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Letters to the Editor

Please vote no on Ballot Measure 80

I was selected by the secretary of state to serve on the five-person committee that drafted the explanatory statement for Measure 80. Due to an oversight (mine), the statement that will run in the Voter's Pamphlet neglects to mention one major change to Oregon law that would come about if Measure 80 is passed.

The explanatory statement notes that the measure allows for the creation of state-licensed stores; however, the statement fails to mention that such stores would be legally able to sell marijuana to any person over 21 years of age who does not have specified drug-related convictions on that person's criminal record. The measure sets no limit on the quantity of marijuana that may be sold in these stores, leaving any possible regulation to a seven-member commission, five of whom will be elected by marijuana growers and processors.

The foxes guarding the henhouse? Please vote no on 80.

Mark Huddleston, Jackson County District Attorney


Vote for Herb Farber for county surveyor

Jackson County needs a surveyor who understands the property boundary needs of its citizens. Someone who has also stood on the customer side of the counter.

Herb Farber has for more than 40 years looked out for thousands of local property owners who sought his expertise to navigate the sometimes daunting challenges of dealing with bureaucracy in local, county, state and federal regulations. Herb has experience in all types of land division from a single lot to entire master-planned communities, personally filing hundreds of maps in Jackson County alone since 1985.

Jackson County needs someone with that experience along with private business knowledge, who has met a payroll, managed a business, supervised a talented staff of professionals and when necessary had the courage to make changes for the sake of business economic survival.

Herb has also demonstrated leadership in the profession as former State Chairman of the Professional Land Surveyors of Oregon and throughout his years in community service in Jackson County.

Jackson County needs Herb Farber. Please vote for Herb on Nov. 6.

Susan Morgan Farber

Central Point

Have we learned from our past?

1. Does anyone remember how Hitler was coddled by the "peace lovers" who helped him almost conquer the world? Millions died before a strong America and our American military and allies finally defeated the Axis! Maybe you had a loved one lost in that war; we did. We should never forget!

2. Do our enemies "like us" better under our present "appeasement" policies?

3. Is al-Qaida now defeated?

4. Is the present administration's open arms policy working?

5. Do we really believe that a "learn on the job" president is leading America to peace and prosperity? Elections do have consequences!

Clinton (Ken) Millard