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Peace is everyone's birthright

A rose is a rose is a rose, it is never otherwise and has no dream to be otherwise ever. It is happy and celebrates with a blossom. When the right climate and conditions prevail it spreads a scent of fragrance all around. And it is for everyone, as there is no judgment on the rose's side.

Why have we human beings missed the train of this natural inner climate? The outside world never is going to be totally peaceful. In the name of peace, we are getting ready for the next scuffle. Why this insanity and unconsciousness? It seems like eternal mass hypnosis. We never learn lessons from the past or present situations and just go on like somnambulists. We are pretty clever to proclaim for peace, but we are at war most of the time for the sake of national interests and we drag in peacekeeping partners from different countries. But even with this pretense of outer peace, we produce weapons of mass destruction. What irony and stupidity.

What is wrong with our intelligence? We use only about 5 to 10 percent on constructive projects and the rest we utilize for the devil's service and we do not realize this is hiding in each one of us. If we could only know that this is going to boomerang back to us and will prove positively that whatever we sew, so shall we also reap. If we put seeds of a thorn tree in the ground and stupidly wait to have sweet fruits of a mango, whose fault is it? We enjoy slogans shouting of peace and take false pride that we are working for peace. Our job is finished and when danger comes. We bury our head in the sand like the ostrich. We never wake up to the truth of life itself. We are blind followers and we close the doors of our inborn, ever-fresh intelligence and instead use the false coin we call intellect. These two are infinitely separate.

The whole of our education system sharpens this false coin of intellect and gives little chance for the natural intelligence. Basically, all around us everyone is pushing us to run on this mad path of getting good grades, a good job, a prestigious position, more money, perfect power and ego-fulfilling false fame. It is time to wake up from this selfdestructive nightmare and look within to find our absolute inner wish or wisdom or intuition. Everyone has this power lying dormant and waiting for millions of lives or years to be used, for heaven's sake.

Human beings are the greatest creation in the universe from a consciousness point of view and have a chance at the higher consciousness, which is called god by many. But we are regressing to primates' stage rather than evolving to that stage of "choiceless awareness" coined by J. Krishnamurti. We all have the potential to reach that stage of consciousness in this life if we take the time to get acquainted with the self. That is why the teaching of Maharishi Raman is to discover the real existential answer to this very simple question of, "Who am I, or what am I?"

Existence is the ocean of intelligence and we all draw ours from it. It is not the creation of our brain or mind. So, hoping against the hope, in spite of our continual universal turmoil, outer peace may be a distant dream, but individual inner peace is bound to happen, provided one wishes and is willing to work for it without mundane excuses. It is everyone's birthright.

Gokul Gokani lives in Ashland. Call 541-488-0575 to enroll in free evening meditation classes.

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