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Letters to the Editor

Ashland parents must be indoctrinated

Ryan Pfeil's report "Study to explore low vaccination rates in Ashland" is a superb example revealing how numerous studies and university research are actually conducted.

A $10,000 study, approved by Jackson County commissioners (Dec 28), is supposedly "designed to find out why Ashland parents are so reluctant to vaccinate their children." However, "SOU's final report will include an evaluation on the outreach team's effectiveness in helping to boost vaccination rates." In other words, Big Pharma and its subsidiaries — the federal government, Food and Drug Administration and Centers for Disease Ccontrol — have declared children's vaccinations safe. Ashland parents must now be indoctrinated to accept these vaccinations.

Currently, an ironic loophole called a "religious exemption" is available to Ashland's freethinking parents. For others unaware of the dangers of vaccinations, I suggest reading Mike Adams at Natural News and Evelyn Pringle's articles.

Please think before polluting yourself and your child's mind and body with Big Pharma's chemical cocktails.

Robert Simms


Install a larger boiler for homeless showers

Regarding your recent article, might I make a practical suggestion regarding the overflow of homeless folks looking for a hot shower at the local church?

Since the church and the city are already working together on this problem, instead of confusing people with new venues and undertaking additional costs such as liability insurance, why not simply use a combination of church, city, and private funds to purchase and install a larger boiler at the church?

It would be a lot less costly in the long run.

Jeffrey Gillespie


Standing Stone helped back farmer's market

Thank you to the staff and management of the Standing Stone Brewing Company for opening its doors to the community for the use of its facilities during the downtown Saturday farmers' market. The Oak Street site has transformed into a vibrant street scene with music and a great display of seasonal valley produce for tourists and local residents alike to enjoy. Standing Stone's collaboration by allowing Market customers to use its facilities shows that they care about this community, and value this community event which supports local agriculture.

Ryan Navickas for the Rogue Valley Growers' and Crafters' Market


Thanks for buying candy from Kiwanis

During the two weeks leading up to Christmas, the Kiwanis Club of Ashland raised funds by selling See's candies. In all, we netted nearly $2,000 to help us benefit the many children's programs that we support.

Ashland Kiwanis sends a big thank you to the general public for their generosity in buying candy and in supporting our children's programs. Kiwanis also thanks the Ashland Lions Club for the use of their trailer during the sale.

Ron Parker

Ashland Kiwanis