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Letters to the Editor

Raising bus fare will accomplish nothing

The Ashland City Council is deciding whether to raise the bus fare in Ashland from $1 to $2, which represents a savings of $610,000. The proposal's rationale is that the $1 bus fare hasn't increased the number of people riding the bus.

However, in a May 25, 2011 Tidings article entitled "Bus service lacking in Ashland, report finds," we see: "Ashland's bus ridership has fallen dramatically since 2006, when the city started charging riders. The Rogue Valley Transportation District recorded 150,000 Ashland riders in the first six months of 2006, but only 27,000 during the first six months of 2010, when each trip cost $1, according to Kittelson's report."

So what is our City Council doing tonight? Deciding whether to raise the bus fare from $1 to $2. Will doubling the fare increase the number of bus riders? No. Will it alleviate the parking shortage downtown? No. Will it help stimulate economic activity? Nope. Will it help children, college students, the elderly, the disabled and the other least fortunate among us? No. Will it stop Ashland from being a food desert? Nope. Will it help Ashland be more "sustainable?" No way, folks.

All it will do is save the city approximately one half of one percent of its present annual budget. Kinda makes you wonder where the other 99.5 percent of the budget is going, doesn't it? Clearly, for stuff that's far more important.

Bruce Harrell


Remember Ric Sayre on solstice June 21

This is a reminder that on June 21, our friend Ric Sayre left our physical world; however, his spirit remains deeply embedded in my mind. I cannot hike to Toothpick trail or go to the Ashland Co-op without thinking of him.

This letter is just a reminder that on this summer solstice, take a brief moment and remember how Ric affected each and every one of your lives. He is missed, but never forgotten!

Chuck Taubner


Trash collection letter displayed ignorance

This letter is response to Phillip Woolf and his letter of ignorance regarding his trash collection. Mr. Woolf clearly has not seen a garbage truck in Ashland, as he would have realized that they don't have mechanical lifts. There is a reason for the weight restriction: A person has to hoist that can!

I recommend Mr. Woolf take his buck-sixty out of his house and start hoisting numerous cans, I presume at least 100 a day, and see how long it takes before he throws his back out.

The sticker is hardly snide — it's in the interest of safety.

Most people thank their garbage man and heap praise on the men that deal with their trash — Mr. Woolf is clearly not a holiday tipper!

Granted, I'm a bit biased. My father-in-law is a very hard-working trash collector, and I want his back to stay healthy so he can spend more time hoisting his adoring grandchildren and not blow his back out on Mr. Woolf's cans!

Amy Gunter


Older residents like drive-thru windows

As to closing all drive up windows:

One of these days you young whippersnappers are going to be glad you don't have to get out of your car to make a deposit or do other business at your bank, drive up to get a hamburger or whatever, just as I am now.

Elders sometimes find it not so easy to get in and out of their car several times to do various shopping stops.

Be kind!

Eileen Wright