust God, and witness life unfolding, purposefully, perfectly, in utter holy beauty.

Moshe Ross lives in Ashland. "Really Being With You" is the name of Moshe's book, and his program is on KSKQ, 89.5 FM, Saturdays from 9:30 to 10 a.m.

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